PS5 UPDATE: Firmware 22.02-06 with 1440p, customizable playlists and more.

PS5 UPDATE: Firmware 22.02-06 with 1440p, customizable playlists and more.

A few weeks ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment offered new PS5 features to its beta testers, in view of a new firmware audience. Just became available through update 22.02- (as you like), which therefore adds video out in 1440p on supported screens, customizable game lists on the Librarythe possibility of requesting a shared screen to a member of a Partya simplified profile view of new friends, a tool to compare 3D audio and stereo audio, and more.

To these functionalities accessible from your consoles is added an update of the playstation app allowing you to precisely request a shared screen from a smartphone or tablet, and start a session PS Remote Play. It’s all explained by the senior vice president of the division platform experienceHideaki Nishino.

Thanks to the support and feedback from our PS5 beta testers, today we’re releasing a new PS5 system software update to gamers around the world. This update adds long-awaited features like 1440p video output over HDMI* and game playlists. It also offers new social features, such as the ability to request Screen Share from a party member, easier profile viewing for new friends, and receiving notifications to join a friend’s game faster from party chat.

In addition, you can now compare 3D audio and stereo audio on the same screen and more easily access your current activities from game portals.

PS App New Features

In addition to updates to the PS5 console, we’re gradually rolling out new features to the PS app this month, on iOS and Android:

Start a PS Remote Play session through the PS app
PS app users will be able to start a PS Remote Play session directly from the PS app on iOS and Android devices. To get started, make sure the PS app is paired with your PS5 console and your PS5 console is in sleep mode. Then select the game icon with PS Remote Play from a PS app game portal. The PS Remote Play app will automatically launch the game. To enjoy this feature, please make sure both PS App and PS Remote Play are installed on your mobile phone or tablet.

Request screen sharing
As with the feature of the same name on PS5, users of the PS App will be able to ask a member of their party who plays on PS5 to start a Screen Share session to watch their friend’s gameplay through the app. . So you can easily stay in touch with your friends while you’re on the go.

Many thanks to all our fans for their valuable suggestions and ideas. We take your feedback into account and are committed to improving your gaming and social experiences with each update. See you online soon!

*1440p video output on PS5 requires a TV or monitor that supports 1440p/60Hz, 1440p/60Hz, and 120Hz resolutions. Results may vary by game.

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) on PS5 supports 1080p and 4K video output, but not 1440p resolution.

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However, the PS5 is still just as difficult to obtain outside of occasional availability at resellers. unlike their games and accessories.

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