LIVE – Lens-Troyes: Lens pay Troyes and take the lead in Ligue 1

LIVE - Lens-Troyes: Lens pay Troyes and take the lead in Ligue 1

The Bollaert public celebrates with its players

Lots of atmosphere at Bollaert.

Lens remains undefeated

5 wins, 2 draws, Lens walks on water at the start of the season and continues its good run.

It’s over in Bollaert, Lens is leader of Ligue 1

Lens held on and won 1-0 at Troyes. With these three points, Lensois is now at the top of Ligue 1, with 17 points, one more than Paris and Marseille, who play tomorrow.

Cabot fights in the box

But Lensois’s piston fails to keep the ball. One minute left.


Samba passes, Yadé is very close to taking the ball with his head, it is played a few centimeters away!

Lens keeps the ball in the last minutes

The Lensois will be top of Ligue 1 tonight if they keep this score until the end.

Buksa searched deep

Claude-Maurice’s pass is good but the forward from Lensois falls a little short in the box.

Thierno Baldé replaced by Ripart

An offensive choice for the last ten minutes. Tardieu also gives way to Agoumé.


Great Trojan advance, Baldé is in the rear of the defense but his shot from the left is not crossed enough to hit the target. It was a great opportunity!


The ball reaches him after a header deflection by Fofana. He tries to volley on a bunt, but it’s a bit too cross. The gesture was very complicated.

28 centers for Lens

Jimmy Cabot made 10 single-handedly.

Tardieu and Cabot informed

The Trojan by fault, the Lensois by dispute.


At the end of a long possession phase, Odobert found himself in the Lens area, hooked Haïdara and chained a shot, countered by Danso.

Claude-Maurice enters for his premiere at Bollaert, Openda leaves

The former Nice player replaces David Pereira Da Costa and lives his first at home. Loïs Openda also gives way to him, replaced by Adam Buksa, who starts at RC Lens.

Openda bumps into Gallon!

The Belgian re-enters the area and shoots from the left, but Gallon deflects it for a corner!


EXCELLENT GALLON STOP! In a new corner taken by two Lensois, Sotoca put in a header that he probably saw in the background, but the Trojan goalkeeper deflected it off the crossbar. Still 1-0 for Lens!

Rony Lopes gives up his place

It will not have been able to bring the expected madness for tonight. Conte replaces him. Palmer-Brown also makes way for Yadé.

The Rise of Danso!

One-two giant between Fofana and Danso. The Austrian advances towards the goal and shoots from 20 meters, but it is deflected. Corner for Lens, does nothing.

Crossing Exercise for Lens

For ten minutes, it has been a festival, coming from both the left and the right. The crosses rain, but at the moment Lens does not make the break in this match.

Mama Baldé stays on the ground

The Trojan striker, after his fine action, seems touched. He remains on the ground and is treated. It’s probably a muscular problem, but he gets up and goes back to the field.


WHAT AGAINST ESTAC! Mama Bldé is a festival, with control behind the leg and a shot from the left, after a Trojan counterattack. Bamba relaxes well to stop this ball.


The corners follow one another for Lens, the opportunities with. Frankowski crosses and almost finds Sotoca at the far post, but Tardieu deflects it for a corner just before Sotoca can close the shot.


Lens recovers near the Trojan goal, Cabot provokes the defense and moves Fofana very well, whose right plane is countered by the defense and diverted to a corner!

Pereira Da Costa is looking for Cabot!

The pass is very good, but Cabot lacks control. Then he makes a mistake with Larouci!

Little Samba Scare!

Rony Lopes looks for Porozo in the penalty area. His cross is good, Bamba comes out to intercept in the air but his intervention is not very good and he is not far from sending the ball towards his goal.

Troyes a little more enterprising with the ball

In the first half, Bruno Irles’s men were clearly waiting behind Lensois. Now they try to project themselves forward and reach Bamba’s penalty area.

Go back to Bollaert

The second half starts. ESTAC will have to surrender.

Fofana enters the game for Lens, Odobert for Troyes

The Lensois captain has regained the armband and comes into play in the second half to replace Poreba.

Troyes also makes a change, Odobert replaces Ugbo, rarely seen in the first half.

It is the break in Bollaert

The Lensois win 1-0 thanks to Danso’s opening goal from a set piece. At half-time, RC Lens is temporarily leading Ligue 1, although Franck Haise’s men haven’t created many chances so far.


WHAT AGAINST LENSOIS! Openda, served to the left, finds Frankowski on the right tempo. Pole’s cross in the second for Cabot who arrives, but Lensois’s volley misses the target.

Big mess in the defense of Lensoise

The Trojans are numerous in the area, the ball bounces in all directions but there is always a foot from Lensois to counterattack. ESTAC will now have to discover itself.

Yellow for Poreba

Lensois touches Porozo on the head. The Trojan had put his head low to receive the ball.


