Rise in energy prices: some pavilions consider raising prices

Rise in energy prices: some pavilions consider raising prices

Given the rise in the electricity bill, these establishments try to reduce their consumption.

Gofflette fans and other cardio enthusiasts are likely to pick up the wallet. After municipal swimming pools, hit hard by rising energy prices, sports halls are also facing an increase in their bill. To the point of having to take action, and think, for some, of increasing the price of their subscriptions, if the situation settles in the long term.

If rents and payroll make up the bulk of your expenses, sports halls consume a lot of energy: their machines consume electricity throughout the day, the premises, often large, are lit and air-conditioned or air-conditioned -depending on the season- throughout weather and showers need substantial hot water tanks. “For a room, gas and electricity expenses generally represent 5 to 7% of the annual operating price“, explains Virgile Caillet, general delegate of Union Sport & Cycle. “For us, energy represents between 3% and 4% of billing“says Gaëtan Dubuisson, general manager of the Fitness Park group. “We are small structures, but our electricity costs reach 7,000 to 8,000 euros per yearper room, adds the president and founder of the Orange Bleue network, Thierry Marquer.

Therefore, the gas and electricity bill is considerable and continues to increase. And this, while the networks have been suffering from chaotic Covid for two years, synonymous with the erosion of their subscriber file. The energy bill has doubled at L’Orange bleue, and has doubled or even tripled for the licensees of the Fitness Park network. Not everyone is affected as much: requested, the Keepcool group, which recently offered its competitor Neoness, indicates that it does not find any problems.

Measures of “common sense» to reduce consumption

Therefore, the actors act to reduce their consumption as much as possible, while guaranteeing good conditions for their members. Objective: take immediate and economical measures to protect the environment and the business portfolio. All this generating the illusion of the clients if possible.

We had no doubt that the increase would be drastic, says KenGroup president Arthur Benzaquen. Above all, we wanted to reduce consumption and invite our members to find a virtue in it.“. His high-end group had already been equipped with recent cardio machines, capable of generating their own energy when the athlete pedals. “All our cardio park is autonomous“, greets the leader. In addition, its rooms limit the number of towels that are provided to members, the washing machines are only started once they are full, the temperature of the swimming pools has been lowered by one degree and customer initiatives may also arise, such as the installation of hourglasses in the showers, reminding everyone to stay there just two minutes to save water. especially measuresthe citizens», being the economic effect «marginal“.

in Blue Orange,the issue of temperature was put on the table, to put it at 17-18 degrees instead of 19-20. This is one of the little things planned today.”, along with investment in new LED lighting. Regarding the light, Fitness Park suggests installing motion detectors and recommends cleaning the air filters to prevent the air conditioners from consuming more. “We encourage members to turn off devices after use.adds Gaëtan Dubuisson. Room temperature, showers, towels, lighting, machines…”These are common sense measures.», comments Virgile Caillet, who is working on the issue and asks the government to support professionals, so that these developments are well received by subscribers.

If they may seem laughable, these combined measures should make it possible to limit the damage to professionals with little room for manoeuvre: banks are reluctant to lend to these companies considered risky, they must start paying their PGE, rents have increased and they must update , in parallel, to its employees, themselves hit by inflation. “In recent months there have been three increases in the minimum wage, this has an impact on wages, on the conventional minimum wages for the industry […] and in service providers, particularly in security and room cleaning“, confirms Gaëtan Dubuisson.

Towards price increases?

At the moment, companies are therefore making efforts and prefer to cut their margins by collecting additional costs. Difficult for prices to increase in the month of September, one of the most important for cinemas in terms of new subscriptions. But some do not rule out having to increase their prices, if the trend takes hold over time. Not everyone stays on the same ship. Premiums, Arthur Benzaquen clubs will not change their prices. “We prefer to reduce our margin“, explains the representative. “We have frozen our rates despite the rise in the price of energy in 2022“, we also ensure Basic Fit.

We are coming out of a pretty terrible period, where we lost 50% of the subscriber base. Here we are in a phase of reconquest: certainly, the increase in energy prices could legitimately lead to an increase in subscriber prices, but I do not know if the time is right.sums up Virgile Caillet. And to immediately qualify: “if the situation were to last longer, there will probably be a price adjustment“.”Rather, our goal is to search for new members. […]. But if today, the cheapest of the cheapest increases its prices, it may shake the market a bit.», concedes Thierry Marquer. “We do not refrain from raising prices if inflation persists […]. We won’t be able to take on the effort for years.“Add your Fitness Park competitor. Everything will also depend on a return on capital to inflate the client portfolio.

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