She was pregnant when she died, gave birth in her grave


While investigating in Italy, these archaeologists did not expect what they would discover. After having I did a lot of researchThey discovered a tomb. However, what amazed them the most was the body of a woman inside.

A dead man with a fetus between his legs.

The story took place in 2010. After digging in Italy, archaeologists made a great discovery in Imola, near Bologna. They found a medieval tomb dating back to the 16th century. 7th-8th century AD.

The most fascinating thing is that this tomb contained the body of a woman. He had a hole in his skull and the remains ofa fetus between her legs. A discovery that has raised many questions among researchers.

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After conducting exhaustive research for several years, they found the answer to your questions. In 2018, researchers from the Universities of Ferrara and Bologna published the results of their research in the journal World Neurosurgery.

The woman in the grave had between 25 and 30 years. She died when she was about eight months pregnant. It was from the fetus found in the grave between her legs that they were able to determine the number of months.

Secondly, debris removal of the baby had shown that the woman was going to give birth soon. The upper part was below the pelvic cavity and the lower part was still inside.

so is the baby out of your body while she was in the grave. A rare phenomenon called “birth coffin” O well “post-mortem fetal expulsion”.

The cause of his death.

This very rare case is caused by gas produced during normal decomposition of the corpse. In fact, after death, the human body produces a gas that causes bloating that compresses and pushes the uterus out of the body.

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And when the uterus contains a fetus, it can be pushed out of the body, resembling childbirth. And even in the grave. Today, we no longer encounter this type of case due to the practice of embalming.

A technique that preserves the body of the deceased from natural decomposition. It consists of injecting formulated biocidal solutions into the body. After discovering the response in the fetus, the researchers looked at the hole in its skull.

It was a circular hole of about 5 mm, which was caused by trepanation. An operation to access the brain and remove a tumor. According to the investigators, she would have been trephined, because she suffered from preeclampsia.

This disease is characterized by the appearance of seizures caused by high blood pressure. in pregnant women. Archaeologists then thought that it was eclampsia that would have caused the woman’s death. In addition, in the Middle Ages, it was the cause of several maternal deaths.

“Given the characteristics of the wound and the late pregnancy, our hypothesis is that the pregnant woman suffered eclampsia, and was later treated with frontal trepanation to relieve intracranial pressure,” the researchers explain in the review.

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Unfortunately, trepanation could not help the woman, and she died a week later have undergone the operation.

She carried a fossilized fetus for half her life.

If the fetus of the deceased was expelled abroad, that of this woman remained fossilized in her body for almost 40 years. This woman who lives in Bogotá was 84 years old when she made an incredible discovery.

After several weeks of suffering a headache and severe diarrhea, his relatives decided to take him to the hospital. Arrived there, the doctor asked the old woman to take an X-ray.

It was after this x-ray that they discovered that she was pregnant. “fossilized” 32 weeks gestation. It was actually a lithopod. That is a type of ectopic pregnancy which is not detected by the woman, because there are no symptoms.

Because of this, the fetus begins to petrify, seeking protect against bacteria under a layer of calcium. This is what gives it a fossil effect.

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