LIVE – PSG: Galtier says “no” to a rotation between Donnarumma and Navas

LIVE - PSG: Galtier takes stock of the transfer window at a press conference

Galtier assures that the relationship between Neymar and Mbappé is “very good”

“The relationship between Ney and Kylian is very good and I don’t make any noise. They are partners in exercises and warm-ups. There was this match situation. I think Kylian talked about it with Ney. To talk about it with Kylian, there are two stages in the action: the acceleration where there is the possibility of giving the ball away and the second stage where he makes the difference in the area and does not see Ney, two seconds to make a decision and Kylian concentrates on the ball to shoot. He will give assists to Ney. I haven’t felt anything negative since the match compared to the action in this game.”

The press conference is over.

Christophe Galtier has clarified the rumors of tension between Kylian Mbappé and Neymar. He also indicated that he would not operate a turnover in the goalkeeping position.

On the form of Carlos Soler and Fabián Ruiz

“They are already happy to be here. They had been wanting to come back and join us for a long time. Carlos Soler at the rhythm, he is doing a normal preparation, he played his last match with Valencia ten days ago. his teammates and what I am going to ask of him in the field. But since he’s a high-level player, very intelligent, he’s going to do it quickly.”

Fabián, for his part, had a complicated preparation since he played very little. We thought he was going to join faster and in the last few weeks he wanted not to start the championship with his former club (Naples) and that’s why “He trained separately for 15-20 days, so he’s a bit behind in terms of pace. They work a little more than the others in training. They are sensitive and available to start the game.”

Galtier does not think about the winter transfer window

“I’m not thinking at all about the winter transfer window, although I think that the technical management with Luis Campos and the president should already exchange things to anticipate many things.”

“What has been done has been done well. It is important that players who I did not have in relation to my game model have been able to find a club to have game time. Many are on loan and with the possibility of returning next summer “If he came back next season it would be more interesting with a high playing time. Mauro, I hope he is happy there and that he finds a very high playing time to be efficient.”

Galtier has a second system in defense

“There is a second system. Having watched the Champions League match more than once. From the moment we didn’t score in the 48th and 52nd minutes, we didn’t concede many chances but we still had situations. Defense consumes a lot of energy, but it’s not only because of the three-man defense, but maybe we should have integrated some freshness earlier.”

Galtier on how to integrate new players into the eleven

“I don’t say ‘substitute’ but ‘enter’. In a squad with a high level and with a lot of competition, the players know that they are going to play matches. With my squad, we have to see when four or five players can be integrated into the kick-off. I saw that my teammate from Marseille had integrated seven new players against Martseille, it seems like a lot to me but he managed it.”

Galtier will not put the MNM to rest

Is it possible that Messi, Neymar and Mbappé are resting in Brest? “No,” Galtier replies. One of the three? “It’s possible,” he says. There will also be no tactical rotation on defense.

Galtier will take a little turn

“Players lack references like Fabián Ruiz or Carlos Soler. It will not be the same starting eleven as against Juventus, as it will be in Haifa. You have to inject freshness to keep everyone involved and the ‘high performance team’.

Galtier will not rotate with the goalkeepers

“Lack of the ball in that position, no. I’m not that kind of coach. Many times we forget that Gigio is a young goalkeeper. We noticed a poor appreciation in a corner but also the two decisive saves. We talked about it with him as goalkeepers with a lot presence in the air. He has the physique, the technique, the jump and I don’t want this error of judgment to stop him from what I want to see from him. There will be no losses in the goalkeeping position”.

Galtier on mental preparation

After a few words on the club’s television channel, Christophe Galtier confronts the journalists. He explains his method of mental preparation with players, such as Keylor Navas. “I collaborated with Pierre (Gautier) on the mental preparation on a personal level, then to find the means to have exchanges with the players.”

Galtier has identified the strengths of Brest

“We have to impose our game but the players must have information about the rival (Brest). They scored three goals from outside the box and four from set pieces, their strong point, especially on second balls”.

Galtier savored “a few hours” after Juve

Christophe Galtier on the PSG channel: “We savored a few hours, the players must have enjoyed it because they had a day off after the match. We savored a few hours before analyzing what he did well against Juventus and what he did a little less well and quickly”. project ourselves in our league game”.

Renato Sanches absent at least ten days

Absent from training this Friday, Renato Sanches suffers an injury to his right adductor. According to PSG, in ten days a new point will be made. The Portuguese will therefore miss the welcome to Brest this Saturday in Ligue 1, the trip to Maccabi Haifa’s pitch on Wednesday in the Champions League and the clash against OL on Sunday, September 18.

Renato Sanches was not present at training

As usual this season, PSG broadcast the first 15 minutes of their training. He was missing a face, that of Renato Sanches.

There is no more information at the moment about a possible absence of the Portuguese midfielder against Brest. Christophe Galtier will surely break the news of him at a press conference around 1 pm

PSG presents its third shirt

The Parisian club is finally wearing the third shirt it will wear this season, starting with the reception against Brest this Saturday (2-1). The white tunic sports a traditional Hetcher sash, trimmed in blue and red.

Good morning to all

Welcome to our live to follow Christophe Galtier’s press conference live from 1 pm On the eve of hosting Brest, it will undoubtedly be about Ligue 1 but also about the Champions League, two days after a successful entry into the match against Juventus (2-1).

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