Vendée U: “Our priority will continue to be training” – News – DirectVelo

Vendée U: "Our priority will continue to be training" - News - DirectVelo

La Vendée U could not have dreamed better. Already guaranteed to win the Coupe de France N1 before the final stage of the 3 Days of Cherbourg, the men of Hervé Arcade and Morgan Lamoisson made it a point of honor to finish the competition in style. And how, with the stage success of Brieuc Rolland, this Sunday, and the final victory of Mattéo Vercher, himself the winner the day before. DirectVelo He returned to this almost perfect weekend with Hervé Arcade, not forgetting to take the opportunity to take stock of the future of the team. Interview.

DirectVelo: Everything was perfect on this last day!
Hervé Arcade: Yes, but it was still important for us not to race and to respect this Coupe de France and the organization of the 3 Days of Cherbourg, even if it was acquired more or less mathematically. We wanted to show that we weren’t going to lead the Coupe de France by chance and the boys were very motivated. We had a bit of a hollow summer, it is true, but it was foreseen in the program, although we did not expect such a gap. The boys were able to remobilize for this Coupe de France goal.

What was the plan throughout this weekend?
To assert themselves and show that we had not stolen this Coupe de France. The initial goal was to win at least one stage and finish in the points. The motivation came step by step. In the first, we were frustrated with 3rd place inmemilien (Jeannière), who deserved the victory. Then, on the ambitious and furious side, we were able to win the second stage with Mattéo (Vercher), who wanted to win in the blue-white-red jersey. So, it was a matter of emulation and super nice, attentive and disciplined riders.

So Brieuc Rolland gave a demo this Sunday…
Yes, even us, we were amazed! The objective was to put him in front in a scenario that we imagined was special because for the teams that played from 2nd to 6th place it was difficult to manage. We knew that a breakaway could start very early with teams that could then score behind. And Brieuc struck a blow. We suspected that he was capable of it and he wanted to prove it. Il voulait s’affirmer, as jeune coureur de 19 ans, et il tenait à marquer des points pour le collectif, histoire de contribuir au total de points car jusqu’à present, il n’avait pas vraiment pu scorer en Coupe de France. He is very good for the group.


And he is only Hope 1!
We continue in a training niche, with a dynamic of putting young people who come out of the lower categories and who go directly to the French Cup.

Have you seen Matteo change since his national title?
change, no. But he gained more self-confidence and more confidence in his abilities. But he was still the same in terms of his personality: very simple, very attentive to the advice they gave him, very professional, very attentive to the group. He gave him more credit in the group and it is, well, an emulation.

After a more complicated period, the club has wanted to resume a new momentum in this 2022 season. It is fully achieving it!
You can always find false notes but the goal is not to win as many races as possible anyway. We are in a training niche. Sometimes, even in defeat, you learn. The objective is there: to allow these youngsters to discover that winning is not a priority for us. Sometimes you even learn better in defeat than in victory. We bet on youth this year incorporating seven riders from the Junior categories, mixed with five more experienced riders. We are very happy with the homogeneity of the group and the way they took the mayonnaise. We were going on an adventure, we didn’t know if our executives and our young people were going to be up to the task. But they were. When this happens, everything is fine.


What can we find wrong with the performance of the Vendée U this year?
This famous hollow during the summer, after the French Championship. But we wanted to slow down because the boys had been exemplary from February to June.

And from a personal point of view?
It was my return after ten years… In terms of adaptation, returning to a house that you know is much easier. I had Morgan Lamoisson as a runner in the Vendée U. He immediately matched us because we have the same values ​​of collective, work and involvement. We give a lot for children. Without forgetting all the rest of the staff, the mechanic, the young helper who arrived this year and who immediately understood our philosophy… From the integration courses, we were able to put together a group and create an alchemy, through moments past to the mansion, etc.

What’s next for the team?
There is a lot of noise in the corridors. It is true that we have our first team among professionals. Many Conti are currently being manufactured, it is the arms race, in quotes. Young people are very quickly captured by these Conti. We want to keep our children so that we study certain things. Whether we stay in the N1 or move to Conti, our priority will continue to be training. Now, if we lose young people, that’s right. If we allow some to go to Total, everything will be fine. We are studying things. Come what may, we will continue this mix between the outgoing Juniors and the more experienced riders.

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