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Looking for a premium site that sells SEO links? Or do you want your platform to reach the top of Google results? Well, there are currently more than twenty link sales platforms, among which is Savage Dreams. To know a little more about the site, discover the information that concerns you. Thanks to its information, you will know if it corresponds to your needs in terms of SEO links.

Wild dreams: what is it?

New platform for selling links, Savage Dreams offers you the possibility of improving the natural referencing of your website. With the use of a “backlink”, this tool is indispensable in the SEO sector. This natural referencing method designates, more precisely, a hypertext link mentioned within an article. Thus, it points to another platform or to another sector. It is even possible to replicate an internal link identically, but it only refers to an article on the same platform.


Ten articles can be featured on the home page of our platform for a month. The articles displayed on our site focus on different topics, namely:

  • Finance ;
  • Sure ;
  • Health ;
  • technology;
  • Kitchen ;
  • Etc.
themed premium backlinks

More information

If you own a website, Savage Dreams is a better platform to sell links. Thanks to these backlinks, you can improve the natural referencing of your site. It is enough to be well informed on our site and reflect before investing a sum of money in a project of this type.

how the site works

Again, Savage Dreams is one of the places that works on selling links. You can have a better base of websites that you can post to, including well-known media on different topics, such as:

  • side house;
  • The galery ;
  • Cnews;
  • Etc. offers you links for various possibilities, as mentioned above, but also for many other uses. The purpose of our sale is not only to improve the SEO of your site, but also to offer fast links at an affordable price. With our proposal, you can replace the old and small links that were made by comments in blogs, directories, etc.

All you have to do is power your platform with quality content published on over hundreds of premium outlets. It is important to know that these means are only accessible on our site.

Give an energetic and lasting jump in your search engine through powerful links. In fact, such links will be able to keep your competitors far away. Also, by purchasing a link from us, you will have a Gnews backlink to drive your purchase.

The advantages offered by Savage Dreams

The main advantage is that it is a unique media network that guarantees absolute links and is placed on platforms with the traffic. The links offered by Savage Dreams also have a healthy link profile compared to national media. You will not regret anything because you are investing in better backlinks for your own website.

By buying links on Savage Dreams, your site will be visited by real users and will rank higher on Google. In other words, your link will be hit quickly and regularly, making your site more valuable.

Other than that, our link selling site limits sponsored posts to ensure natural link profiles. This guarantee is intended for all sites and articles of good quality. In addition, the links integrated in the sponsored content are of the dofollow category.

In addition to the highlights per month on our home page, millions of visitors will continue to be available to you. Not forgetting the ten seats offered each month, you will also have a hundred premium sites exclusively on our platform.

seo links in the media
seo links in the media

to enjoy

Price of the service offered by the platform

At Savage Dreams, the price depends on the choice of offer, but we offer a premium for well-known publishers and marketing companies.

With the Savage type offer with a price of 590 euros without VAT, the client will have monthly:

  • 30,000 visitors;
  • External links;
  • Three items.
link price in wild dreams
link price in wild dreams

A Gnews backlink will also be offered, plus two internal links and one external link to your sponsored content.

But with Wild, the price is 390 euros without taxes and the number of visitors is from 5,000 to 29,999 per month. In fact, a Gnews backlink is offered, as well as an internal link to your sponsored content. Finally, with the Cool offer, the price is only 290 euros without VAT and the number of visitors will be from 500 to 4999. A backlink will also be offered, but not internal or external.


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