GTA Online: bonuses and promotions for the week of September 8

GTA Online: bonuses and promotions for the week of September 8

GTA Online Special Club Week

Bonuses and promotions for the week of September 8 to 14, 2022

Nothing new this week in GTA Online, but a new special week of bonuses and promotions until September 14 in the theme of the disco. Passive nightclub income and trade wars used to restock the merchandise warehouses below the track provide double rewards for the next 7 days. Also, some vehicles from the Sleepless Nights and Black Market update are for sale.


pegasus osiris

Like every week, a new car is up for free at the LS car show by completing a challenge, for the next few days, it’s the pegasus osiris which is earned by completing this challenge below. Then don’t forget to claim the vehicle in the interaction menu when you’re at the LS auto show when you’ve completed the objective.

Finish in the top 1 of an LS Auto Show race for 3 days in a row


Obey the editor 8F

This week in GTA Online, try to win the Obey 8F Drafter on the Diamond Casino podium, it’s a sports car priced at GTA$718,000.

You can only spin the Wheel of Fortune once a day and you will have a 1 in 20 chance of winning it each draw.


Triple wins at Hotring races

The Hotring Saber, a super-turbocharged lethal machine traversing a course designed for up to 30 adrenaline junkies. Breathe in the toxic smell of burning rubber and fuel for the next few weeks in GTA Online as you compete in 10 Stock Car Races just for this car to earn Triple GTA$ & RP, even if you don’t cross the finish line. .

To participate :
Pause Menu → Online → Quick Access/Activities → Game Activity → Created by Rockstar → Stunt Races

Double wins in Sumo Adversary Mode

Knock your opponents out of the ring in vehicular combat, the original Sumo Adversary Mode offers Double GTA$ & RP to anyone ready to smash metal for the next 7 days.

To participate :
Pause Menu → Online → Activities → Game Activity → Created by Rockstar → Adversary Mode

Earnings doubled in nightclub revenue

For the whole week, the daily income of the club is doubled, earn up to 100,000 GTA$ every 48 minutes while the popularity of the club is at its maximum. To increase your popularity, launch a nightclub promotion mission or simply switch DJs from your office computer. Don’t forget to collect your money from the safe before it’s full.

Double wins in wars Whatcommercial

Completing a trade war to stock your warehouse with goods at your nightclub will net you double rewards for the next 7 days in GTA Online.

HSW Time Trial Earnings Doubled

If you’re playing GTA Online on Next Gen consoles, complete the HSW Time Trial, reserved for vehicles with Hao’s latest mods, to win Double Prize Money or a GTA$500,000 reward for beating the time goal.

red luminous glasses

Log in to GTA Online during the week to unlock the red light-up glasses in your wardrobe for free.

Up to GTA$500,000 in recoveredreturn

Doing a nightclub merchandise sale can bring in big profits in addition to the money from the sale. In fact, complete one nightclub sale before next Thursday to receive a GTA$250,000 bonus, and two more for a second GTA$250,000 bonus, or GTA$500,000 total for 3 sales.
There is no need to sell your stores when they are fully loaded, a simple good is enough and it can be done in an invite session. Bonus money will be credited to your GTA Online account within 72 hours of the sale being made.

eCola x Sprunk Event

For the next few weeks in GTA Online, choose your side between the eCola and Sprunk can brands. Perform actions for a team by drinking cans or picking up your team’s outfit for free at a store to earn extra points. The brand with the most points at the end of this event will offer GTA$300,000 plus a jacket, beanie and parachute bag in the colors of the winning team to everyone who logged into the game during the event.

Vehicles available at dealerships

Premium Deluxe Motorsport and Luxury Autos car dealerships renew their car stocks every week, here are the ones on display, as for the Simeon dealership, it is possible to put your future new gamer to the test.

  • luxury car:
    • Benefactor BR8
    • Black Truffle
  • Premium Deluxe Motoring:
    • Blist Kanjo
    • Border Canis Seminole
    • Declasse tulip
    • Dinka Sugoi
    • Gallivanter Basketball

Vehicles to test at the Car Meet

In addition, every week it is possible to test different cars on the test track of the Los Santos auto show, here are the ones that are at the moment:

  • Declasse Tampa Drift
  • Progen GP1
  • Vulcar Warrener HKR
  • Impose referee GT (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only)

Against the clock

These are the Time Trials of the Week, Classic and RC Time Trials offer GTA$100,000 if you beat the target time and GTA$500,000 for Hao’s Special Works.

  • Against the clock : High The Donkey (02:10.00)
  • RC Time Trial: Central (01:45.00)
  • HSW Time Trial: East of Vinewood (PS5 and Xbox Series X|S only)


ocelot swingers
classic sports car


909,000 GTA$
545,400 GTA$

legendary motorsport

coil fighter
All terrain


715,000 GTA$
429,000 GTA$

legendary motorsport

Impose referee GT
big displacement


1,580,000 GTA$
948,000 GTA$

South San Andreas Super Cars
(Only on Xbox Series X|S and PS5)

Vulcar Warrener HKR


1,260,000 GTA$- 945,000 GTA$
756,000 GTA$- 567,000 GTA$

South San Andreas Super Cars

Declasse tulip
big displacement


718,000 GTA$
430,000 GTA$

South San Andreas Super Cars

Blimp - GTA Online

aerial vehicle


1,190,350 GTA$- 895,500 GTA$
714,210 GTA$- 537,000 GTA$

Elites Travel

Buckingham Alpha-Z1 - GTA Online

Buckingham Alpha-Z1


2,121,350 GTA$- 1,595,000 GTA$
1,272,810 GTA$- 957,000 GTA$

Elites Travel

Progen GP1

Progen GP1


1,260,000 GTA$
882,000 GTA$

legendary motorsport

B-11 Strike Force


3,800,000 GTA$
2,660,000 GTA$

Warstock Stash and Transport

havok of nagasaki


2,300,900 GTA$- 1,730,000 GTA$
1,610,630 GTA$- 1,211,000 GTA$

Elites Travel

Benny’s transformations


Garage Benny’s



Maze Bank Foreclosures

Additionally, Sprunk and eCola patterns are applied free of charge on cars that have the feature. Additionally, drinks at nightclub bars are free and daily charges have been removed.


These are benefits for Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) members only, you must have an active subscription to the service and link it to your Rockstar Games Social Club account (links here). If you’ve just joined the program, it may take up to 10 days to receive the full bonuses below in GTA Online.

GTA$125,000 offered

Prime Gaming members, log into GTA Online this week to receive GTA$125,000. The money will be paid to you within 72 hours after you login.

Source: Rockstar Games

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