JudgeHype: Year End Projects, 2023, Adblock and Co.

JudgeHype: Year End Projects, 2023, Adblock and Co.

Hello everyone. I hope he does well ? It’s been a while since we spoke face to face. I wanted to tell you about the JH network and give you a little update for the start of the school year, what to expect in the coming months, as well as my personal thoughts.

A lot of WoW for the end of 2022

The end of the year will be particularly busy at Blizzard. This means that we have a crazy job to prepare all this. The first project is WotLK Classic. I have already written many guides and I still have some to write. In addition to that, Ryushin is currently busy in the WoW Classic database to include the data for the new expansion. With the Lich King coming to light on September 27, we’re doing everything we can to get the site ready for D-Day.

At the same time, we are preparing for the arrival of dragon flight. It is an important project for us as it will attract a lot of traffic. As for BFA and Shadowlands, many guides will see the light and I admit to being a bit behind on this side. I went on vacation in early August and needed to keep track of important files, including the devil 3 season 27. Also, a death in the immediate family has been fair to my work schedule the last few days 🙁

Fortunately, we don’t expect Dragonflight for at least two or three months, which gives me time to catch up. I will start playing the beta to write articles about zones and factions, but other topics will follow. The extension looks really great and my love for WoW hasn’t taken my breath away yet 😉

The other Blizzard games are obviously not forgotten. I continue to closely monitor what’s going on in my favorite game, Diablo 2, and am very excited about patch 2.5 and its Dreadzones. We’re also having a lot of fun at Hearthstone because there’s a lot going on there and we’ve been putting out, con den, some devilishly funny interviews these past few weeks. I recommend, for example, Uther’s.

Site Modernization

You don’t see it specifically, but the architecture of sites is gradually evolving. Ryushin works to modernize JH, make pages load faster, and occasionally spends his time catering to my whims, like bringing the old journal and achievement database back online. in Diablo 3. I promised you, so I couldn’t miss it, even after several years of delay 😀

One of the great projects to come is the portal redesign. It is a project that we have postponed for a year or two, but we will have to overcome it. For now, I have several ideas on what to keep and what to improve and I would like to launch the new portal in 2023.

Discuss non-Blizzard topics

If you visit the portal, you may have noticed the posting of a three-part file on the eSports careers. This is a first test to find out if you might be interested in introducing JudgeHype to other people.

JudgeHype is intimately linked to Blizzard and probably will be for a long time, but I would like to open our field of vision to other topics in the portal. I put aside the opening of a site dedicated to a game outside of Blizzard to try to talk about other topics. Esports is one example, but there are many others.

It is also possible to launch a recruitment on this subject, whose remuneration would be based on the production of the articles, with participation in the advertising income. If you are interested, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. Of course, you have to understand that to earn something, you have to generate traffic…

JudgeHype is three people: Ryushin (developer), Arkentass (publisher) and myself.

The adblock problem

We have been talking about it for years, but Adblock is one of our recurring problems. I’m a web user like you and I hate when some sites go overboard by displaying 7 billion ads on one page.

However, we have always tried to maintain a balance on JudgeHype so as not to exceed a certain number of layouts per page. There is usually a banner at the top and two tabs in the right column. Depending on the length of an article, it may also have one or two so-called “in-content” ads that fit between two paragraphs. In addition, there may be a mask (the site is surrounded by a large image) or an interstitial (the site goes into the background). These last two formats are much rarer.

If you come to JH in July, it’s super quiet. Great for you, less for us. Few campaigns, little income. In June or November, it’s the opposite: many campaigns, which means more ads. There may be two or three skins coexisting. You may not like it, but tell yourself that this is where we take the opportunity to set aside money for more difficult times.

With an ad blocker, all of that doesn’t concern you. If all visitors to JudgeHype whitelisted the site, we could look forward to the future with confidence., hire someone and generate more content (everyone would be a winner). You have real power over JH’s future., I know. Of course, I don’t expect to reduce JH’s Adblock rate from 55% to 10%. But every percentage counts.

You can also opt for the Premium subscription that allows you to browse without ads and benefit from various advantages.

Evolution of JH Premium

In 2023, I intend to develop the Premium offer. I have several ideas in my head and one of them comes from the publication of exclusive files to Premium members. Many colleagues have been there for several years, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

On JudgeHype, the goal would be to post premium files in addition to the usual news. This is not about reducing access to current articles, but about offering additional content to those who support JH financially.

JudgeHype will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary

Shit. A quarter of a century ^^

I’m 46 years old. I’ve spent more than half my life dedicated to Blizzard game news. For January, I will think of a way to celebrate the event. Right now I have no idea, but I will, I promise. Unless it’s a surprise there shouldn’t be a gigantic contest, I’ve already done enough for 15 years spending thousands on shipping 😀

We’ll still be here in 2023

In recent years, the number of fan sites among influencers has dropped to a trickle. JudgeHype is a web-scale dinosaur. The site was launched in January 1998 and is still there. When you see the state of French web gaming, with many sites having disappeared or taken over in the last 10 years (Gamekult recently), it’s almost a miracle that we’re still here. You have a role to play, whether it’s whitelisting JudgeHype, subscribing, or purchasing through our partners’ links.

Among our competitors, some have gone to YouTube, Twitch or decided to broaden their horizons. For our part, we have remained dedicated to francophone Blizzard gamers, not giving in to the call of dozens of titles that can create a stir. We’re wrong? The future will tell. You won’t tell us.

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