PSG-Juventus: a ball from goalkeeper Donnaruma puts Juventus back in the game. 2-1 for Paris at the start of the second half

PSG-Juventus: a ball from goalkeeper Donnaruma puts Juventus back in the game.  2-1 for Paris at the start of the second half

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23:01 : In the other group match, Benfica Lisboa beat Maccabi Haifa (another European trauma for PSG, which we’ll talk about later) 2-0. Among the big names, Milan hooked on Salzburg (1-1), Real Madrid beat Celtic Glasgow in the second half (3-0, all goals scored after the break). Manchester City was in Seville (4-0) as was Dortmund in Copenhagen (3-0).

22:57 : @David It’s not that he’s bad, or even that he doesn’t achieve prowess in his lane, but he still suffers from ups and downs in concentration that are very detrimental. In six Champions League games with Paris he has already committed two balls that have resulted in a goal.

22:57 : I don’t want PSG to play City or Bayern because Donnaruma is scary! Luckily Navas didn’t go to Napoli because he’s going to be very useful! Galtier would be wrong to do without him.

22:56 : @kat I’m glad you pointed it out, my reputation as a misinformer may finally evaporate 🙂

22:56 : Pierre, you have been promoted to Oracle! It’s the second time, right?

22:55 : The Parisian players greet the Auteuil grandstand with a short celebration after this great European victory! Yes, because for five minutes, Juventus is no longer PSG’s black (and white) beast.

22:51 : PSG wins but trembles against a pale Juventus (2-1). The bottom line is certain: Mbappé and his associates have dominated their main rival for first place in the Champions League group.

22:48 : PSG misses the opportunity to add a little more to the account (and make the scoreboard reflect more the physiognomy of the match) but Neymar’s shot is magnificently repelled by the Bianconero goalkeeper Perin, who rather had a good game this afternoon . , 90.

22:40 : And another big scare for the Parisians, who left the Turinese center in front of the goal, forcing Donnaruma, then a defender, to clear on his line. 2-1 for Paris, not entirely serene, against Juventus. There are 8 minutes left to play.

22:41 : After being interrupted by Griedge Mbock’s serious injury, the France women’s team match against Greece is interrupted by a violent storm. It is played in Sedan, in the Ardennes, one of the departments that is on orange alert this afternoon. We are afraid of lightning on the ground, explains franceinfo sports. Les Bleues led 5-1 in the 81st minute.

22:39 : We could almost say at the end of the game that PSG crushed Juventus 2-1, with certain Parisian performances like those of Neymar and Verratti of a very, very high level. It would be more difficult for me to clear the Turinese who dot the grass of the Parc des Princes with their class. We played the 80th minute.

22:39 : “chi goes piano goes healthy chi goes forte goes alla morte”. PSG’s 2-1 home draw is a pretty good result for Juve (for now, considering the wonderful uncertainty of sport and football in particular)

22:27 : “Must not spoil” Guy Roux would have reacted to the many Parisian strikes fleeing the frame. After Mbappé forgetting about Neymar to shoot from very close range, here is Messi whose curled shot ends up on billboards. Be careful not to regret this inefficiency at the end of the match… 2-1 for Paris69.

22:18 : @helen It seems to me that all the shirts feature the American lifestyle brand, which signed a seven-figure deal with PSG at the end of last season. Nothing to do with some players who would be “the best of all time” or not!

22:18 : Hello Pedro. Why do some psg players have “goat” on their jerseys but not all? And I know what that normally means in sports, so I don’t see the connection there.

22:17 : PSG has no future in the European Cup with a sieve as a goalkeeper

22:17 : We are at the mercy of a broken team that we should have finished off. We are too nice. You look like Madame Bellefeuille in The Girls Next Door.

22:16 : PSG retains its small share of irrationality, because this Juventus, the worst Juventus in 30 years, was about to equalize with a header from an attacker well captured by Donnaruma, who made up for it well in this one. 2-1 for Parisbut the bianconeri returned to the match, 58th.

22:12 : Downgraded the score for Juventus, who took advantage of an oversight by the Parisian defense in a corner with a disastrous exit from goalkeeper Donnaruma. It is McKennie who catches the ball with his head and throws it into the back of the net. But even with this goal, we hesitate to write that the game restarts… 2-1 for Paris54.

22:11 : @Lensois I would really need a “Platoche” to guide the game, because we are always looking for a creator and a little vision of the game among the bianconeri.

