PlayStation Studios, Quantic Dream, Nintendo Switch… the business news of the week

PlayStation Studios, Quantic Dream, Nintendo Switch... the business news of the week

business news PlayStation Studios, Quantic Dream, Nintendo Switch… the business news of the week

Sales figures, study purchases, financial statements, developer transfer window, investments… if these topics interest you, you’ve come to the right place. We bring you an update on last week’s business news.


  • Sony buys Savage Game Studios to enter the mobile gaming market
  • Quantic Dream acquired by Chinese giant NetEase
  • Switch: Updated sales figures for many Nintendo games
  • Sony and Tencent re-invest in FromSoftware

Sony buys Savage Game Studios to enter the mobile gaming market

Sony continues its search for diversification. After accelerating the presence of its own productions on PC, the firm has just announced the acquisition of Savage Game Studios, his first studio dedicated to mobile games. The founders of this team, born in 2020 and based in Berlin and Helsinki, worked in particular for Supercell (Clash of Clans), Wargaming, Rockstar Games and Insomniac Games. On PlayStation BlogThey explain that they were especially attracted to “the ability to tap into PlayStation’s incredible catalog of franchises” Y “benefit from the breadth of support that only PlayStation Studios can provide”. Sony announces that they are already working on “an AAA mobile action game”without specifying the license in question.

The study will be part of a whole. “new division of PlayStation Studios dedicated to mobile games”which will focus on “creating innovative mobile experiences based on current and future PlayStation franchises”. Recall that Sony began building a team of mobile game specialists in July 2021, successively recruiting Nicola Sebastiani (former Apple Arcade subscription content manager), Kris Davis (former director of business development at Kabam), Olivier Courtemanche ( ex-mobile product manager at Disney and Zynga) or Chris Spencer (ex-producer at EA Chillingo).

As announced in its financial statement last May, Sony estimates that by March 2026, nearly half of its annual releases will be for PC and mobile, and the other half for PS5. Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, still wants to reassure fans of the console:

We assured you before when we planned to release some PC games, and we’ll say it again today: our activities beyond the world of consoles in no way diminish our dedication to the PlayStation community, nor our passion for creating exceptional games. Storytelling experiences for gamers (…) Our mobile game development efforts will seamlessly complement our existing activities, giving audiences new ways to engage with our content and reach new audiences not yet familiar with the game. PlayStation universe or our games. Herman Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios.

Quantic Dream acquired by Chinese giant NetEase

PlayStation Studios, Quantic Dream, Nintendo Switch... the business news of the week

The rumor had circulated last March, now it states: NetEase has announced the acquisition of the French studio Quantic Dream (Detroit Become Human, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain…), of which it has been a minority shareholder since the beginning of 2019. The amount of the operation has not been disclosed, but according to the economic media Les Echos, the acquisition values ​​Quantic Dream at “a few hundred million euros”.

PlayStation Studios, Quantic Dream, Nintendo Switch... the business news of the week

the announcement launch emphasizes the fact that Quantic Dream “will continue to operate independently”. “Nous conservons notre indépendance sur notre ligne éditoriale, la direction artisticique des projets et la gestion du studio. Nos équipes, que sont pleinement associées à cette opération et que en bénéficient directement financiément, sont well évidemment intégralement préservées et vont continuer de croître et de reinforce”We can read. “There will be absolutely no change in governance. NetEase’s policy is not to intervene in studios they acquire. Subsequently, we will have the opportunity to further strengthen our business and marketing partnership with NetEase by Asia, which is a very important region for U.S”.adds David Cage, CEO and founder of the study, in Les Echos.

