LIVE – iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro 2: all Apple announcements

LIVE - iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro 2: all Apple announcements

explosive prices

Now we know the French prices of the iPhone.

The iPhone 14 will be sold from 1,019 euros, compared to 1,329 euros for the iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple puts the package in the photo

The sensors of the iPhone 14 Pro are now bigger: the main camera goes from 12 to 48 megapixels with more light captured to give more detail and depth, especially in low light conditions. Apple makes it easier to zoom in on the photo.

The iPhone 14 Pro
The iPhone 14 Pro ©Apple

The brand claims to have improved everything in its camera, “a big leap”, with more information taken by the sensor that is also supported by a more efficient AI to reduce noise in shots.

Cinematic mode now supports 4K video, a new action mode is coming for filming with better stabilization.

The “always on” screen, finally…

Several years after the competition, the screen takes advantage of “Always-on” technology that leaves it always active, but on standby to be more economical.

iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max feature the new, even more powerful A16 Bionic chip to improve battery life, but also to operate the display’s multiple new activity areas and offer more possibilities for a new camera. .

The iPhone 14 Pro says “goodbye” to the notch

Goodbye notch, hello… Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro.

The new TrueDepth camera has been redesigned and is developed in two strokes masked under an interface that will show all kinds of accesses to customize (calls, messages, music, info, etc.).

The iPhone 14 Pro
The iPhone 14 Pro ©Apple

In fact, the black rounded band shows contextual elements, depending on the user’s activity (for example, if they use their GPS). Which ultimately makes this site useful.

The iPhone 14 Pro
The iPhone 14 Pro ©Apple

It’s smart and a good use of space at the top because with iOS 16, notifications are moved to the bottom of the screen. There are still two sizes of the enhanced Pro Display (6.1 and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 14 Pro Max).

Photo enhancements on iPhone 14

On the iPhone 14, the notch is still there, but with a more capable Face ID camera.

There’s now an autofocus that will allow for remarkably more effective low-light selfies.

The photo in low light has also been improved on all the photosensors of the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14
The iPhone 14 ©Apple

Video benefits from an improved stabilization mode to prevent jitter. The iPhone 14 is announced in the United States at the same price as the iPhone 13. It could still be different in France.

Satellite emergency alerts come from the iPhone with the ability to know where the satellite is to point the device to launch your SOS. We will still have to wait because the feature launches first in the United States and Canada in November.

And here are the new iPhones!

Apple finally launches the iPhone 14, its most anticipated product of the year.

As expected, it is available in a Plus version, 6.7 inches, compared to 6.1 inches on the iPhone 14. Apple thus abandons the iPhone mini, its compact format, which has never been able to find its audience.

iPhone 14
The iPhone 14 ©Apple

The iPhone 14 is the first of the brand not to benefit from a new processor. It inherits the A15 chip, which was already on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. However, the latter has been improved to improve performance.

Apple introduces AirPods Pro 2

Apple is updating its most advanced wireless headphones, with the AirPods Pro 2. They are now equipped with the H2 chip.

The manufacturer promises in particular acoustic improvements and a much better noise cancellation function: twice as good as in the previous model, according to its promises.

For even more flexibility, AirPods Pro 2 now come with four tips, instead of three.

The AirPods Pro 2
AirPods Pro 2 © Apple

Apple launches the Apple Watch Ultra

Greater autonomy

Autonomy sees double. Apple advertises 18 hours of battery life for its Watch Series 8 (available in 41 or 44mm for its case size), but a new Power Saving mode will allow that to double to 36 hours by cutting certain functions that were running at the time. reverse as activity tracking. .

This will be possible thanks to watchOS 9, other models could benefit from it.

The Apple Watch Series 8
The Apple Watch Series 8 © Apple

Accident detection

The Apple Watch will be able to detect car accidents thanks to the integrated sensors (GPS, accelerometer). The feature only works when you’re in a moving vehicle.

The Apple Watch Series 8
The Apple Watch Series 8 © Apple

Apple introduces the Apple Watch Series 8

We start with the Apple Watch and a video about the lives saved by the brand’s connected watch. Tim Cook announces the arrival of “the best range of Apple Watches ever made by Apple”.

The Apple Watch Series 8, to start with a focus on women’s health.

The Apple Watch Series 8
The Apple Watch Series 8 © Apple

Apple recalls the monitoring of the menstrual cycle that will evolve thanks to the arrival of two temperature sensors to the watch. They will allow you to follow the periods of fertility and ovulation as closely as possible, now thanks to the change in body temperature.

Tim Cook arrives on stage

Tim Cook arrives on stage at the Steve Jobs Theater to greet those present and distill his famous “Good morning”.

The head of Apple recalls that three years ago no act was held in the Apple Park auditorium in person.

But the keynote was recorded upriver, probably during the summer. Announces the arrival of new iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch.

Back at the Steve Jobs Theater

After three years of pandemic and virtual conferences, the press is finally back at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Podcast: 15 years ago the iPhone was born

For the occasion, the BFMTV team reviews the launch of the first iPhone, in 2007, in its new podcast: the header.

doors open

Apple opens its doors to the press, which will now join the Steve Jobs Theater. It is in this room with a thousand seats that Tim Cook will reveal the novelties of the year.

iPhone, Apple Watch: It’s the big day

This Wednesday, September 7, Apple presents the new generation of iPhone, from its headquarters in Cupertino.

On stage, Tim Cook, CEO of the company, will thus announce the iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Plus, as well as the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The manufacturer must focus on photography, power, privacy, and often new colors.

A new ruggedized Apple Watch dedicated to extreme sports is also expected, along with second-generation AirPods Pro.

Tech&Co is at your disposal to make you experience the event.

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