WhatsApp: These phones will no longer be compatible with the application!


In France, more than 30 million people use Whatsapp. This messaging application, very useful for talking to people abroad, has been very successful for years. But some loyal users will soon find themselves deprived of their favorite app. The reason is simple: the phones they use are outdated and do not allow the application to work after the updates are done.

No more Whatsapp for Apple?

Don’t panic, if you have a recent iPhone you should have no problem using Whatsapp. This refers to older phones of the Apple brand. In fact, as we learn from Buzz Ezine, future updates made to Whatsapp will make it impossible for iOS 10 and 11 devices to use the app.. This refers to the generation below the iPhone 5s or SE. For all the people who have these phones, WhatsApp is over.

However, if you have a newer iPhone, you may experience some difficulties using Whatsapp. What to do in this case? You need to verify that the iPhone updates are effective. We advise you to have at least iOS 12 to ensure the proper functioning of the application. If not, check that the app itself is not out of date. To do this, go to the app store to update it.

There were no announcements made on the Android phone side. A priori, all phones could use Whatsapp in the future. Good news for Android phone advocates taking on Apple fans who rely on the iPhone.

Great news is planned on Whatsapp

Internet users today are straddling the protection of their privacy. Whatsapp goes in this direction with the news. If you want to log in, but not appear online, then it is possible. It can even mean that you are busy, without actually being busy. This is a big step forward for all those who are regularly on WhatsApp, but don’t necessarily want to be talked to. This can be the case for people who use the app for work and are later online but unavailable. So we feel less social pressure and waste less time responding to people out of courtesy or fear of offending them (because they see we’re online).

But the new option that should arrive, according to The Verge, and that you probably like, is the following. The developers are currently developing an option that allows you to quietly leave a group. Today, when you leave a group, a message appears to let everyone else know that you’ve decided to leave. In the future, messages will not be sent. For all the people who are fed up with work and family groups, but don’t want to offend other members, this is obviously a big step forward.

More screenshots in the app?

As you know, it is possible to send photos on WhatsApp that can only be viewed for a few seconds. However, for greater discretion and security, the developers are currently considering the idea of ​​not allowing people receiving these photos to take screenshots. After all, if the user decides not to send the photo in the classic way, it is for a reason. This option already exists in other applications. On Grindr, a dating app for men, it’s possible to send “ephemeral photos” that the recipient can’t capture. In order to protect everyone’s privacy.

If these developments see the light of day, it is very likely that WhatsApp will gain new users. You may not know it, but it is also possible to put stories in the app. It is not enough to transform WhatsApp into the new Instagram, far from it. The main mission of the application is to allow us to communicate easily and quickly. With people in France or abroad.

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