Gas price rise: should we change the contract now?

Gas price rise: should we change the contract now?

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the price of gas has skyrocketed. If for the moment the tariff shield put in place by the government protects consumers, it will not last forever and a sharp rise in the price of gas is feared in 2023. Should we now look at our gas contract and consider changing it?

We know that Russia is the main supplier of gas to the European Union. However, France is not very dependent on Russian gas. “Gas is the third source of energy in France. It represents 16% of our total energy consumption, behind nuclear power and oil. And of all the gas that we imported, the share of Russian gas was 17%, far behind. Norway, our main supplier. And we have others: Holland, Algeria, which transport their gas to France. “, explains Armelle Lévy, consumer journalist at RTL within Here we are!

“On the scale of the European Union, 40% of the gas came from Russia. And since Europe remains highly dependent on Russian gas, the gap is very difficult to fill. There is gas, but it is very expensive because it is rarer, so scarcity drives up prices”, explains Armelle Lévy.

The price shield will end on January 1, 2023

The tariff shield that the government implemented a year ago provides protection that is not sustainable, because it will end on January 1, 2023. “Since last November, the regulated gas tariff is frozen, as well as offers from alternative providers that follow the regulated rate. But this is not the case so-called indexed offers above the wholesale market price. So there you are not protected, you pay the full price and you have to quickly change the offer”, explains Armelle Lévy.

In the idea, after the completion of the tariff shield, the gas bill will be, in the idea, calculated according to the income of each one. “Then the government planned targeted help for the most modest, in the form of an energy check. But that won’t make up for everything, because the government also wants to encourage us to consume less energy. If there is less demand, it lowers the prices in the markets”, analyzes the RTL journalist.

What are the most favorable contracts to maintain?

“If you are one of the almost 3 million customers at Engie regulated rates, above all, don’t change, it has that fossil side, it doesn’t move too much, that’s the best way to put it. Especially since you will not be able to return to it once you leave it, it will be over, because it is doomed to disappear in July 2023”, describes Armelle Lévy.

For fixed offers, “you are not far from 6 million to be protected from market fluctuations. And if you have subscribed last year before summer, then you’re in luck, you’re varnished, it’s even better than the regulated tariff, It’s the gold card. Above all, do not touch it, do not give in to the sirens of the providers that tell you that you have to change”, advises the RTL journalist. But beware, if your contract is about to expire, do not repeat a fixed price, it will be three times more expensive.

Who is the cheapest provider in 2022?

“Right now there is offers 3 euros cheaper than the Engie regulated rate. I recommend the big operators like Total Energy, EDF or other Engie offerings, because there is a break with the lesser-known, less solid ones, who can say overnight: ‘Let’s stop'”, says Armelle Lévy in Here we are! You can compare offers on the official Energie-info website.

The only problem with these offers indexed to the regulated rate is that today it is very good, they are even cheaper. “But, nothing says that the bill will not shoot up 30% overnight, because do not forget that on January 1, with the end of the tariff shield, the offers will be completely reconfigured. And these big suppliers that have locked in their prices will be able to unfreeze them in a totally unbridled way to catch up”, warns Armelle Lévy.

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