“Liberated” into a defensive midfielder role, Corentin Tolisso is back

"Liberated" into a defensive midfielder role, Corentin Tolisso is back

In OL Park,

Nine months have passed and a Klassiker won (2-3) at Dortmund, which was led by Corentin Tolisso after playing his first match in full. The Lyon midfielder finally returned to being a full-time footballer this Saturday, with the blessing of a drowned Angers midfielder, which allowed him to recover the sensations at the heart of the game, such as his pinpoint opening for Malo Gusto, at the origin of the match. goal by his friend Alexandre Lacazette (2-0, 32nd), “Coco” has rightly become the driver of Peter Bosz’s 4-3-3, to make the SCO dance almost from end to end (5- 0).

Because on Saturday there was a big difference: Johann Lepenant was left on the bench and the OL number 88 abandoned that midfield position that had been his for the previous four Ligue 1 games. This tactical change helped to bring out the most the qualities of View. and technical precision under the baton of the interested party, like an Andrea Pirlo from Lyon. Unsurprisingly, he confided that he enjoyed himself more in this position, where his performance contrasted with his procrastination or even his apparent lack of influence on Lyon’s play during his appearances as number 8.

Peter Bosz’s transfer window setback explained

“As a torchbearer, I had a little more trouble with pacing and getting my bearings, because I haven’t played in this slightly higher position in a while, he admits. Against quite low teams and leaving little space between the lines, I found myself with my back to the game and it was a bit complicated for me. I touched few balls and had not managed to gain confidence. Tonight I felt better, more liberated. I could try to guide the game, find Alex [Lacazette] and guide my comrades. With the game ahead I’m more comfortable, at least for now. »

It is probably no coincidence that Corentin Tolisso chained media outings on Saturday night (mixed zone, Prime Video, OL Play), he had a clear message to convey: he sees himself in the skin of a number 6 and he no longer likes the number 8 was in his first professional stage with the LO shirt (from 2013 to 2017). Well, wouldn’t we have solved the mystery of Peter Bosz’s huge communication gap in the transfer window? Judge instead:

  • Jul 16: “If we want to keep playing 4-3-3 with only 6, then yes, we look for a sentinel. We have players in the squad to play with two 6s. But to play with only one 6, we only have Johann [Lepenant]. We absolutely need a second player to play this position. Corentin [Tolisso] He is not for this position, he will play higher up”.
  • August 29, when no other signing had been signed in the meantime in the middle and Lucas Paquetá was about to commit to West Ham: “One more defensive midfielder? Not for the moment. Not for me “.

“He showed that he could also play in 6”

A turnaround that seemed to be explained by an update from the Aulas-Ponsot-Cheyrou trio about the club’s desire not to invest more this summer. But Corentin Tolisso confided to Prime Video on Saturday that he had “talked to the coach”: “In this system at OL, you have to be able to turn quickly as a flag-bearer, that’s not my main quality and I don’t do it.” wasn’t necessarily comfortable in that position.” Given his status as flagship recruit of the transfer window and vice-captain (but also world champion and Champions League winner), there is no doubt that the 28-year-old French international (and 28 teams) has something to say in its use Now accustomed to a central position in a 4-4-2 formation at Bayern Munich, he obviously managed to convince Peter Bosz to return to his mid-July announcement.

“I’m still working in training and I’ll play where the coach tells me,” he slides, however. “We know the very good versatility of Corentin, he also praises his young colleague Castello Lukeba. He brings us a lot, whether it’s 6 or 8. His role was different tonight and he showed that he could play 6 too”. We would also bet that we will see it now especially on this record. But the main thing was almost elsewhere on Saturday night: all Lyon supporters were definitely reassured about the state of health of this key player, whose off-season had been interrupted, just like the previous four years. “I’ve talked a lot with the OL doctors since I arrived in July,” he said on OL Play. We try to establish a strategy so that it manages to chain the largest number of matches in full. I feel good there. We will see if I can go to Lorient on Wednesday but I must not go too fast. I know all the physical concerns you had. “We hardly dare to imagine how much caution this season will be required of him.

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