AirPods Pro 2: This new feature is a great idea

AirPods Pro 2 : cette nouvelle fonctionnalité est une idée de génie

news hardware AirPods Pro 2: This new feature is a great idea

We’ve been waiting for them for 3 years: AirPods Pro 2 are finally entitled to a big update! Improved battery, sound too… the kings of Apple’s wireless headphones are back and we tell you everything! You see, there’s a new feature that doesn’t sound like much, but it can be extremely useful.

What’s new in the 2022 AirPods Pro 2 compared to Apple’s first wireless earbuds?

If the first generation AirPods Pro have been around since 2019 and have had time to lose their shine, this second edition covers us with surprises, and that is really reassuring.

Already, what hurt us the most when looking at the AirPods Pro was the battery life. At just 4.5 hours on a single charge, they’re outclassed by standard 3rd-gen AirPods, but also 2nd-gen. It’s a bit embarrassing. But thankfully, the AirPods Pro 2 goes up to 6 hours for a total of 30 hours with the charging case versus 24 previously.

The new H2 chip replaces the H1 and brings, as expected, new software possibilities that allow Improved sound and reduced distortion. For now, we’ll have to take Apple’s word for it, but we can’t wait to try it out. What makes us even more excited is this announcement during the keynote address: active noise reduction would be literally twice as good.

But it does not stop there. If the noise reduction improves, the Transparency mode is also entitled to a change, and not least. This mode allows you to use the microphones to clearly hear your surroundings without having to remove your headphones. Transparency gets smart on AirPods Pro by detecting distracting noises like a construction site, and takes care of reducing them to leave only sounds that are considered useful and pleasant.

A new XS size for olives

AirPods Pro 2: This new feature is a great idea

To continue with the novelties of the masterclass, in addition to the brooches on the uppers, you can now swipe up or down on these same areas to turn the volume down or up. Finally ! We have been waiting for this since the debut of the AirPods.

An AirPods Pro charging case that emits sound

This addition, unlike the previous ones, has been teased many times and we finally have confirmation. The AirPods Pro 2 charging case has a speaker so it makes sound when searched with the Find My app on iPhone.

This is extremely useful because although they are very practical, AirPods are compact and can be easily lost. Obviously the headphones can transmit sound so they can be seen, this is now the case with their carrying case.

AirPods Pro 2: This new feature is a great idea

Contrary to what was believed during the rumor period, the small visual element on the side of the case does not correspond to the speaker, the latter is located under the device. It really isa holder to attach a strap to carry the AirPods with you more easily.

Small advantage: you can charge your AirPods with the Apple Watch charger

When is the AirPods Pro 2 release date?

Compared to iPhones, it will take a bit longer before you can receive AirPods Pro. They’re available for pre-order starting September 9, but don’t arrive until September 23.

How much will the new AirPods Pro 2 cost?

The AirPods Pro are sold at €299. Apple decides to go up a bit compared to the first generation, and even if it’s only €20, we are starting to reach areas that are difficult to reach for many people. But given its popularity, we don’t care about Apple.

iPhone 14 FAQ

How many iPhone 14 models are there?

As in previous years, Apple offers 4 smartphone models, each with very different features. We start with the normal iPhone 14, with a 6.1-inch screen and two cameras on the back. This is the model that suits most users because it includes all the necessary elements, without frills. What’s new are car accident detection, an updated A15 chip, action mode for ultra-steady video, and satellite connection for emergency contacts, only available in North America.

So the iPhone 14 Plus is the brand’s new kid, or rather, the big model. The mini version of last year’s iPhone 13 is over, giving way to a 6.7-inch screen for fans of the large format. Specifically, it is exactly the same as the iPhone 14, the only differences are the size of the panel and the size of the battery. According to Apple, the iPhone 14 Plus reaches the same level of resistance as the 14 Pro versions.

Now let’s move on to the iPhone 14 Pro, which becomes more luxurious and is aimed at those who want the most from their smartphone. We find a 6.1-inch screen with adaptive refreshment, that is, it can go up to 120 Hz for great fluidity, and go down to 1 Hz, which allows the arrival of an Always-On screen. This technology dims the screen instead of turning it off completely when you lock your smartphone so you can still see important information like the time or notifications. The notch disappears in favor of a tablet that can adapt its size and shape depending on the activities in progress. very nifty. We also have a new, more powerful A16 processor and cameras that work better in low light.

Finally, for those with big needs, big hands, and a big wallet, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best option. It has all the features of the iPhone 14 Pro, but with a 6.7-inch screen and a supercharged battery.

How much does the iPhone 14 cost?

We are not going to lie to ourselves, it is the subject that bothers us. This year, the prices are not what will attract many people. Although the prices in dollars remain the same throughout the range, it is the rate of the euro and the taxes that are applied in France to technological products that are missing in the iPhone 14.

These are the prices of the four iPhone 14s, which vary depending on the storage space you need: iPhone 14: from €1,019 iPhone 14 Plus: from €1,169 iPhone 14 Pro: from €1,329 iPhone 14 Pro Max: from €1,479

When does the iPhone 14 come out?

Apple’s keynote address took place on September 7, and as usual, pre-orders are available soon after. Therefore, we can already reserve the iPhone 14 from September 9 at 2:00 p.m.

Due to availability, all iPhone 14s arrive in Apple stores from September 16 in France, except for the iPhone 14 Plus, for which we will have to wait until October 7. This is probably due to the fact that it is a new format and therefore requires an adaptation of the production chain.

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