STRAIGHT. PSG – Juventus: video goals, scores… The video summary

STRAIGHT.  PSG - Juventus: video goals, scores... The video summary

PSG-Juventus. Despite a successful first period, the PSG players struggled to conclude the match of this first day of the Champions League on Tuesday, September 7. The summary

10:50 – Mbappé: “We know we have some shortcomings”

“There is a small difference between the first 35 minutes and the second half. We know we have some shortcomings. My mistake at 3-0? I missed a lot of goals in my life, I’m going to score a lot and miss a lot. They are facts of the game. It’s not for failing that you penalize your team, it’s for thinking about failures. We have things to work on, it’s normal, it’s the Champions League. I would have already won it”, explained the Frenchman after this PSG-Juventus match.

10:20 – Vitinha: “We have to improve”

“It’s just the beginning, we have to improve. We also saw that we did some good things. In the second half, we should have controlled the game better, but it’s ok, I shouldn’t give too much importance to it. We have to work to make better second times “, explained the midfielder, insecure before the start of this PSG – Juventus.

09:54 – Neymar also on 8/10

The Brazilian, always very restless and author of a magnificent decisive pass, also gets an 8/10 for this PSG – Juventus de L’Equipe.

09:37 – Rabiot: “A complicated first half”

“We had a difficult first half, especially the first 20 minutes, we saw them play. We have regrets because we conceded two goals quickly and that changed the game. In the second half we show another face. We did not give up, we tried to come back and we could have put them in more trouble”, analyzed Adrien Rabiot after this PSG – Juventus.

09:22 – An 8/10 for Mbappé

After his strong performance, especially in the first half with a double before failing in the second half when Neymar was alone, the Frenchman got the best score from our colleagues at L’Equipe with an 8/10.

09:12 – Galtier’s mea culpa on video

Asked in the mixed zone about his controversial reaction to the PSG move, the French coach made his mea culpa.

09:00 – “Relief” for Galtier

“There is relief. From the moment the third goal did not favor us… It is a strong team in the penalty area. We had a very good first half. From the moment we scored this goal, we are suffering. It is always “It’s Hard to change the course of history. PSG had never beaten Juventus. Winning in suffering allows the team to grow”, explained Christophe Galtier after PSG’s victory over Juventus.

08:51 – Allegri’s reaction

“We played a good game, but there is a bit of bitterness for not having achieved a result. In the end, we should have been a little more lucid. It’s a missed opportunity. to do, we are working on it. We’re also waiting for some players to return (due to injury, editor’s note). We suffer, but the speed they have, no one else has. When you play against these types of teams, the difficulty is when you don’t have the ball… We fell asleep a bit in the first half but we had more character in the second half and McKennie gave us legs and strength”, explained the Italian coach after the meeting.

09/06/22 – 23:40 – Thank you and good night everyone

Thank you all for following us in this victory for PSG against Juventus at the start of the European season. The World Cup obliges, the schedule for the Champions has been tightened and we will not have to wait two but a week to attend the second day. Paris Saint-Germain will travel to Israel in eight days to challenge Maccabi Haifa at the Sammy Ofer Stadium.

09/06/22 – 23:35 – Galtier: “An important victory”

“There is relief. We had a great first half, although we conceded one chance. From the moment we scored the goal, we suffered and that gave the rival hope. It is an important victory. PSG had never beaten Juventus (8 defeats and 2 draws). We win on difficulty, and winning on difficulty makes a team grow.”pointed out a lucid Christophe Galtier about the performance of his players but satisfied with the final result for this first day of the Champions League, against a rival, who he recalled had never triumphed at PSG.

06/09/22 – 23:31 – Benfica also winner

In the other match of Group H, Benfica Lisbon got rid of Maccabi Haifa. At home, the Portuguese won 2 goals to 0 with an assist and a magnificent goal from Grimaldo. This success allows them to take the lead of the group against PSG, on goal difference.

