Product withdrawal: do not consume this flour, it is very dangerous for your health

Rappel produit

Product recalls are becoming more and more common. Today’s consumers find it hard to make big brands understand. Simply because we live in a world where children can die from eating frozen pizza. It is not the pizzas that are today affected by a withdrawal campaign, but the flour. And for good reason, the contaminants are present at a higher dosage than recommended. Ironically, it is organic flour.

Product recall of Moulin Waast flours

It is the Moulin Waast flour brand that is currently affected by the recall campaign. In fact, the brand asks consumers not to consume the packages of organic flour they have purchased. The latter contain, in excessive amounts, alkaloid and ergot. However, these two toxic substances can cause adverse health effects.. If these flours are consumed, the following symptoms may appear: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, seizures.

All of the brand’s flours are affected by the product recall. They are sold throughout France. The contaminated lots have the following numbers: 1103220213, 2202220333, 0704220121 and 2705220433 and expire in October 2022 and January 2023. These 25 kg packages were sold between March 1 and June 30.. Of course, that’s not all. The recall refers to lots 1705220235 and 2104220310, only packed in 2 kg packages. Finally, it is also about 5 kg batches of organic rye flour.

What is the procedure in case of withdrawal of a product?

If you have purchased the flour affected by the product recall, the first thing you should obviously do is not consume it. You have two options: either throw it away (being careful that no one can consume it), or bring it back to the store for a refund. In the case of product withdrawals, the receipt that proves your purchase is not requested. You have until October 4 to do so. In any case, product recalls are becoming more and more common, enough to upset many French people.

Is it still possible to shop, buy food or care products with complete confidence? It is difficult to answer affirmatively to this question. In fact, not a week goes by without distributors recalling products because of the dangers they represent. Is it impossible to check before archiving? Or maybe the process of creating the product needs to be changed.

In the end, we can only advise consumers one thing. Check each week to see if the products you’ve purchased aren’t being recalled by brands for the health risks they’re likely to pose.

beware of bacteria

Often due to bacteria, products are withdrawn from the market. Today, everyone has heard of Listeria, E. Coli or salmonella. Simply because these bacteria have caused various health scandals. The largest is the Buitoni pizzas. The dissemination of photos and videos showing a factory where pizzas are made in a shameful state has given much to talk about in the media, while children have lost their lives (and others will live with irreversible consequences).

Because if these bacteria are not life-threatening to a healthy adult man or woman, they are very dangerous for the frail, the elderly and children/babies. Recently, Kinder has been the subject of harsh criticism. Many consumers took pictures of the brand’s products that were visibly contaminated with salmonella. In fact, the bacterium is visible as it causes the formation of small circles on the surface of the products. So we can no longer eat chocolate or pizza without risking our lives?

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