This mega pack allows you to transform your living room into a cinema

This mega pack allows you to transform your living room into a cinema

With the Covid pandemic, consumption has changed a bit and cinemas are finding their loyal customers, but you may be one of those who now prefer to watch their movies and series quietly installed on their sofas. What if you transformed your living room into a movie theater for an even more immersive experience?

This TV offers exceptional performance

Among the many brands on the market, one of them has returned to the market with a technology that offers functionality that allows you to be completely immersed in the content. This is Philips with its Ambilight technology and if you want to transform your living room into a cinema, this is exactly what you need.

the Philips 65PML9506 is a 65-inch model, or approximately 164 cm, with 4K UHD resolution (HDR, Dolby vision) and above all a 100Hz refresh rate, so you will have a detailed and fluid image. In addition, it uses technology Mini LED with micro dimming, which means that the rendering is amazingly realistic with deeper blacks and very beautiful colors with exceptional brightness thanks to its intelligent backlighting. For gamers, you should know that it is compatible with technology AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, which means that the panel and graphics card of the PC work at the same frequency to avoid stuttering and frame skipping during games. It is also found on game screens.

As stated above, Ambilight it’s an immersive feature and it’s on all 4 sides of this Philips TV. Cast a light on the back wall to break the frame of the wall and give the impression that we have an extended image. When you listen to music through this TV, Ambilight acts as an ambient light.

On the sound side, it supports dolby atmos and with technology multiple room with DTS PlayFiso you can pair it with speakers to broadcast in several different places.

To top it off, the Philips 65PML9506 works with Android-TVso you can install the apps you use regularly such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, MyCanal, Molotov…

Where it becomes even more interesting is in terms of price, it has just gone from 2499 euros to 1299 euros, a 48% discount!

This movie pack will blow your mind

In the field of audio, Yamaha is a safe bet and to enhance the audio of your television, or to accompany the Philips television that we have just presented to you, the cinema pack. Yamaha YHT-1840 will give you exceptional sound for greater immersion.

When you get a new television you should not forget the sound section that is usually very insufficient or mediocre, to solve this problem there are sound bars, but above all you should not forget the amplifier and speaker packs like the good Home Cinema. . So it does take up a bit of space and you have to be full of ingenuity to integrate it into your interior decoration, but you will have a true 3D 5.1 sound unlike the virtual 5.1 or 7.1 offered by sound bars.

As for this home theater pack, it is a 5.1 model compatible with 4K UHD and 3D, therefore, you can connect any recent device to enjoy its content. It has 4 inputs, an HDMI output (HDCP 2.2, 3D, ARC), 3 digital inputs (1 optical and 2 coaxial), 2 analog audio, one for Subwoofer and one for headphones.

This is what this package is made of:

  • an amplifier Yamaha HTR-2071,
  • a passive subwoofer NS-SWP20,
  • 4 surround sound speakers NS-B20,
  • and a center speaker NS-C20.

For functions, it has a SCENE button that turns on the unit and automatically selects an input source to assign it an optimal DSP mode. The Silent Cinema function allows you to have surround sound through your headphones thanks to Yamaha’s DSP technology.

The reduction is less significant than the previous Philips television, but this Yamaha pack continues to go from 499.99 euros to 399.99 euros.

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