What appliance consumes more electricity in your home? The answer might surprise you!

What appliance consumes more electricity in your home?  The answer might surprise you!

Tired of seeing how high your electricity bill is and probably wondering which appliance consumes the most energy in your home? We are going to share with you this information that may surprise you.

Appliances are large consumers of electricity, between the refrigerator, the washing machine and the rest of your appliances, your electricity bill continues to rise. Here is the one that consumes the most electricity and increases your electricity bill.

What appliance consumes more electricity in your house?

home appliances

Appliances – Source: spm

Would you like to consume less electricity but do not know which appliance to turn to? reduce your energy bill ? You will discover which one consumes more energy inside and you will be able to save money by optimizing its use. You will be able to know the energy capacity of your device and perhaps reduce its use.

  • The dryer, the appliance that consumes the most energy in your home

the clothes dryer

The dryer – Source: spm

The appliance that consumes the most electricity in your home is the clothes dryer. The electrical consumption of a dryer is very high and would be around 350 kWh per year, per household. It is advisable to choose an A+++ rated device that would consume three times less power. Also, to avoid excessive energy consumption with your appliance, you can prefer dryers with condensation and equipped with a humidity sensor. Also choose a device that stops automatically as soon as the clothes are dry. You will avoid running your machine for nothing and your garments will retain their quality.

Find out what other appliances consume a lot of electricity in your home

Many appliances that are installed in your home consume a large amount of electricity. Find out how to use them to save energy.

  • The refrigerator, an appliance with high energy consumption in your home

A refrigerator

A fridge – Source: spm

After the dryer, the refrigerator is one of the appliances that consume the greatest energy in you. On average, this device consumes 270 kWh. To avoid excessive energy consumption, place your refrigerator a few inches from the wall, at least 10 centimeters in the back. Also leave a space above for your device is working properly. For optimal use of your appliance, put it at a temperature between +4°C and +5°C. The consumption of a refrigerator represents a quarter of the energy expenditure of household spending.

  • The independent freezer, an appliance that consumes a lot of electricity

The freezer consumes on average between 100 and 500 kWh/year and if it is not defrosted, it can consume more energy. If you can, choose a freezer built into your refrigerator. For efficient use of your device, place it in a place at room temperature, away from heat sources. Set it to a temperature around -18°C.

  • The radiator, an electrical device with high energy consumption

The radiator represents an average of 60% of household electricity consumption, according to ADEME (Agency for Ecological Transition). an electric heater consumes an average of 3800 kWh per year, or about 720 euros. To reduce your energy consumption, you must carefully choose your energy supplier and the model of your electric heater. The newer your heater, the less energy it will consume and the older it is, the more energy it will consume. Do not hesitate to change your device because over the years its performance may be reduced and it consumes more electricity. Choose a device with a good energy rating that will consume less power.

  • Plates, an appliance that consumes too much energy

Electric plates are one of the appliances that consume the most energy installed in your home. They They consume an average of 210 kWh per year. To consume less energy, when you use your stove, remember to cover your pans. This action would speed up cooking and thus reduce up to 4 times less energy.

To reduce your electricity bill, you can unplug some of your electrical devices that are left on standby. For example, your microwave, your toaster, your kettle or the WI-FI box. But some of your home appliances can’t be unplugged like the fridge.

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