Electricity: 7 everyday actions to help you reduce your bill

Electricity: 7 everyday actions to help you reduce your bill

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict will once again have direct consequences on the daily life of the French. Despite the government’s promise to contain energy price increases, electricity bills It is expected to increase in the coming weeks.

so here it is 7 simple tricks to reduce your daily consumption and thus act both for your pocket and for the planet.

1 – Turn off standby devices

Even when turned off, your electronic devices continue to consume power. All of your devices, such as your television, your computers, your internet box, or your home appliances, are actually Support and therefore continue to produce what is called “phantom consumptione”. Therefore, it is necessary to think about turn them off completely or unplug them when you’re not using them. A little trick to make your job easier, plug all these devices into a power strip connected to a switch, which you just have to turn off.

2 – Opt for the eco programs of your devices

Whether for your dishwasher or your washing machine, it is recommendeduse the cheapest programs. For your dishes, prefer the mode ecological wash at higher temperatures. The same goes for clothes, where a cold wash will consume much less energy than a washing machine. 40 or 60 degrees

3 – Optimize lighting

It is not necessary to recreate the atmosphere of the Palace of Versailles at home. So remember to turn off the lights in the rooms you leave and opt for energy-saving light bulbs, such as LEDs. Choosing the right lighting according to the room and your habits is a fundamental element not only to reduce your electricity consumption but also to improve your wellness.

You can also optimize your interior decoration with light colors and thus better enjoy thenatural lighting.

4 – Make better use of your freezer and refrigerator

Where you put your freezer can save you money. Therefore, it is recommended to place it in a unheated room and fill it with already cold food. It is also necessary defrost regularly. Regarding your refrigerator, take out all the products you need at the same time so as not to multiply openings and closings.

5 – Heat your home better

First of all, we must check that isolation of your accommodation is optimal so as not to have to increase the consumption of the radiators. Also adjust the temperature of the rooms according to their use. It doesn’t have to be as hot in a bedroom as it is in a living room. Know that when you turn the heat down one degree, you save 7% electricity.

6 – Use natural air conditioning

When the sun hits and hits your windows, remember to close your blinds, curtains and blinds to naturally cool your apartment or house. Another little tip: plant trees that provide shade and bring freshness to your home.

7 – Responsible and economic cooking

It is without a doubt in this room where the largest number of electrical appliances are located. Therefore, simple gestures are easily applicable to reduce your consumption. When using your oven, remember reheat several dishes at once. Your pots and pans can be covered all the time, which will allow you to avoid wasting energy.

Your kitchen equipment can also be optimized. Prefer pressure cooker and induction hobs and use a kettle instead of a saucepan to heat water.

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