iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13: what differences, should you fall in love with the new model?

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13: what differences, should you fall in love with the new model?

Now that the iPhone 14s have been officially unveiled by Apple, let’s take a look at the differences between the new models and last year’s. Let’s start with a duel in full form of the “basic” iPhone 14 against its predecessor, the iPhone 13.

Whether or not you have the iPhone 13 in your pocket, we will see in this comparison if it still holds up against the new model. Should you trade in your iPhone 13 for an iPhone 14? First response items in this fratricidal duel!

Note that here we are only going to look at the “basic” version of the iPhone 14 and not its “Plus” version, which has a larger screen and battery as its main difference. This comparison is based on information shared yesterday by Apple on its iPhone 14. A proper test will soon give you our final opinion on the smartphone.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: a technical sheet that changes very little

Let’s not beat around the bush, the iPhone 14 changes very little from the previous version. In another era, we might have called this iPhone 14 “iPhone 13S”. As you can see below, the data sheets of the two devices are almost identical. This year Apple settled for the minimum service for its iPhone 14, preferring to keep the most important news for its iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

We still have fun playing the game of 7 differences between the two devices and the changes made by Apple in its new iPhone 14 (and therefore in its “Plus” version) are meager to say the least.

An unchanged design

The iPhone 13 and 14 are like two drops of water. The notch present from the iPhone X is still there, the two camera modules on the back are also placed identically. Build quality should remain exemplary, but don’t expect a new look. Again, you will have to look at the “Pro” versions.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus
The iPhone 14 – © Apple

Among the physical differences, we find that the iPhone 14 is 7.8 mm thick and 172 grams, compared to the 7.65 mm thick and 173 grams of the iPhone 13… The other visual change comes from the colors. Beyond the traditional red, starlight, and midnight colors, iPhone 14 is now available in purple and blue. The front face is always protected by “Ceramic Shield” and the aluminum follows “aerospace grade”. Useful if you go to space.

Should we switch to the iPhone 14 just because of its design? The answer is no.

And inside? Not yet

Last year, Apple made all of its iPhone 13s benefit from its 15 Bionic chip. This time it is different. In fact, the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are entitled to… the A15 Bionic. Yes, it’s the same, but there is a (small) difference from last year’s iPhone 13: The iPhone 14 now has the A15 chip from the iPhone 13 Pro which has 5 GPU cores and not 4 like the iPhone 13.

© apple

A nice little boost, but when you know the monstrous performance of the A15 Bionic chip, there’s little chance it’ll make a difference using an iPhone 14 compared to an iPhone 13.

On the screen side, Apple is copying and pasting from the iPhone 13 to 14. Thus, we find a 6.1-inch 60 Hz OLED panel with a definition of 2532 x 1170 pixels and a maximum brightness of 1200 cd/m2. The amount of RAM is still stuck at 4 GB and the storage capacities are identical: 128, 256 or 512 GB.

iPhone 13 128 GB at the best price Base price: €909

See more offers

We still don’t know the exact capacity of the iPhone 14 battery, but its dimensions suggest that it could be very slightly higher. Don’t expect miracles either, Apple announces on its site that the iPhone 14 will be able to offer 20 hours of video autonomy compared to 19 hours for the iPhone 13, a gain of 5%. We also found that the iPhone 14 is upgraded to Bluetooth 5.3 while the iPhone 13 is Bluetooth 5.0. However, it is not enough to revolutionize your wireless listening experience.

Will the performance differences be noticeable on the iPhone 14? Probably not.

Some (small) changes in the photo

Like the iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 is equipped with a camera block made up of two modules: a wide-angle and an ultra-angle. They are arranged in the same way. Waiting for more tests, we will have to look at the side of the technical sheet to see the few improvements made at this point.

In fact, the wide-angle camera module (26mm) is still 12 megapixels, but its aperture changes from f/1.6 on the iPhone 13 to f/1.5 on the iPhone 14. The photodiodes are also advertised as larger (1.9 microns compared to 1.7 on the iPhone 13). Concretely, this means that the iPhone 14 will be able to capture more light and therefore offer better rendering quality in night scenes.

iPhone 14: photo sensors
Credit: apple

The 12 megapixel ultra wide angle is identical to the previous generation. The selfie camera module moves around a bit. It still has 12 megapixels, but its aperture is reduced to f/1.9 from f/2.2 on the iPhone 13. Again, the goal is to capture more light to feel comfortable in darker scenes. We also noticed that the TrueDepth front camera now benefits from autofocus.

But Apple does not only count on the material part to improve the photographic qualities of its new iPhone 14. In fact, the brand introduced the “Photonic Engine” that will not be proposed in the iPhone 13. It is not a photo mode strictly speaking. , but of an image processing technology. It uses machine learning to optimize photos and improve their rendering, especially in medium to low light conditions, across all smartphone camera modules.

Is the iPhone 14 better in photos than the iPhone 13? On paper yes, but its performance will need further testing.

Features to alert emergency services: yes, but…

On all iPhone 14s, Apple introduces the “Emergency SOS via Satellite” feature that allows you to contact emergency services when the network is not available. In nature for example. An interesting feature that the iPhone 13 does not benefit from. Unfortunately, the iPhone 14 will not have it in Europe either, since at the moment it only affects Canada and the United States.

SOS emergency
SOS emergency

On the other hand, the “accident detection” functionality will be available in our regions. It works the same way as the Apple Watch 8, which was introduced at the same time as the Watch Ultra and iPhone 14. If you’re in an accident, your phone can automatically notify emergency services after 10 seconds, unless you choose stop. the process during this time. A real novelty for the iPhone 14 compared to its predecessor, but one that we hope we never have to use.

Does the iPhone 14 offer more security-related features? Yes, but one of them is not yet available in Europe.

sky-high prices

As you may have seen by reading this article, the novelties of the iPhone 14 are quite scarce compared to the iPhone 13. Unfortunately, the European prices of the iPhone 14 do not help to pass the pill. With an entry price of 1019 euros, the iPhone 14 is 110 euros more expensive than the iPhone 13 when it comes out. Ironically, Apple continues to market the iPhone 13 at the same price as last year, or 909 euros.

These prices are for models with 128 GB of storage. As always with the Cupertino company, storage is expensive. Count 1,149 euros for the version with 256 GB of storage and 1,409 euros for the version with 512 GB of storage. We are talking here about the “classic” version of the iPhone 14 and not about the “Plus” and “Pro” versions…

So should we fall in love with the iPhone 14?

If you already have the iPhone 13 and your budget is not unlimited, the improvements of the iPhone 14 are probably too few to justify the purchase of this new model that has not skimped on inflation. If you have an older iPhone and don’t mind the new design or photo updates of the Pro models, the iPhone 14 is worth considering. The iPhone 14’s main competitor remains the iPhone 13, still in stock and available for purchase. find much cheaper at various outlets.

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