Splatoon, Disney, Pokémon-like: The Nintendo Switch games of the week!

Splatoon, Disney, Pokémon-like: The Nintendo Switch games of the week!

game news Splatoon, Disney, Pokémon-like: The Nintendo Switch games of the week!

Like every Monday -in the JV newsroom- we invite you to take a look at the next releases on Nintendo Switch. Of course: it is not easy to navigate with all the games that arrive week after week. So, to save you the endless search, here is the “crème de la crème” from September 5 to 11 on the Japanese company’s hybrid console. Come on, let’s start right away!

Disney Valley of Dreamlight

A mix between Animal Crossing and the enchanting world of Disney, does it work for you? Then you should check out Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, which is coming in a few days in early access – yes, even on Switch – for people who have purchased the Founder’s Pack. For the rest, we will have to wait for the official free-to-play launch next year, without further details. That said, what does the game published and developed by Gameloft have in store for us? Well it will be aboutimprove your house and your neighborhood, work in the garden, cook and even fish with the great heroes of Disney Pixar. Not to mention solving quests. “Free the Castle of Dreams from Oblivion’s insidious corruption” read online! In general, there will always be something to do, since the game is meant to be “constantly evolving”.

  • Release date : September 6, 2022

electric circus

In a whole different genre, here they come electric circus, an RPG where “the story, strategy and management of a circus merge to create a moving game, all in a steampunk universe”, we can read online. A beautiful program! Here, you play the acrobats of a circus who will do everything possible to stop the population of London, suddenly turned into bloodthirsty killers. In turn-based battles, you will need use clown skills, fire eaters and escape artists. There are a total of 15 classes, and it is even possible to recruit new members to expand your team. The developer also talks about a “Devotion” system that affects the performance of heroes in combat but also during real circus acts. A video game that looks original and solid enough to deserve your full attention.

  • Release date : September 6, 2022


In the family of “serious Pokémon competitors” we would like Temtem, an adventure game with creatures to train | to fight that will arrive soon in its final version, more than two years after the launch of its early access on PlayStation, PC. For the basics, it’s really like the famous Game Freak and Nintendo game: catch animals, face trainers, trade if you feel like it. All with a mission to solve. In terms of originality, we can highlight a universe made up of very different aerial islands (“a little world unto itself” each time, according to the developers) but also a emphasis on multiplayer. Online trainers are a de facto part of the adventure, they walk by your side and are always ready for battle. There is even a whole aspect of cooperation. A good program.

  • Release date : September 6, 2022

BPM: bullets per minute

Do you want something more original but that sends in spite of everything? Do not move, we have what you need. Bullets Per Minute is a first person shooter where you have to shoot, jump and dodge to the beat of an “epic rock soundtrack”. Visually it looks more or less like Doom but with a dose of rogue-lite and this musical aspect that makes all the difference. Because yes, here you will have to go through randomly generated dungeons to reach the end of the game, recovering improvements that will vary your adventure! Helps that will be very useful to you as Bullets Per Minute keeps no less than seven bosses in stock before the final boss. The icing on the cake, five playable heroes are at your disposal with identifiable strengths and weaknesses. You will need resources to complete the title.

  • Release date : September 8, 2022

NBA 2K23

Like every year, the famous NBA 2K basketball simulator returns, this time with NBA 2K23. An episode placed under the sign of novelty, with interesting things to eat on the gameplay side as well as MyTEAM, the equivalent of Fifa’s Ultimate Team. Above all, this episode will honor the illustrious Micheal Jordan, who will even be entitled to his own solo campaign. All in all, we could well celebrate, once again, a very good episode. Above all, the publisher 2K indicated from the outset that the Nintendo Switch version would not be far behind, giving a privileged place to all the news announced for the PC version and home consoles. A way to return the ball to Electronic Arts, which prefers to decline its soccer games in a more limited way on the Japanese manufacturer’s machine. Just a few more days to wait!

  • Release date : September 9, 2022

Splatoon 3

Finally, we are no longer featuring Splatoon, a fun and colorful third-person shooter from Nintendo. As you probably know, the franchise is about to welcome a new installment with Splatoon 3, which is expected in a few days on Switch! As usual, there will be a big focus on multiplayer, but also on the main adventure | Cooperation. In our recent sneak peek, we got a taste of the project-only “Return of the Mammals,” which seems to offer a good variety of levels to help the player become familiar with the different weapons. In addition to weapons, Splatoon 3 welcomes new ones, as well as new moves that could prove decisive in expert hands. To cooperate, we reconnect with the beloved Salmon Run, which still seems as effective as ever. In short, a component that seems solid.

  • Release date : September 9, 2022

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