Can you find the cheating student in this picture? Only the smartest will find

Can you find the cheating student in this picture?  Only the smartest will find

And here is our new viral challenge! It is a visual puzzle, in the form of a drawing, that emphasizes a logic or reasoning problem. This quiz is not only fun, it’s also good for your brain. Are you the “genius” we hope to solve the mystery?

Brain teasers and visual puzzles are all the rage right now. Difficult to escape since they have gone viral and turn Internet users on social networks. Some are much more complex than others. The difficulty increases, of course, when the thinking time is extremely short. Here, in this case, to solve this visual puzzle, you will only have a time limit of 7 seconds. Are you ready for the challenge?

Find out the picture of the riddle

a visual puzzle

A visual puzzle – Source: spm

In addition to its playful and entertaining aspect, this visual brain teaser is an excellent brain exercise as it tests your limits, your power of abstract thinking, your visual acuity and your reactivity. In short, test your cognitive abilities by exercising your brain. Which can be very beneficial to improve your problem solving skills in real life.

Obviously, as the time period is too short to crack this puzzle, few netizens have managed to take on the challenge. Do you think you are one of the fastest?

What does the image of this visual puzzle show us? A classroom with several children who seem, presumably, in full control. The lady is standing looking at them. But, among the students, there is one who is blatantly cheating. Can you identify it?

Be careful with the answer to this challenge, the solution is more complicated than you imagine.

As you can see, the task is difficult, since several of them look suspicious. Difficult, difficult… but not impossible to find the real cheater!

answer to the riddle

So what do you think? Has your mind been tortured to the point of not being able to solve the riddle? Or on the contrary, your brain is so fast and reactive that you solved the mystery in no time?

Either way, we hope you played the game well and didn’t fool yourself!
We are still going to free you from the suspense and reveal who is behind this famous trick. The answer is in the image below.

Visual puzzle solution.

Solution to the visual puzzle – Source: spm

Are logic puzzles and riddles similar?

Puzzles, riddles, puzzles… In short, they are all challenges that have the same vocation: to challenge people to stimulate their brain capacity. If we tend to confuse them, it is precisely because they all serve to highlight everyone’s logical reasoning and to measure their cognitive functions while having fun. So these terms are often interchangeable.

In fact, there are many similarities, but generally speaking, logic puzzles can be distinguished from visual puzzles.

  • The puzzle is a type of game whose interest is to test a person’s knowledge, reasoning and intuition. It is a form of entertainment that is not based on previous knowledge, but on the mental exercise of reading between the lines of the data provided in the description. The goal is to get people to find answers in a fun way and put the basic concepts acquired into practice. There are many types of puzzles, such as crossword puzzles, puzzle pieces, or logic puzzles.
  • The riddles, on the other hand, are revealed in the form of a statement or question that defies everyone’s reflection. A riddle awaits a correct answer to the problem posed.
  • Generally, when it is intended for children under an anagram type, it is presented in rhyme. Therefore, they are tests that allow learning words in a playful way, since they describe things indirectly to obtain the correct answer, including clues in their formulation. Simply put, a riddle is a game-like puzzle that requires the use of intuition to find a suitable solution.

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