Why does the Bic pen have a hole in the middle? It has an unknown but essential function.

Why does the Bic pen have a hole in the middle?  It has an unknown but essential function.

From yesterday to today, almost all of us have used the Bic pen. Who has never written with this legendary ballpoint pen, chewed on its cap or simply played with it in their hand? Over time, by dint of manipulating it, surely all of you have noticed that it contains a small side hole in its body. Have you ever wondered about its usefulness? What exactly is it for? Of course, this hole was not put there by chance. A little light on this mystery.

A little history…

Mythical cultural icon, the Bic ballpoint pen was born in 1950 in the factory of the French-Italian industrialist Marcel Bich, also called “Baron Bich”. With an ink perfectly adjusted to the ball to avoid possible spillage, this pen then becomes avant-garde and will experience planetary success. Extremely popular since its inception, the Bic Cristal is the world’s best-selling ballpoint pen, having sold over 100 billion in 160 countries. It is found in every school kit, in college, and even in the professional world. And yet, despite the fact that they have been using it since childhood, few people know all the details. In particular the strange presence of this famous little hole…

What is the hole in the middle of the Bic pen for?

A BIC pen

A BIC pen – Source: spm

In fact, its presence is essential in the pen: this hole prevents you from wasting liquid ink when writing. It was created as a preventative measure to maintain the same air pressure both inside and outside the tube to prevent ink leaks or spills. Specifically, this hole allows air to pass through so that the ink flows correctly when writing.
You should also know that ink is a material that expands very easily when in contact with a high temperature. This hole thus prevents heat from penetrating there. In addition, its presence is all the more legitimate since our hand has an average body temperature of 37°C, which in itself already generates heat.

Now that you know what he does, take a look at his other pens. Don’t they all have that same hole in their design? The Bic brand itself claims that 90% of all pens in the world have the same hole to prevent this loss of ink.

And the hole in the tip of the lid?

Surely you have also noticed another hole in your Bic pen. This time, it is the visible hole in the lid. Do you know its function? For those who do not know, it was placed there as a safety measure, in particular to prevent children from suffocating. As we all know, they often have a habit of chewing on this cap, even risking accidentally swallowing it. Thus, the hole guarantees the passage of air even if the plug is blocked in the trachea.

did you know This safety feature on the BIC pen cap was introduced in the 1980s following unfortunate domestic accidents. By applying it, the company thus complies with the ISO 11540 standard. Since then, this device has become mandatory for all pens around the world. Looking closely, you notice that they all have a pierced cap.

Another mystery: why doesn’t the ink fill to the brim?

Write with a BIC pen

Writing with a BIC pen – Source: spm

It’s true, when you buy a Bic pen, you’re entitled to wonder why the ink doesn’t make it to the end of the tube. Rest assured, this is not a cost saving measure at all. The reason is simple: as we have explained furthermore, it is a substance that expands rapidly and contracts with the temperature chaude: des lors, si le tube était plein, la seule chaleur de notre main la ferait couler after a while. That is why the upper part of the pen, which is precisely in constant contact with our fingers when writing, does not contain ink.

But by the way, why does this famous pen, overnight, no longer write when it still has ink in its tube? In fact, this is a very common situation that happens very often and sometimes even at the most inopportune moment. You have to write something important and now he is acting capriciously. We grant you, it is very annoying. How to explain? Maybe you haven’t used that Bic pen in a while and the ink has dried. Calm down, before you throw it away, there’s a very popular little trick to try. Take your pen, point it at the sole of your shoe and make a doodle. This helps heat up the lead and encourage the ink to flow again. In general, it works quickly. But, if your efforts are in vain, then your old pen doesn’t work anymore!

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