Blue’s notes against Italy: Romane Menager fleet, Marine Menager dark

Blue's notes against Italy: Romane Menager fleet, Marine Menager dark

Defeated by overexcited Italians in the second half, the Blues did not gain the confidence they wanted for this final friendly. The Ménager sisters suffered opposite fortunes: Romane was the best player in the bunch, while Marine multiplied the errors at the back.

1- Annaëlle Deshaye 4/10

The Girondine made a breakthrough early in the game but quickly caught up to it by earning a scrum penalty the following minute. Penalized at the end of the first half in a close scrum. A shame, as the latter was just under the posts and would have allowed the Blues to get off the ground before the break. Replaced by Yllana Brosseau, who brought her power to the current game.

2- Agathe Sochat 3/10

A painful evening for those who honored his first captaincy, in the absence of the third row Gaëlle Hermet. His main failure of his? Throws, many of which were not straight. Pity also for his lead in a transmission from the ground to Drouin who had reached the foot of the posts. Replaced by Laure Touyé who contributed her aggressiveness in defense but was not much more precise in her passes.

3- Rose Bernard 4/10

The player from Montpellier quickly and clearly dominated her opponent Maris in close quarters and distinguished herself with several destructive charges. But just like her team, she gradually calmed down in the first half. She was replaced by Clara Joyeux at the break, who also dominated Maris but who was promptly penalized -severely- for grounding in the 50th minute. Although fresher, the Blagnacaise did not have the expected impact.

4- Celine Ferer 4.5/10

Chosen by us as the best player of the first leg, the Toulouse player was more discreet this time. However, she was confident in her catches in touch and was quite disciplined in a team that committed an untold number of fouls. But he brought no defensive impact in the second half, when the Blues weaned off the ball.

Céline Ferer did not have her usual performance against Transalpina.
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5- The fall of Madoussou 6/10

Sometimes served in touch in the first block, it was a good pillar around which the tricolor mallets were formed around it. She was also the author of the first try for Les Bleues, but was penalized for a late support on 19 to Bernadou. At the end of the second half, she did her best to grab as many balls as possible and put her team back in the lead. In vain, but still beautiful.

6- Manae Feleu 5.5/10

Good first catch since 5 with acceleration and pass after contact. Also seen at the touch, in the second zone where it was necessary. Penalized in the 22nd minute for staying in the tackle zone. He started the second half poorly by not getting the Italian expulsion but did his best to maintain the same level of intensity. Too bad he didn’t make much of a defensive impact when the Blues suffered in the second half, but we must remember that the Iséroise de Futuna only lived there during their first spell in blue.

7- Emeline Gros 5/10

A contrasting start for Montpellier. Like his teammates, she quickly stood out with a good charge and a decisive pass in the trial of the game, scored by Fall. He then committed a knock-on (13me), then fully suffered the charge of captain Bettoni who scored for the Italians’ first foray into the French 22m. Penalty for a high tackle (55me). Substituted by Marjorie Mayans in minute 56, who was penalized at touch (64me) for having hooked Sgorbini’s arm, but was immediately hit by a tackle supported by Magatti (who left the field) and then by some others who tried to cool the transalpine ardor late in the game. In vain, too.

Emeline Gros was lined up on the third row wing on Friday night.

Emeline Gros was lined up on the third row wing on Friday night.
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8- Roman Menager 6.5/10

For their 50th selection, Héraultaise have risen to the occasion. He could have scored Les Bleues’ first try in the 4th minute, but an Italian got away. Then sanctioned for a small delay in support of his twin sister, a few meters from the line. She signed a good charge at 25 where she brought down several Italian players and scored a try after a start behind her scrum that twisted her counterpart. She was also very present in defence, like her authoritative tackle on Sgorbini in the 51st. Substituted by Audrey Forlani, who tried to bring her energy late in the game, like her lifted ball to gain a few meters when the Blues had to come back up the field.

9- Pauline Bourdon: 5/10

A first half full of sobriety and efficiency. In particular, he recovered a rough pass from his No. 8. Serious game. He still saw one of his counter kicks. She was countered a second time at the beginning of Act Two, before giving way to Laure Sansus. The Toulouse scrum-half played too little to be noticed. He left very shortly after her entry in place of Pauline Bourdon, a KO victim. Sansus was replaced in turn by Jessy Tremoulière (5/10), who contributed through the length of her kicks and a good pass after contact. A great touch found indirectly leads to Melisande Llorens’ try. At her speed, one of her advances ended with a lost ball and especially that little ball touched at the foot in the 78th minute, while the French tried to come back from the scoreboard. An unfortunate choice as he easily returned the ball to the Italians.

10-Lina Queroy: 4.5/10

During his first term, he tried to play on his vivacity. We will regret a bad kick to continue towards the right wing and another one in the in-goal that did not give anything. He came into the scrum in the second half and played well on Llorens’ try. He received a yellow card in our severe regard for an inadvertent lead. Difficult to judge in this really difficult context.

11- Melisande Llorens: 5/10

In the first half, she could have been sharp on three or four attacking balls. In the second half she was not served in good conditions, but she was impeccable in the third tricolor try in the role of finisher.

12- Caroline Drouin: 7/10

Excellent first time the Rennaise replaced in the center. She fueled the game with good serves and a good jump pass. A breakthrough to her credit, unfortunately followed by a breakthrough from Agathe Sochat. In the second half, in a more complicated context, she stayed the course with less ammunition when she was back in the opening. Good step forward and good attitude in the Llorens test. Balance barely clouded by a lost liquidation. The best of three French quarters.

Displaced in the center for this match, Caroline Drouin was precise with the ball in her hand.

Displaced in the center for this match, Caroline Drouin was precise with the ball in her hand.
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13- Marine Home: 2/10

A very disappointing first part. Ella was penalized for an easily avoidable obstruction, missed an inside pass to Caroline Drouin, went ahead on a kickoff catch, and then provoked Sillari’s attempt with an empty pass (throwing Ella Roman’s sister from her). Her second act hardly went any better, she was taken on defense at D’Inca’s test, then called for a high tackle.

14- Emilie Boulard: 5/10

He started with a striker in a ruck but hit two quality saves: a sharp arrow and a kind of goose step. Very little used in the second period. Fairly anonymous match overall, no notable bugs though.

Émilie Boulard didn't have much ammunition to put in her mouth.

Émilie Boulard didn’t have much ammunition to put in her mouth.
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15- Chloe Jacquet: 4/10

Replaced in the background, she was the author of a correct first act. One or two recovery attempts, and a good intervention on the left flank. She changed positions twice in the second half, moving to the center and then to the scrum. She was not really decisive with her, at her speed, a direct touch and a ball snatched by an opponent in the duel. An early preview at position 9 to report that she doesn’t save her performance. She did not make the expected differences.

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