Grandma’s recipe for beautiful geraniums in the fall: tips to make them bloom

How long do geranium geraniums bloom on a balcony?

Grandma’s recipe for beautiful geraniums in the fall is in the tips for them to bloom. Many gardeners struggle with geraniums from mid-summer. Luckily, they don’t require much care, but if you want to ensure abundant flowering, it doesn’t take much to bring them back to life. In fact, with just a few simple tips, you can have your geraniums blooming and thriving in no time, and staying that way until late fall!

These tips are for potted and garden flowers.

Although most gardeners consider geraniums to be annuals, they are actually perennials. That is, if they live in tropical climates, where winters never see frost or hard frost. But because they are rooted as perennials, there are a few key things to getting them to bloom more profusely when grown as annuals. And it all starts with pinching these fast-growing plants to create a more compact and robust growth pattern. One that not only creates a thicker, denser set of blooms.

It is a plant that can produce a greater number of additional flowers throughout the season.

blooming geraniums benefit the flowers in the flowerbed

It is good to follow the following rules:

Geraniums tend to get quite tall and sparse if they grow alone. Especially when grown in pots, containers or hanging baskets. With limited soil space, plants tend to grow out as fast as they can.

Pinch stem growth to force thicker, denser growth

my geraniums do not bloom two hands pinch

It is best to start early in the season by cutting off all stem growth. This can easily be done with a pair of scissors, garden clippers, or even sharp fingernails. Pinching encourages the plant to develop multiple shoots from the pruned stems. Even the most mature mid-summer plants can benefit from a little pinching. This results in a much bushier and healthier plant.

This plant that can produce many more flowers

non-blooming geraniums bushy pale pink plants

Geraniums love the light

If possible, place the pots in an east or sheltered window. The best option is a balcony where the sunlight gives them more time, but on hot summer days.

You will also need to provide them with some shade, as the heat wears them out.

Grandma's recipe for beautiful geraniums in the fall tips for making pink geraniums bloom on a balcony

Use stagnant water or rainwater

For better flowering, you need to water the flowers with standing or rain water. They prefer soft water and therefore watering them with freshly poured tap water is not a good option.

Always have water containers on hand to water the geranium

how long flower geraniums bloom with garaffedeau on the balcony

Water them early in the morning or late at night.

Choose one of the two options to prevent the water from evaporating. It is important to note that if you decide to water them late at night, be careful not to get the leaves of the plant wet. A plant stressed by too much or too little water will slow down or even stop the production of new flowers. You will need to water baskets and containers more often than geraniums grown in flower beds. This is simply because they tend to dry out faster. But it is important not to let the roots of geraniums rest.

They can rot if you water them too much.

the geraniums no longer bloom by watering the yellow container geraniums

Remove overblooming flowers and dead leaves.

Regularly check the geranium for excessively blooming and damaged leaves. Removing faded blooms is essential to creating continuous blooms for many annuals and perennials. In fact, when it comes to geraniums, it’s often the most important factor in keeping the plants from blooming vigorously all season long. Without removing the old flowers and stems, the plant continues to burn valuable resources and energy in the failing flowers. It is best to cut the geraniums with a special garden knife, if you do not have one, you can use a fine kitchen knife. Scissors are not suitable as they can pinch the rod. Regularly remove dry leaves, this is especially true in the fall, when the geranium must be pruned to prepare it for winter. You can then remove about a third of the plant.

Remove them to make room for the new ones.

blooming geraniums watering hands in gloves roses remove withered flower

Make sure to cut the stem of the flower head as far down from the base as possible. This prevents the geranium from wasting valuable resources trying to repair the flower and stem. The energy that must be available to produce new shoots and flowers. As soon as a flower stem begins to fade and die, it’s time to cut the flower and stem. Take care not only to cut off the flower head, but the entire flower stem to the base of the plant. This prevents the plant from using energy in the old flower and stem, and redirects resources to grow new flowers. As with old flowers, plants use an enormous amount of energy trying to heal damaged foliage.

In addition to deadheading, always cut off any discolored or damaged foliage from the plant.

flower geraniums cut stems

feed them regularly

Geraniums should be fertilized at least twice a month, but before doing so we recommend that you make sure of what variety you are looking for. Slow and steady fertilization is preferable to large single doses of nutrients. It keeps growth at a steady rate and allows the plant to use a little more energy for flowers rather than foliage growth. Some varieties are susceptible and you can seriously damage them if you over-fertilize them. Although they don’t eat much of the soil, geraniums can benefit greatly from a regular dose of all-purpose fertilizer. Especially for those grown in containers and baskets where there is a limit to soil space and nutrient availability.

Hanging baskets and potted geraniums will need more

why my geraniums do not bloom red flower hanging geraniums on the balcony

Iodine for abundant flowering

Geranium, like any other plant, also needs nutrients. For extremely lush flowering, you can use a drop of iodine. You won’t believe it, but it works great. Dissolve a drop of iodine in a liter of water. Take about 50 ml of the mixture and pour it down the sides of the plant. You should not exceed the amount, motivated by the desire to speed up the flowering process. The roots of the plant may burn if you water it too much with the special solution. That’s all your plants need. Hurry up and give it to her and she’ll burst with color!

Sprinkling activated charcoal or wood ash will repel plant pests

blooming ash geraniums in a hand


Geraniums should be grown in smaller pots, because in larger pots it develops too strong a root system, which prevents abundant flowering. As for transplanting, they do not need regular soil changes.

If your plant is 3-4 years old, you can transplant it

aged flower geraniums woman transplanting lilac geraniums


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