Inflation bond: will a payment be made next week? We explain you!

Prime inflation

This is a help that the French are eagerly awaiting. This is the inflation premium. Promised by the government for several years, the latter is coming soon. a very good news for many households.

A date for the payment of the inflation bond

For some time now, the daily life of the French has been shaken by rising prices. Some are also struggling to make ends meet due to this terrible inflation affecting the country.

To allow the French to increase their purchasing power, the government has decided to establish aid. This is the inflation premium. The latter should allow the French to better manage their finances.

If some are in the red, they can count on this famous inflation bonus to benefit from a boost in your daily life. There are still several things to know about this help.

As a first step, know that this aid will be paid directly by bank transfer. In total, 10.8 million households will benefit from this famous inflation bonus, promised for several months now.

However, the executive had not yet given an exact date for the payment. Now it’s done. The inflation bonus will land in your account of millions of French next september 15.

Those affected by this government aid

To be among the beneficiaries of the inflation bonus, several conditions must be met. Initially, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne revealed that this aid would refer to ” the most modest“.

Therefore, to obtain the inflation premium it is necessary receive social benefits such as the RSA, the Aspa for pensions, the RSA but also the APL. But that is not all.

Scholarship students and ASS beneficiaries will also be able to receive this aid on September 15. In other words, the French the poorest will have to get this payment in a few days.

Regarding the amount, Elisabeth Borne revealed that the inflation bond will reach 100 euros. The government will add 50 euros per additional dependent child. To see it more clearly, the State gave an example.

In his press kit, the executive revealed: “The aid will be 200 euros for a household with two children”. In addition to this help, RSA recipients will get another boost.

As our colleagues at L’internaute indicate, they are going to “perceive the 4% increase in their allocation linked to the implementation of the purchasing power law”. One thing is for sure, this the inflation bonus is highly anticipated.

long-awaited help

To receive this inflation bonus, there is nothing to do. The transfer will be made automatically to the account of the French person concerned. On the other hand, not everyone will not receive it from the same establishment.

The Internet user revealed who will have to pay this aid on September 15:

– CAF: beneficiaries of social minimums
– Pôle Emploi: job seekers
– Scholarship students: Crous
– Officials: State
– Pensioners: CNAV
– Employees: employer
– Independents: Ussaf

Therefore, we will have to wait a few more days before receiving the inflation bonus. For its part, the government wants to do everything possible to allow the French to push their purchasing power despite rising prices.

In recent days, fuel has also experienced a certain decline. A blessing for all the French who have returned to work after the summer holidays.

It remains to be seen whether these prices will stabilize. Business to follow!

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