LENS FIND THE APERTURE! In an eccentric free kick, Frankowski sends a super center that finds Danso’s head, on the axis, who is left alone and comes to crucify the Trojan goalkeeper. 1-0 for Lens, after half an hour without great chances.

Gallon-rummy mess

The Trojan goalkeeper falls a little short on his way out, finally Rami takes the ball out of the basin.

Fofana goes to the warm-up

The Lensois captain, who is missing this afternoon due to what RC Lens has to offer, went to warm up. He could come back at the break to breathe new life into his team.

Frankowski looking for Sotoca

In the aerial game, Sotoca makes a mistake.

Abdul Samed tries his luck

His volley is difficult and he uncurls. The 0-0 follows in the 30th minute. Only 2 balls touched by Lensois in the Troyes defense. ESTAC defends well.

Rony Lopes attempts a breakthrough

He is stopped by Abdul Samed. It is difficult to progress for ESTAC.

Lens holds the ball

But at the moment, it doesn’t translate anywhere near the Trojan surface. After a few chances early in the match, including the Openda post, there isn’t much left.

Good start from Troyes

Bruno Irles’s men managed to get past Lensois’ first screen, but then stumbled. They haven’t had a real situation in the RC Lens area yet.

the pace has slowed

The match had started strong, with repeated situations by Lensoise, but now more is played in midfield.

Sotoca strike

The afternoon captain tries his luck for the first time, after a chest check. But he is not framed.

Frankowski comes into play

The Pole numerically replaces Gradit, touched in the contact with Palmer-Brown. Already a forced change for RC Lens. Frankowski will play on the left, Haïdara changes axis to the right, the position that Gradit occupied.

grade touched

Following this contact with Palmer-Brown, Gradit remains on the ground. He seems shaken and will probably have to give way to him after just over ten minutes of play.


Great hesitation from the referee, after a contact between Gradit and Palmer-Brown. The fault seems there, but perhaps out of the box. The referee does not concede anything to Lensois.

Good ball output from ESTAC

Very good Kouamé in midfield, but as soon as Troyes advances they are blocked by pressure from Lensois.


It’s already hot on the Trojan target! In a Medina cross that was mounted, Openda managed to recover the ball at the far post but his shot hit the post. In a second center, then, he tries an acrobatic gesture without a frame. Lens is off to a good start!

Openda at the dry cleaners

Take a massive hit to the shoulder from Adil Rami. The Belgian received as it should be by a former resident of Lille.

Lens tries to get his foot on the ball

After the first confusing minutes, Lensois took possession of the ball.

Let’s go Bollaert

The starting signal is fired by ESTAC, while Lens hope to temporarily take the lead in Ligue 1.

11th consecutive sold-out game

As always, there is a great atmosphere at Bollaert. Even more so a night in which RC Lens can temporarily take the lead in Ligue 1…

Sotoca-Openda, duo on fire

The two Lens forwards have already scored 9 goals since the start of the season (5 for Sotoca, 4 for Openda). Only in the 0-0 against Ajaccio did the duo not score. Sotoca scored a hat-trick and a brace, while Openda scored in Racing’s last 4 matches.

heating finished

The Lensois have just returned to the locker room.

Lens wants to keep his invincibility

Sang et Or have yet to lose this season, like Paris and Marseille, the other two undefeated players in Ligue 1.

Fofana returns to Bollaert after his extension

The last time Seko Fofana set foot on Bollaert’s pitch was after the match against Lorient, which he missed due to injury. He then announced in the stadium his extension until 2025 with Lens, in an original staging. Tonight, he will probably get a chance to go into the second period and be celebrated by the Lensois supporters.

Troyes in a good series

The Trojan club have not lost any of their last 3 Ligue 1 games: two wins against Monaco and Angers, and a draw against Rennes.

striking lens

The Lensois are on a roll when they concede the first goal, thanks in particular to the efficiency of Florian Sotoca, who has scored 5 goals in Ligue 1 this season.

Lens starts with Fofana and Kakuta on the bench

Franck Haise has to deal with some absences. Captain Seko Fofana, who missed the last two games with a torn muscle, is back but on the bench. Florian Sotoca will wear the bracelet. Gaël Kakuta, who is returning from an Achilles tendon problem, is also a substitute.

The composition of the lens: Samba – Gradit, Danso, Medina – Cabot, Haïdara – Abdul Samed, Poreba, Pereira Da Costa – Sotoca, Openda.

Troyes with Rony Lopes, Ugbo and Baldé

The composition of Troyes: Gallon – Baldé, Palmer-Brown, Porozo, Rami, Larouci – Tardieu, Kouamé – Lopes, Baldé, Ugbo.

start at 9pm

Lens hosts the promoted Troyes at Bollaert, this Friday night. 3rd against 11th, with a provisional leader’s place at stake for RC Lens. The kick-off will be at 9:00 p.m.

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