PlayStation: The future in 5 challenges

PlayStation: The future in 5 challenges

game news PlayStation: The future in 5 challenges

2022 is a big year for PlayStation. A crucial year that differentiates the old from the new. But concretely, what will change? So let’s see together what the brand and its offer will be like in the future, let’s go to these 5 things you should know!


  • Apple-style positioning
  • Mobile and PC lurking
  • A more varied catalog
  • Soon service will be king
  • new team

Apple-style positioning

We start with a drastic change that you have surely already noticed, but it is the increase in price of the PS5 by €50, higher than its competitors, Xbox or Nintendo, which remains at the same price. But to pay for this, PlayStation relies on its world-renowned and reputable Apple-like image, driven by market-based politics. In fact, Sony feels threatened by the multitude of competitors offering subscription game catalogs and cloud gaming installation. In the past, PlayStation capitalized on unit game sales, but now it must continue to focus on services, while strengthening its image with its games and machine.

Mobile and PC lurking

The aura and the construction of the brand image allow PlayStation to position itself “apart”. Now, in constant competition with Xbox, PlayStation is forced to diversify and, therefore, will gradually vary its income, starting with mobile, where Sony expects to reach almost 20% of its turnover in 2025. But also with PC, which will be entitled to your PlayStation ecosystem, as explained in the video.

A more varied catalog

Regarding the catalog of games, Sony manages to satisfy and make you dream with the various purchases that it has been able to obtain. We find the BluePoint studio, Naughty Dog, Guerilla or Insomniac Games. The goal here is to make the PS5 an essential purchase as well, or even an investment in the future. However, we also notice that Sony is starting to get a little carried away with its future catalog, even if it means manipulating information and this becomes dangerous for its image, as can be seen in the autoplay video. We can see that the PlayStation offering tends to diversify, leaving the straitjacket of solo narrative towards other things. All the studies it owns contribute to perpetuate the strong identity of the brand.

Soon service will be king

We cannot stop progress, and even if its dematerialization begins to crush the physical sale of games on consoles, other revolutions are to be expected. In particular the one of the subscriptions that offers the payment of tons of games. Sony has recently followed in the footsteps of GamePass and must arm itself with its titles to shine. To counter Xbox, which is gaining ground, Sony is drawing on its more global assets, with Crunchyroll, Sony Music, Sony Pictures all benefiting from PS Plus in the manner of Amazon’s Prime Video. As for exclusives, such as the Xbox offer, it is very possible that Sony does not need them, and intends to continue capitalizing on the sale of individual games for several more years, which motivates the purchase of physical consoles.

new team

We end our overview with the hardware. In a very short time, there will be the arrival of two products. On the one hand, the PlayStation VR2, scheduled for early 2023 and on the other, the PS5 Pro. As for the first, several challenges arise. First, the fact that the 5 million people who own PSVR aren’t necessarily ready to pick up the new one, 6 years later. Second, the catalog offered massively by in-house studios must provide VR games under large PlayStation licenses and thus indirectly develop them for PC, where the largest VR market is. Finally, the last challenge is the launch time, which seems too early in the eyes of the players. For the PS5 pro, it could show the tip of its nose in 2 years at most, if we look at the previous generations, bringing a better resolution in 4K 120 FPS.

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