Quantic Dream becomes the first NetEase studio based in Europe. Like its rival Tencent, the Chinese firm is in a phase of global expansion. It achieved a turnover of €8.8 billion in 2021, more than any western third-party publisher, mainly thanks to mobile games such as Harry Potter: Magic Emerges, Marvel Super War and Knives Out. “NetEase is not buying Quantic to make more mobile games, even if it is not excluded that we are interested in it in the future”says Guillaume de Fondaumière, CEO of Quantic Dream, at Les Echoes. NetEase intends to make a name for itself in the console gaming market. With this in mind, the company has recently acquired or founded several studios in Japan and the United States (Sakura Studio, Grasshopper Manufacture, Nagoshi Studio, Jackalope Games, Jar of Sparks).

in the columns of GamesIndustryGuillaume de Fondaumière indicates that the accusations that Quantic Dream has been subjected to regarding its toxic culture and its conflicts with the press have not had without effect” in talks with NetEase. The studio is currently developing three new games in-house.but so far only Star Wars Eclipse has been officially revealed.

Switch: Updated sales figures for many Nintendo games

PlayStation Studios, Quantic Dream, Nintendo Switch... the business news of the week

As you probably know, Nintendo updates the sales rankings of its top 10 most popular games on Switch every quarter (to this address), dominated by the trio Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (46.82 million), Animal Crossing New Horizons (39.38 million) and Super Smash Bros Ultimate (28.82 million). On the other hand, for older and less popular titles, it is more difficult to follow their evolution.. However, we can count on the database of the Japanese organization CESA, which allows us to discover new figures every year.

Compiled by a forum member installation base, the following figures are as of December 31, 2021. Worldwide sales in physical and dematerialized form are taken into account. The opportunity to attest once again to the excellent longevity of Nintendo games on Switch.

  • Super Mario 3D All-Stars: 9 million (including 750,000 in 2021)
  • Super Mario Maker 2: 7.89 million (including 980,000 in 2021)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: 6 million (including 750,000 in 2021)
  • Mario Tennis Aces: 4.28 million (including 620,000 in 2021)
  • Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze: 4.12 million (including 700,000 in 2021)
  • Kirby Star Allies: 3.98 million (including 560,000 in 2021)
  • Fire Emblem Three Houses: 3.82 million (including 420,000 in 2021)
  • Change 1-2: 3.63 million (including 180,000 in 2021)
  • Paper Mario The Origami King: 3.34 million (including 290,000 in 2021)
  • Yoshi’s Crafted World: 3.01 million (including 450,000 in 2021)
  • Weapons: 2.66 million (including 100,000 in 2021)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: 2.44 million (including 270,000 in 2021)
  • Pikmon 3 Deluxe: 2.23 million (including 290,000 in 2021)
  • Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: 2.13 million (including 360,000 in 2021)
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX: 1.89 million (including 290,000 in 2021)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition: 1.68 million (including 200,000 in 2021)
  • Mario Kart Live local circuit: 1.58 million (including 500,000 in 2021)
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: 1.5 million (including 190,000 in 2021)
  • Astral Chain: 1.28 million (including 70,000 in 2021)
  • Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training Program: 1.2 million (including 150,000 in 2021)
  • Bayonetta 2: 1.04 million

Sony and Tencent re-invest in FromSoftware

PlayStation Studios, Quantic Dream, Nintendo Switch... the business news of the week

After an allocation of new shares, Tencent (through its Sixjoy Hong Kong subsidiary) now owns 16.25% of FromSoftware’s capital and Sony 14.09%. The majority shareholder of the studio remains Kadokawa.a Japanese media conglomerate known in particular as a publisher of manga and magazines (including the famous Famitsu), which owns 69.66% of the shares.

With this new issue valued at 36.4 billion yen (260 million euros), FromSoftware’s valuation now stands at 120 billion yen (858 million euros). When Kadokawa bought the studio in 2014, it was only valued at… 2 billion yen (14 million euros). Obviously, this operation will result in the reinforcement of the resources allocated to the team led by Hidetaka Miyazaki, whose size has changed with the phenomenal success of Elden Ring (16.6 million in sales).

specify that Kadokawa had already signed a strategic partnership with Sony and Tencent last year to develop its activity in the field of video games, but also in animation.

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