10 essential applications for a freelancer

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When you are self-employed, you manage the administration, the clients… Here are 10 applications to manage your day to day.

Ok, you have registered ascar entrepreneur So you start your own business? Since you are targeting the so-called “individual” business, you will no doubt be in charge of many things for your company At the beginning of your activity, it is complicated to hire someone to manage your projects, the tasks to be carried out, the creation of budgets, the invoicing, the accounts, but also the clients.

In charge of almost everything, so you need to have tools to manage your day-to-day business easily and conveniently. so here it is 10 mobile apps (and for tablets) for your Company management on the scale of a self-employed worker.

Canva: for your logos, designs, images, but also to edit your invoices and quotes

How not to mention Canva in this article? For you who work on your own, you know, you need a useful tool to create documents, images, but also to create from scratch the billing documents, quotes, etc. Canva lets you do all of these things. The software and app (also available in the browser) allows you, among other things, to edit images, videos, create gifvisuals for your social networks, to create your brand visuals from scratch, for your site, your logo, etc. In short, you can do anything!

Canva also has a library of royalty-free images, quite extensive if you subscribe to premium canvas. Also, I highly recommend Canva Premium, in the sense that you will have access to many different elements and images. But also, you can do photos without backgrounduseful for your logos.

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Canva also allows you to create white papers, e-booksbut also images for newsletters, landing pages for your site You can there edit your product images also for your online business. Also, many of us use Canva to easily and quickly create invoices and quotes. Since the Canva designs you create may remain stored in the app, you can reusing them as a model, To infinity. This is useful for quickly issuing invoices and quotes.

Video tutorial to create an invoice with Canva

Artinove: For your billing and the management of your accounts

If Canva ever does not convince you to invoice, to edit, you can always resort to the Artinove application. Made for self-entrepreneurs, this mobile app allows you to create customer files to preserve the data.

From here you can also edit and issue your invoices to these clients, in a very simple way, just by filling in fields of the application. The same goes for the dates what’s more. This is a particularly useful application for accounting since all financial data is concentrated there.

The URSSAF Self-entrepreneur application

Logically, if you are registered as a self-entrepreneur, it means that you depend on the URSSAF. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the URSSAF and its tax and financial statements. The USSRAF mobile app It is precisely the right one to manage your autonomous business without problems. You can quickly get in touch with an advisor, make your requests related to your business, but also manage your monthly or quarterly statements. Everything from your phone!

The WordPress mobile app for your website

If you ever have a WordPress website or don’t have one but want to create one, know that a WordPress Mobile App exist. This app allows you to manage your website directly from your phone or tablet.

so you will have notifications when someone posts a comment, when a client contacts you, someone subscribes to your Premium plan, etc. In short, the perfect mobile application for manage statistics, events and everything related to your site. You can even write articles on your phone, edit your pages!

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Applications for your e-commerce: WooCommerce and Shopify

For a freelancer, it is often appropriate to create an online store. Very often, e-commerce is driven by WooCommerce or by Shopify. These are not the only ones, but they are the most popular. So simply, if you work with one or the other for your online store, download the app for your store!

In fact, it allows you manage products of the store from your phone, even on the go. You will be able to change the prices, change the images, in short, do what you do on the computer, but on the mobile. This allows you, in addition to all this, track your orders ongoing in real time.

Do you want an app to take notes or make a schedule? Penly or Good Notes

This is not a real priority for a freelancer, but to plan your weeks to perfection is essential. For good reason, you have so many tasks to do that you have to see clearly in all these things to do. That’s why we present you two applications to create schedules and take notes. Is about Good grades (on IOS) and penny (on Android).

Planning tasks, alone or in a team: Trello

For plan your actions and projects, there is also another tool available on mobile and PC: Trello. The latter is very simple to operate and allows you to make to-do lists, with many details including render times, descriptions, etc.

Also, Trello can be used team up, it is quite useful. In fact, you can assign tasks to your employees thanks to Trello !

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The Google Analytics application, essential

For your company and to manage your presence on the web (and therefore your reputation on the web), Google Analytics is your best friend. We strongly recommend that you use it for your website, but also download the mobile app to follow your statistics in real time.

MailChimp to create newsletters easily and quickly

When you want to be visible, it is usually very interesting to go through the email box. the newsletters they are sent to a list of addresses that you have collected thanks to MailChimp. So this mobile and PC app makes it easy to create newsletters, group emails, personalized emails, mail campaigns and create your address books. the address card (with professionals or potential clients), essential!

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Google Calendar + Calendly, the basis for planning your appointments

Finally, we strongly recommend that you manage your appointments with Google Calendar, it is a very interesting tool to easily track your appointments and access them quickly. you can invite people meetings via Google Calendarwhich is very useful for a small business. Calendar works precisely with Google Calendar, this application allows your customers to make an appointment with you, simply!

Did you like this article? If you know of other useful apps for self-entrepreneurs, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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