22:11 : Perhaps remind our young readers that Juve is called the “old lady” and that it welcomed a certain Michel Platini, we must put the church back in the center of the village 😉

22:08 : The first goal of the second half was signed by Neymar, after an overflow from the Parisian side Nuno Mendes who caught the Italian defense with an acceleration. When he runs fast and when he plays fast, Juventus are overwhelmed. 2-0 for Parisfifty.

22:03 : Here we go again in the Parc des Princes where he faces a juventus confused. Perhaps a former Parisian is needed, which is why Moïse Kean, currently on the bench, to split the Parisian defense in two and revive a match that has lost much of its suspense. Meanwhile, it is McKennie who replaces Miretti, one of the players. warned at the first time.

21:59 : It will be difficult for the Choupo-Moting jurisprudence A goal by Paredes and Rabiot makes it 2-2 And therefore a tie I believe in that average average Thank you, Pierre

21:59 : I have never seen JUVE (is it them?!) so dull or even transparent. It does not bode well for the championship. Hoping that PSG (who I hate a lot but… what a team) don’t fix them tonight… Forza Juve! (at least for the show! 😴)

21:55 : 2 – Kylian Mbappé during the #PSGJuve first half:
🥅3 balls in the opposite area
👟2 shots
⚽️2 goals

21:54 : If the visual impression is clearly in PSG’s favour, note that PSG also did not shoot the goal by Perin, the Transalpins’ substitute goalkeeper.

21:52 : Juve unrecognizable. Defensively it’s Angers. Offensively it is Ajaccio in this first half. #PSGJuve

21:51 : No hard feelings, Angevin and Ajaccio readers…

21:49 : By the way @David. In the other game of the afternoon, which pits the French women’s team against Greece (no stake, as the Blues have already qualified for the 2023 World Cup), central defender Griedge Mbock suffered a serious knee injury and had to leave on a stretcher, under the eyes of obviously affected teammates. News that tarnishes an otherwise quiet evening, where France wins 4-1 at halftime. The game is to continue in this direct.

21:49 : Terrible injury of a French player against Greece… Quite violent images

21:48 : It is the escape in the Parc des Princes and logically it leads him against a Juventus Torino that she seemed very limited during this first act… and that she lives up to her nickname of Old Woman. Apart from a header near Milik, we saw absolutely nothing from the Turin side.

21:41 : Paris is really very strong

21:41 : PSG don’t let go of the pressure on Juventus like their light-striped shirt. We don’t see how the Piedmontese could get back into the game. Even the audience at the Parc des Princes seems to be slowly drifting off. , 40.

21:26 : Mbappé, hovers for him..

21:25 : Mbappé in double-decker TGV mode

21:25 : What speed for this second goal!

21:23 : Stop your tank (sailing), Kylian, the Juventus defenders must say! The Parisian attacking prodigy finishes for the second time and allows PSG to take a 2-0 lead with a superb cross after a great combination with Achraf Hakimi! 2-0 for ParisPark sings, and we only played the 24th minute of the game.

21:22 : ⚠️ Given the high turnout, you may find it difficult to connect to myCANAL. We invite you to wait a few minutes to avoid too many simultaneous connections. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

21:21 : Many of you have reported problems accessing Canal +, the party’s broadcaster, through its MyCanal platform. In question, too many connections.

21:20 : Magnificent save by Gianluigi Donnaruma in this header from former OM striker Arkadiusz Milik at close range, the Piedmontese’s first reaction after a very controlled start to the match by the Parisians. The transalpine goalkeeper makes a magnificent reflex save on his line. 1-0 for Paris, 20.

21:18 : Juventus did not make a great impression at the start of the season, with only two wins in five games and a rather slow impression in the game, which is confirmed at the start of the match, with stereotypical and rather sterile passes. Give us back Bonucci’s crosses in his good years or an Andrea Pirlo from when he played in 6… 1-0 for Paris18

21:13 : They attack on a train from hell

21:13 : What a goal “inOui”

21:12 : Well, Parisians are in TGV mode… Italians will go by fiat 500

21:12 : He did not celebrate the plane, ufff’

21:10 : If MBappe had taken the TGV, he would never have scored before the 25th minute at least…#PSGJuve

21:10 : And the best joke I’ve seen on social media about this sand sailing story…

21:09 : Happy to know that PSG have arrived safe and sound to open the scoring…

21:09 : When Mbappé comes to pick up Neymar at the beginning of the action I said to myself “why are they doing this? Do you think you can erase six players being only two? “If you can.

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