A system with three defenders, Zaire-Emery, Gharbi, Housni, etc., PSG’s remarkable entry into the Youth League

A system with three defenders, Zaire-Emery, Gharbi, Housni, etc., PSG's remarkable entry into the Youth League

Like Christophe Galtier’s first team, PSG’s youngsters also beat Juventus at the Camp des Loges on Tuesday (5-3). Zoumana Camara’s company set the tone and signed a notable role. Warren Zaire-Emery or even Ilyes Housni shone remarkably.

PSG’s youngsters have started their campaign in the Youth League in the best possible way. Eliminated in the quarterfinals last season, Zoumana Camara’s squad had a date with a rival from the last edition’s quarterfinals, Juventus. At the Camp des Loges, the Parisians dictated the opening match with an exceptional start to the match, punctuated by two goals in quick succession in the first minutes of play from Ilyes Housni and Warren Zaire-Emery.

Despite a reduction in the Old Lady’s score, PSG will not be discouraged and will soon resume their recital. Ilyes Housni scored twice before Ismaël Gharbi and Noah Lemina arrived to allow the capital club to take a 5-1 lead at half-time. The second period will be calmer, the last two achievements of Juventus will not allow the Italians to get back on the scoreboard. Faced with a robust rival announced among the competition’s favourites, PSG and their entry into the matter did not go unnoticed.

A system with three defenses that gave satisfaction

In his second season on the national under-19 bench, Zoumana Camara made a big tactical change, opting for a scheme with three axial defenders as Christophe Galtier knew how to do with the first team. A system that does not respond to PSG’s desire to train players in this device with a view to integration into the first team, recalled the former Parisian player after the match.

“Nobody asked me anything. Calibrate systems based on the quality of players I have. I have three central defenders: Chad (El Chadaille Bitshiabu) who was with the pros, Véliz (Fernández) and (Younes) El Hannach, who was with us last season. Today, I’m in player development. I can’t afford to sacrifice players with a lot of potential and put one on the bench when I have three good centre-backs. I prefer to trust them and create a system, a structure. »

Although PSG left with three goals against, the defensive trio responded quite well to the adversity offered by Juventus, who presented themselves with very athletic profiles up front. The quality of Bitshiabu’s recovery was good, El Hannach’s too. Fernández Véliz also distinguished himself by winning several duels on the right side. The Parisian rearguard also knew how to allow the pistons Hugo Lamy and Vimoj Muntu Wa Mungu to project regularly and multiply the sources of danger, like the opener that brought the last city. An encouraging reason for satisfaction for the future.

Zaire-Emery in demonstration, Housni already essential

Back in the Under-19s, something he should do regularly in the Junior League, Warren Zaire-Emery proved once again how technically superior he could be. His incessant projections launched numerous Parisian attacks. Juve midfielders have broken their teeth many times to come and put pressure on the Under 17 international, to no avail. The faces marked by frustration testify to this. If sometimes we have the impression that it is difficult to find fault with him, he also suffered the blow physically after the hour of play, trusting after the game that he had felt cramps.

Another good point to share, the omnipresence in the creation of Ismaël Gharbi. Often positioned between the lines, the attacking midfielder of the class of 2004 brought the surplus to many Parisian offenses. His ability to fix defenders and change the pass at the right time is always interesting and it paid off again on Tuesday. Technically simple, his small size still displayed his varied palette, rewarding us with a magnificent lob on the fourth Parisian goal. However, from the bench, Zoumana Camara criticized him several times for not going back enough to make defensive efforts.

Ilyes Housni also stood out in attack. For his first real season with the Under-19s, the number 9 starts off strong. Constantly on the move, he cleared the front of the attack. Always on the verge of offside, the attacker was a true poison for the Piedmontese rearguard. For his first game in the Junior League, he planted a brace and dished out an assist. A real thickness in the game that only asks to be confirmed during the next meetings.

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