The supermarket trick to increase the amount of the receipt: do not pay more

The supermarket trick to increase the amount of the receipt: do not pay more

With prices going up, it’s important to save money while you shop. All the small expenses at a lower cost are good to take to earn a few euros. But in some supermarkets, beware of false promotions. We explain to you.

Like most families, you will probably be grocery shopping during the week. But who says supermarket says temptations. Tempting promotions can tempt him to fill his shopping cart, sometimes with products he doesn’t really need.

A full supermarket shopping cart

A full supermarket trolley – Source: spm

When shopping in a supermarket, you should stay alert so as not to be fooled. Pmake savings, many people focus on promotions to buy cheaper. But the marketing techniques of the supermarkets are formidable and they do everything possible to make you buy more at a higher price.

Some supermarkets use the classic “buy 2, get 1 free” promotion. It is simply a matter of charging double tempting the customer with the 3 freethe product. And often these are snack products, with a short expiration date. In this case, and unless you use the items quickly to prepare a festive event at home, many times they are thrown away after a few days. Thus, they make customers believe that it is a good plan and that with this promotion they buy their products cheaper while taking more unnecessarily. It is advisable to stick to the shopping list and buy just the amount you need. This will save you more.

With the large promotional posters that you find at the entrance of your supermarket, everything indicates that you will save money buying these targeted products. But in reality, you are going to spend much more money than expected. In fact, these so-called “large format” or “family” products push you once again to exceed your budget. You think that by buying in large quantities and at a reduced price, you won’t have to go back to the supermarket soon. However, some brands would increase their price by an average of 30% on these promotional products.

In addition, a study by the NGO Foodwatch has shown that some brands reduce the quantity of their flagship products while increasing their price. Others even change the quality of their product to lower your cost and still charge you the best price. This scam used in the agri-food sector allows manufacturers to increase their prices by cheating the consumer.

Checking a receipt

Checking a receipt – Source: spm

All the items you see in your supermarket are placed in such a way that you buy them and spend more money than expected. To avoid falling into the trap, follow these tips.

First of all, avoid choosing products with big promotional banners because you won’t save money. Second, prepare your complete shopping list before you go to the supermarket and follow it to the letter. Finally, plan a budget, so you don’t spend more money based on your expense item.

Also, to avoid being cheated by supermarkets, Please double check the products you choose. Especially if you have doubts about the quality of certain products that you have recently purchased. For example, compare the price per kilo with two products of the same brand. You will know if the price of the promotional format is more interesting than that of the classic format. For real savings, turn to private label brands, which are generally less expensive than the major brands on offer.

So that you are not deceived when buying in your supermarket, do not hesitate to trust the products that you are used to buying and not automatically go for promotions.

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