Electricity: should homes equipped with a Linky meter fear blackouts?

Electricity: should homes equipped with a Linky meter fear blackouts?

Faced with the risk of power outages this winter, will households equipped with Linky meters be restricted or even deprived of electricity? The rumor is currently circulating on social media. Enedis answers us.

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This winter, France could lose power during cold snaps. If the geopolitical context with the war in Ukraine plays a role in this energy crisis, it is not the only one. The obsolescence of the nuclear infrastructure is another aggravating factor.

Faced with the risk of shortages, President Emmanuel Macron urged citizens to provide “ the efforts ” Y ” sacrifices “. At the microphone of France Inter, on September 1, Elisabeth Borne indicated that short and localized power outages could be foreseen in the worst case scenario. It is in this context that several Internet users have stated that households with a Linky account , in case of insufficient production, they could be affected by a power limitation, or even power outages.


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Enedis, which represents the public electricity distribution service in 95% of France, can effectively reduce (or increase) the available power remotely, but “ at the request of the electricity supplier “. In case of unpaid invoices, for example. In other words, Enedis cannot limit a customer’s electricity on its own.

The manager of the electrical network, with whom we contacted, denies the rumors of directed and remote clamping: “ No clamping is provided, be it on Linky gauges or others. »

last resort solution

However, Enedis acknowledges that ” An exceptional, preventive, localized and rotating cut-off system has always been one of the mechanisms that could potentially be activated in the event of risks to the balance of the electrical system in France.
This mechanism could be used, as a last resort, by RTE (Manager of the Electricity Transmission Network) to preserve
the balance between supply and demand, depending on the situation of electricity supply and production in France. By decision of RTE, Enedis carries out the technical gesture to implement this type of exceptional cuts organized on a territorial scale directly on the medium voltage electrical network and not according to the equipment of the Linky meters “.

In other words, ” last resource “So occasional power outages are quite possible. This load shedding – governed by article D141-12-6 of the energy code – does not last more than two hours, in specific time slots (from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.) and would affect homes to their time. And not just the only owners of a Linky meter.

Also, if there is an outage, it will be done directly on the network (the source substation) and not from individual meters.

Please note that so-called “sensitive” users (hospitals, security, national defense, high-risk industry, etc.) will not be affected.

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