World of Warcraft: Given the disastrous situation of the servers, Blizzard makes this radical decision

World of Warcraft: Given the disastrous situation of the servers, Blizzard makes this radical decision

On August 26, Blizzard officially released world of warcraft classic, an original gaming experience for lovers of the MMORPG “Vanilla”. Official servers intended to replace private servers, which were able to accommodate a first extension in June 2021, followed by a second, Wrath of the Lich King Classicscheduled for September 27. Just a few weeks before the release of this second extension, Blizzard is forced to make a drastic decision.

a delicate situation

The great players of world of warcraft You know, expansion releases are always problematic. A tradition that continues as it passed into other Blizzard games. The queues are endless, when problems in the game can cause you to be disconnected and return to the back of the queue. Problems that Blizzard never managed to solve and that still continue to impact MMORPG players. Only, on September 27, the second extension of world of warcraft classic.

Although the launch prospects are already making people cringe, the servers of world of warcraft classic currently have problems. The third day of the pre-patch is a nightmare for players, who are already stuck in queues, sometimes for several hours. In the official game forums, the complaints multiply:

Third day of pre-patch and still facing a 2 hour queue.
This kind of unplayability would have gotten me fired from my job as an online developer.

I can’t comment on the technology used by Blizzard, but I can tell from this situation that it’s either old technology that needs to be replaced or lack of experience when it comes to online development or worse deliberately undermining to save money. .
Why doesn’t WoW, one of the best online games ever, have scalable servers?
It’s not about layers, it’s literally mismanaging your hardware or deliberately not using software technology designed for scalability.

It will only make the WotLK launch bad.
And I don’t want that excuse of blaming players for stacking up on a server. The solution is not the migration of characters, it is not up to the players to solve your problems.
Even if all the classic players were on the same server, your technology should be able to handle that kind of scalability.

I can understand the problems for 1 day, I can understand when it comes to DoS attacks, I can’t understand 3 days of normal user activity.

A criticism to which Blizzard ended up responding, through a long message, also serving as an announcement. And for good reason, given the dissatisfaction of the players and the problems encountered, the study ended up making a drastic decision: disable new character creation and incoming paid transfers to US and EU Mega Realms.

It has been a difficult choice that, in our opinion, is very heavy. Doing that, We will be denying new and returning players the ability to join their friends on these large realms, possibly for several months. However, the situation on these realms is completely untenable, and even if we can remove the queues in the short term, it will still be a problem when releasing new content as long as the mega-realms exist. Consequently, We have decided to close the US and EU Mega Realms to new and additional players for an indefinite period. We will also be monitoring our other realms and taking similar action if they start to approach Mega Realm territory in the future, and we may do so with little to no warning. We’re hesitant to do this because we really don’t like restricting player movement and potentially breaking social circles, but that ethic is no longer compatible with the reality we find ourselves in..” explains Aggrend, producer of world of warcraft classic.

Now it’s official the creation of new characters in the most popular kingdoms of world of warcraft classic it is now prohibited, as are incoming paid transfers. However, players who are already present on these servers can leave, if they wish. A “difficult” decision for Blizzard, which specifies in passing that “free transfers have been very successful so far“. In spite of everything, the report is unappealable, the study needs “more people to move”. Therefore, players on these servers are advised to head to other realms if they wish to escape these queues. A bogus solution for Blizzard that admits it can’t meet the demand of its players.

Faced with these problems, players try to provide solutions, inviting Blizzard in particular has increased the number of “layers”, “layers”, full copies of the same zone which prevents the zone from being unreadable in the presence of too many players. Only, as Aggrend reminds us: “diapers do not increase capacity in any way [des serveurs]“.”Diapers are a classic solution to reduce game world congestion in densely populated areas. Here’s how it works: When multiple players congregate in a small area of ​​the game (for example, on Blackrock Mountain), the service generates another full copy of the game world to try to balance out the supports for new players coming online. . This is to prevent large numbers of players from gathering together, casting spells, sending server messages and updating each other, and severely degrading the entire service/game world..” he continues.

a blizzard without solution

It is impossible for Blizzard to increase the capacity of the realms, attributing it to excess demand. “Never in the history of WoW has realm capacity been as high as it is today, and even with our modern capacity, we can sometimes experience performance degradation when realms are full and database load is maximum. .“Blizzard is justified.”meIn other words, we can no longer increase capacity without causing additional, cascading service failures. Currently, the best and only way to resolve this issue for affected realms is for people to leave the realm via free transfers. There is no technological solution for this. There is no hardware solution for this..”

And as the launch of Wrath of the Lich King ClassicBlizzard is fatalistic: “this situation will not improve when WotLK Classic launches on September 26, it will only get worse.” You’ll understand, Blizzard can’t do anything. To avoid the queues, you need to head to another realm, via a free character transfer. An alternative solution that should not satisfy players who simply want to play with their friends on their favorite server. A speech that leaves, by the way, little hope of future changes.

on your side you play world of warcraft classic ? Are you a victim of the current server problems? Do you plan to change the server to avoid them in the future? Feel free to reply to us via the comment section below.

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