09/06/22 – 23:15 – A Paris with two faces provides the essentials

A Paris with two faces provides the essential - PSG - Juventus ©Thibault Camus / AP / SIPA

What to remember of an evening that had started so well and certainly ended with a victory but could have been soured by a botched second act. Because if Paris provided the essential by dominating Juventus Turin in the Parc des Princes, it will have shown a double face that we did not know this season. A disturbing double face that suggests new faults, after which the Monegasque commitment was brought to light. This time, PSG showed a form of sufficiency, letting themselves be lulled by a much inferior but formidable rival when it came to killing the rhythm of a match that eluded them.

Sure enough, for almost half an hour, the Turin club was dizzy, like so many others before him. In a stadium delighted to find Champions League airs, the Parisians did not give way to greet the Old Woman. Just 5 minutes into the game and Neymar with a delicious ladle served Mbappé in the area. The latter, dirty rogue that he is, adjusted Perin with a perfect cross volley. A first flash followed by a second after a splendid action with a touch of the ball by Verratti and then by Hakimi, concludes on the other side, on the right, with another cross volley. Without forcing his talent, PSG had only had to accelerate when they wanted to stun an Vieja who was atrociously old, like Cuadrado, advanced from the right, or Bonucci, lacking rhythm.

We told ourselves the bill was going to get even tougher, to catch up with house prices, but here we are, Paris is flawed. Inexplicably, the Parisians returned from the dressing room without envy, as if the most difficult thing had already been done and it was enough to control. The races were fewer, the elections less fair and in this mix Juventus had fun creating problems. A first warning about an off-center header by Vlahovic, well outside of Donnarumma, decisive as in the first half when he deflected a header from Milik at close range, preceded the inevitable. In a corner taken from two, McKennie went over Nuno Mendes and cut a cross from Kostic, badly appreciated by the Italian goalkeeper and Marquinhos, and put it within reach of his team. Neymar and Mbappé had the opportunity to take the break but nothing helped and the threat persisted until the end in a strange second half where Paris would have fallen asleep. Never before this season had PSG shown this face, the one that had been conquering and virtuous in the commitment. A free first warning that should not hide however that the champions of France won. Sometimes you have to settle for the essentials, win without ostentation but win. It is never easy to start your season in the Champions League. We will remember that Paris and Mbappé have done it.

09/06/22 – 23:03 – Vitinha: “Keep improving”

“We were better in the first half and we have to be able to do better overall. In the second half we should have controlled the game better but it shouldn’t be given too much importance. We won and we have to keep improving”.explained Vitinha, who did not want to extend himself in the absence of PSG in the evening.

09/06/22 – 23:00 – Mbappé: “Happy to win the game”

“There is a difference between the first and second half. We knew we still had some gaps to work on, but we are happy to win the game. We know where we are going.”Mbappé reacted hot, aware of PSG’s current shortcomings but happy to have been able to offer victory to his team with his double.

09/06/22 – 22:59 – City, the last Parisian executioner

Paris Saint-Germain was playing only its third home game of the season. If they have conceded 3 draws in their last five receptions, PSG have not lost at the Parc des Prince since April 28, 2021 and Manchester City’s arrival in the Champions League semi-finals (1-2), a series of 27 consecutive matches in all competitions (24 wins and 3 draws).

09/06/22 – 22:51 – PSG provide the essentials at home (2-1)!

Thanks to a double from Mbappé, still just as decisive and decisive, Parsi Saint-Germain won for the first time in their history against Juventus Turin and started their Champions League career well (2-1). Sharp in the first half, however, PSG freaked out when he returned from the locker room in a second act where he lost momentum, lulled by a limited but crafty old lady. More fear than harm in an evening where we will retain victory above all else.

09/06/22 – 22:51 – Paris in management

The Parisians circulate the ball and manage the last seconds in the last 30 meters of Juventus Turin. The end of the match and victory are near.

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