Zelda, Metroid Prime, GameCube games… All the rumors about the next Nintendo Direct

Zelda, Metroid Prime, GameCube games... All the rumors about the next Nintendo Direct

rumors about a direct from nintendo would be broadcast on the following days keep blooming here Where the. We have already mentioned the fact thatit was more than likely a direct from nintendo be published in September because it is During yearsis always the case- see here for more details. The rest, the Nintendo Switch release catalog it still has some holes and it’s still a long time to Nintendo to fill them all at once. Indeed, the end of the year is still lacking in games for the general public and party games… Not to mention that the games catalog of the nintendo-switch in 2023 is almost empty and that it will be necessary at some point to announce the first games to be released next yeareven if a nintendo switch 2 would go out in year.

In short, again, there is no need to be a well-informed person think that a new direct from nintendo it’ll be published shortly. However, in spite of everything, it remains for the moment that rumors and extrapolations… If you are one of those who prefer not to hover over the comet, surely you are reading this sentence by mistake. For others, find here the main rumors that circulate about this hypothetical direct from nintendo.


  • Zelda Wii U Remaster : Release ports The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess HD Y The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HDremasters previously released on Wii U. This is a rumor spread by Jeff Grubb, a journalist who made a name for himself by surfing the expectations of Nintendo fans. A priori, he was sometimes right but sometimes he was wrong. In the case of the ports of the two Wii U remasters, it has been rumored for a long time. The games would be ready for a while but unlike The legend of zelda skyward sword that was entitled to a version designed for the Switch, would just be simple ports of the Wii U remasters, ported for the Switch (with, for simplicity, the dual screen and the Miiverse minus). Afterwards, it is unknown if the games would be released independently in boxed or in theelectronic store to download or if we would find them in a package in a build The Legend of Zelda 3D All-Stars (with why not, other games…)
  • Zelda BOTH 2 : always according Jeff Grubbthe direct from nintendo could you give us news of Zelda BOTH 2the long-awaited sequel to breath of the wildwhich was a few months ago scheduled for 2022. Now waiting on spring 2023this sequel is still very mysterious. Nintendo could take the opportunity to finally reveal its title…So it’s true that given the special status of the game, one would think that Nintendo I’d rather book a special event for you… But Jeff Grubb predicts a lot about Zelda and even…
  • …A “Zelda explosion” : It is a shock formula (of Jeff Grubbtherefore) which had its small effect on the nintendoverse. A priori, we would have to wait”to a lot of Zelda stuffin this Direct. But apart from the remasters Wii U Y Zelda BOTH 2, we don’t really see what Zelda games Nintendo might announce. It must be said that there is a choice. Furthermore, there has already been rumors about possible remakes (notably here) of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages Y The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons With sauce chibi of the new version The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakeningg released on Switch in 2019. And, the truth is, Nintendo has a lot of possibilities, between ports, remakes, spin-offs, unexpected new titles, zelda party and others (Read our article: Which Zelda game(s) for 2022 on Nintendo Switch while you wait for Zelda Breath of The Wild 2.) Nintendo therefore, it may very well herald a new Zelda title (2D or otherwise), especially since this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be released this year… Keep in mind, despite everything since then, Jeff Grubb He returned to the term “explosion”, remembering that while everyone was focused on it, in reality, he did not know the exact plans of Nintendo..
  • the remake of first metroid. the remake of first metroid would be announced for release later in the year. Here again it is a rumor that comes up often and is even beginning to date. If for a while the rumors evoked the return of the trilogy first metroidsince some monthswe are only talking about the remake of the first work of the trilogy (notably here.) The game would have been remade for the nintendo Switch, story to keep us waiting while we wait for the release of metroid prime 4. the other two episodes Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Y Metroid Prime 3: Corruption would also be planned, but later. However, even according to rumours, strangely, only the first work would be entitled to a new version, the others would be simple ports… It’s strange, but we noticed it on our tablets. We’ll see.
  • Gamecube games : the games game Cube sure c-switchis another one horse chestnut, that is, a story that comes out regularly… It must be said that if the Change intends to become the small museum of video games welcoming all licenses and all games released or to come, logic would dictate that Nintendo it starts by bringing games from its own consoles to Switch. Until now, Nintendo reissued the catalog of its old consoles through applications available with the nintendo switch online. The latest console to date: the N64. the game Cube could be next, but not necessarily through an app (even if we’d like a controller game Cube for Switch…) Anyway, the rumors of the return of the games game Cube sure Change, spread by regular rumorsAbove all, they evoke a series of GC remasterings, including that of F Zero GX. It should also be noted that first metroid, Zelda: The Wind Waker Y Zelda: Twilight Princess they are on base, games Game Cube... Should we see a link or explanation to the rumour?
  • It Takes Two is coming to Switch. It is a rumor (particularly seen in Twitter) announcing the arrival on the Nintendo console of the hit 2021, two are required. This “little” game EA Originals it was a success last year sure playstation xbox Y computerand he would have quite his place knewnintendo switch. A priori, it will be present at the Straight for an exit this year.

Many experts believe that this direct from nintendo of September It will be “a great Direct” after the cancellation of E3 (and therefore the June Direct) and the succession of different events during the summer. On the net, the date of monday september 12 it comes back often but to tell the truth anything is possible and we suspect that at this very moment those most affected are concentrated on Nintendo networks waiting for an announcement… Let’s hope for them that it arrives soon. Please note that this article will be updated regularly and you will find here the latest rumors that are sure to emerge in the coming hours and days with links to our dedicated articles.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to tell us if among these rumors, some announcements tickle your fancy and if you expect others. Banzai.

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