These countries will impose a tax on tourists from January 2023

These countries will impose a tax on tourists from January 2023

Like Thailand, Scotland and the Netherlands, Venice will soon impose a tax on its visitors. ERIC MARTIN / Le Figaro Magazine

In an era of inflation and high prices, various municipalities and governments have chosen to introduce or increase the taxes levied on their tourists. The motivations are sometimes economic, sometimes ecological. One thing is certain: the budget for a trip abroad will increase. Let’s recap.

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This is surely the most emblematic of the measures taken to limit excess tourism. Venice will soon impose a tourist tax on day visitors. The assumed goal of the Serenissima is to limit the number of daily visitors, whose comings and goings weaken the lagoon, following the ban on large cruise ships and souvenir shops. A website will make it possible to reserve the visit and “turnstiles” will be installed at the entry points to the lagoon to control the arrival of visitors.

All-day visitors who do not stay overnight. Those staying in a hotel in Venice will be exempt, as they are already subject to a tax on their overnight stays, as will children under the age of six, visitors participating in cultural and sporting events and people with disabilities.

From 3 to 10 euros depending on the time of year and the level of assistance at the moment T.

January 16, 2023. The move was first announced for June 2022 before being postponed.


Thailand will impose an “entry fee” on its travellers. For those arriving by plane, the tax will be collected directly on arrival, when passing through customs. Those arriving by sea and land will also have to pay, although the government does not yet know which entry points will be checked. “The proceeds will be used for insurance coverage for foreign tourists and the improvement of infrastructure for sustainable tourism.Said the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Yuthasak Supasorn.

All tourists arriving in Thailand, except diplomats and expatriates and those staying less than 24 hours. Children under the age of two may also be exempt.

300 baht, or 8.22 euros per stay.

January 1, 2023.

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Change the travel habits of its tourists so that they correspond to a more ecological ideal. This is the objective shown by the Netherlands, which would consider increasing the tax applied to airline tickets leaving its territory. This contribution, launched in 2021, currently forces travelers to pay an additional 7.95 euros on their plane ticket. The tax could be multiplied by 4.

All travelers flying from the Netherlands. Those on connecting flights are exempt.

The tax would go from 7.95 euros to 28.58 euros per plane ticket.

The measure should be in force from January 1, 2023.


Scotland could pass legislation in early 2023 that would tax tourists to cope with rising energy costs. The capital Edinburgh has already announced its intention to apply this measure.

This measure refers to tourists who spend the night there, not those who only come during the day.

The exact amount is not yet known, but should amount to a few pounds sterling per person per night.

Probably during 2023.

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