Stade Toulousain: Alexandre Roumat is already great

Stade Toulousain: Alexandre Roumat is already great

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The third line impressed in his first game in the colors of Toulouse.

Operation seduction. We praised in our Monday edition the express adaptability of this rookie, from his first official match. To tell the truth, it seemed to us then that the Bordeaux player had been wearing the Stade shirt for years. But the back row was quick to catch the fire: “It’s the guys on a daily basis, whether it’s the staff or the players, who make me feel good. Then it translates to the field. But I still have a lot of progress to make, especially in my circulation. Sometimes I felt like I was running around and not always being very efficient. But I feel pretty good and if it shows on the outside, it’s fine. »
An adaptation also facilitated by the fact that high-level players reach less and less unknown territory: “Through the youth teams I met many guys, even the debutants. This allowed me to build links faster. »

A profile adapted to the Toulouse game

Therefore, on Sunday night in Bordeaux the way and the successful result in his first match and against his former club. This is good because the 25-year-old is the type to keep going. He chose the Stadium for its aura and his career: “It’s a club that means a lot to me. The way the club tries to play, to produce the game, is something that can go well for me and it is a hypertitled club with an incredible reputation in Europe. So it’s a new challenge to try and win back titles if possible. »
In the same way, he sees the competition as an axis of progress: “Already at my old club with international players, it’s still like that here. It is the competition that makes you progress and makes you want to try to do better every morning. I get to rub shoulders with guys who play internationally so I have something to inspire me. »
Everything goes very fast for the slender third row (1.98 m for 102 kg) who, as a touch specialist, has already become a touch captain: “The general principles and movements remain the same in all the clubs. It’s just the encoding that’s different. At first it changed me a bit and it took me a while to figure out the key because I was using numbers and here it is something different. But it happened pretty quickly with rehearsal and practice. »
More jumper and runner than penetrator and player on the ground, Alexandre Roumat was also chosen by Toulouse for this profile. He loves movement and his body language is one of the main qualities of him. Explanations of the affected: “I have always been passionate about passing more than carrying the ball, although necessarily, you have to know how to do both things at the highest level. And I had the opportunity, when I was younger, to play Basque pelota, which is a skill sport. So I was always raised in the sport of balls, speed, passing. Perhaps that is why I have been able to acquire a certain technique over the years that now allows me to have fun, make others play. Did you say Basque ball? Let’s take the ball to the jump to evoke this famous top hat in Bordeaux for the Lebel test. Listening to the third line, it was very natural: “I tried to beat the defender with my left hand. That’s why he had the ball in his right hand. I tried it, it worked. »
And this is how the new Toulouse is making a name for itself in rugby. After Olivier his father, Alexandre. And the latter recognizes that the affiliation is also rugby: “My father played a quite incredible role in the sense that he knew how to advise me without ever pressuring me. He always told me to do what I liked. He has the role of counselor, best friend, brother. Which means that quite often we call each other and talk about rugby. He also feels good to have an outside opinion besides that of my teammates, coaches. And he always knew how to leave me quite free and far enough from his past. What makes that compared to that, I never had any pressure. »
There is only one thing that Olivier Roumat has not wanted to give up: the nickname. “Tell him there is only one La Roume. Alexander laughs. So, the latter is content with “Roume”…

When Olivier Roumat put an end to the hegemony of the Stade

It is an era that those (all generations combined) who discovered rugby with Antoine Dupont and Romain Ntamack ignore. In 1998, Olivier Roumat, father of Alexandre, then a Stade Français player, put an end to four years of undisputed dominance of Stade Toulousain, which won titles in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. Four years, eleven months and twenty-one days had passed since Stade’s last elimination in the French championship. That day, in the Brive semi-final, Stade Français had not done things by halves (39-3). And Olivier Roumat had beaten Didier Lacroix. At the Stade Toulousain, we certainly prefer to remember the times when the club previously beat Dax, his former club.

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