We tried… “Splatoon 3”, a new dive in the squid pond

We tried… “Splatoon 3”, a new dive in the squid pond

When splatoon hitting shelves in 2015, Nintendo brings a breath of fresh air to the online shooter game. As for running and super mario kartthe editor manages to put his stamp on a genre that is nonetheless highly codified by making it colourful, mischievous and welcoming. Released on a Wii U with poor sales, the opportunity to remake it with splatoon 2, in 2017, on a much more popular Switch. The criticism then points to the absence of real novelty, but also includes the legitimacy of wanting to give such a proposal its commercial opportunity. Five years later, Splatoon 3whose launch is scheduled for September 9, no longer has the excuse of the platform to justify content that is too similar.

Ink up both eyes

Within Splatoon 3, the player gets back into the skin of a half-human, half-cephalopod creature, among a selection of octopuses and squids. You will then have the opportunity to participate in matches where two teams of four players will seek to cover as much territory as possible with their color throwing ink until the end. The arsenal ranges from squirt guns to oversized brushes, buckets, and now bows and paint-dripping katanas.

If it’s still essential to neutralize your opponents, the bumbling can still lend a hand by avoiding combat and repainting whenever possible. is the force of splatoon : Even when you miss your target, the shot it is not completely useless. For movement, as in the previous games, it is possible to quickly swim on the ground and walls of your own color, but also to execute beautiful surprise attacks, well hidden in a puddle of paint.

Make no mistake: finishing off your opponents will be essential to prevent them from coming to paint your half of the field.
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New products that do not weigh clams

No need to beat around the bush: Splatoon 3 does not mark a break. In fact, the game it offers relatively similar content to what its predecessor offered. Along with new arenas and powers, the fun four-player co-op mode “Salmon Run” returns. The single player campaign gets a makeover and wisely draws inspiration from the great additional content. Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion 2018. With its short missions with imaginative limitations, like crossing an obstacle course with a mandatory weapon or using a limited amount of ink, it’s always a good way to sharpen your reflexes before diving into a hectic online game.

In both atmosphere and structure, the single-player campaign of

Regulars will no doubt notice the differences, particularly in the improved range of motion, however far from the novelties one might expect from a numbered episode. However, stopping at this diagnosis would be unfair. For two years, splatoon 2 has seen plenty of free updates that have consistently enriched the online experience: a game mode added here, levels changed there, not to mention new leagues and new weapons. Prayed Splatoon 3 inherits this refinement and allows for truly pleasurable sessions. It goes further: now we wait in a training room (versus a stupid menu before), disconnections at the start of the match immediately send the participants back to the locker room (a scenario preferable to an entire match lost beforehand) and, on top of that, In In general, matches now move extremely quickly, leaving no time to feel sorry for a loss. splatoon has not stopped improving and this third episode aims to prove it to us.

Some will not stop criticizing Nintendo for having to go back to the cash register to obtain substantially the same game. This traditional remuneration system consisting of the single purchase of a new version seems, however, much less pernicious than others, but well accepted, even when targeting the youngest, based on microtransactions and “loot boxes”, virtual goody bags, which some organizations and countries compare to gambling. And it’s a safe bet that this Splatoon 3 it will benefit from the same regime of multiple free upgrades as its predecessor.

Also accrediting irreproachable production, quite unique artistic direction (thanks to the explosive meeting of street art, pop culture and modern Japan), incredibly inventive music of diversity and sips of energy, as well as permanent good humor, It gets hard not to recommend, once again, this peerless multiplayer tidbit.

Pixel Review:

We liked it:

  • the visual identity still unique and the music still great;
  • the online experience that has never been so seamless;
  • the single-player campaign that’s perfectly suited to take inspiration fromOcto-Expansion.

We liked less:

  • the absence of a real novelty that justifies the purchase without hesitation.

It’s more for you, if:

  • looking for less violent alternatives to multiplayer shooters;
  • you want to prolong the summer vibe with big squirts from water guns.

Not for you if:

  • you don’t like shellfish;
  • your ego can’t stand being humiliated online by 10 year olds who obviously play better than you.

pixel note:

Six of eight tentacles 🐙

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