” Danger. Towards revolts in Europe over energy prices! » Editorial by Charles SANNAT – Insolentiae

" Danger. Towards revolts in Europe over energy prices! » Editorial by Charles SANNAT - Insolentiae

My dear impertinent, dear impertinent,

The movement of the yellow vests is still in everyone’s memory.

We had to be very lacking in political style, moreover, to let this crisis fester as the government of the time and Macron were able to do.

This crisis was linked to a few more cents that the government wanted to put on diesel.

Our country, historically eruptive, has logically “erupted”!

It was predictable.

However, the entire country was not a yellow vest.

Also logical and predictable.

A large part of the population does not depend on the “automobile” as a means of subsistence, as a work tool and as the only means of transportation. In general, city dwellers have become accustomed in recent years (many times forced and forced indeed) to dispense with cars in favor of public transport.

Results ?

Half of France was yellow vest, and the other half did not see at all where the problem was.

Energy concerns all French people!

The problem with crazy energy prices is that they affect all French people. Absolutely everything.

The potential for rebellion is therefore monumental and the reservoir of discontent almost infinite.

From the French in the cities to the French in the countryside, everyone has to warm up, and more among the French in the cities, because the French in the countryside who were yellow vests yesterday, generally have a wood stove, a wood stove . pellets and a small stock in advance. The French in the cities are heated only by gas or electricity.

The bills will be so painful that they cannot be paid.

To avoid defaults, both if the problem is anticipated and foreseen.

And even the unions are warning about the issue. This means that the crisis of energy and heating bills is obviously predictable. What’s more, it has already been launched for companies, and nothing is being done… or very little.

Still very little.

Always too late.

Always with the money of the people.

Horrible lack of foresight.

Terrible incoherence of the public powers.

Energy becomes “unaffordable” for “millions” of workers, European unions warn

Rising electricity and gas prices are making energy bills for millions of Europeans “unpayable”, the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) warned in a statement on Tuesday.

“Around 9.5 million workers were already struggling to pay their energy bills” before inflation soared to a record 9.1% in a year in August in the euro zone, says the ETUC, according to a study by the European Trade Union Institute. From July 2021 to July 2022, the cost of gas and electricity increased by 38% across Europe “and rising”. As a result, in sixteen Member States of the European Union (EU), including France, “workers who pay the minimum wage must set aside the equivalent of one month’s salary or more to continue having electricity and heating in the home,” lament the unions. In 2021, this was only the case in eight of the twenty-seven EU Member States.

In 2022, an Estonian worker must work 26 more days than in 2021 to pay his annual energy bill, and a Dutch worker 20 more days. In Slovakia, Greece, the Czech Republic and Italy, “the average annual energy bill now represents more than a month’s salary for an asset paid with the average salary” of their country, details the ETUC. “When your annual bill costs more than a month’s salary, there are no tricks to saving money. These prices are simply unaffordable today for millions of people.ETUC Deputy General Secretary Esther Lynch, quoted in the press release, is alarmed.

The unions are therefore calling on European governments, which will meet at the end of the week in Prague to discuss energy issues, to “end unsustainable price increases”.. Source Le Figaro.fr here

Energy prices must be capped

In France, this is called a tariff shield.

It’s essential.

We can not do anything else.

Through our geopolitics we have created a terrible crisis with our Russian neighbor.

We cannot pay the price except at the price of unprecedented economic collapse.

We will be forced to “subsidize” energy prices.

It will increase deficits, it will reduce the value of our currency, it will increase monetary inflation.

The sad choice is between monetary inflation or energy price inflation.

Brilliant policy since it is that of the European Union that dreams of being powerful and powerful but that is only a paper tiger, without energy, without natural resources, soon without industry.

A sinking Europe led by donkeys.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Get ready!

Carlos Sannat

“Insolentiae” means “impertinence” in Latin.
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“To quell peaceful revolutions, one makes violent revolutions inevitable” (JFK)

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