iPhone 13 Pro price drop, more interesting than iPhone 14?

Prix de l’iPhone 13 Pro en chute, plus intéressant que l’iPhone 14 ?

news hardware iPhone 13 Pro price drop, more interesting than iPhone 14?

Rarely have we seen such a significant increase between two generations of iPhone, and we have a right to wonder if opting for last year’s top model doesn’t make more sense than opting for the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14, a four-digit price

In 2021, the iPhone 13 range arrived with a wide variety of screen sizes thanks to the iPhone 13 mini. Like the 12 mini before it, its small 5.4-inch form factor made it easier to handle, but due to lack of popularity, Apple went the other way. in 2022 replacing it with the larger iPhone 14 Plus with a 6.7-inch screen.

Result: the cheapest model in the iPhone 14 range should be the basic iPhone 14 with its 6.1 inches, but due to the change in the euro its price goes from €909 for the iPhone 13 at its launch to €1,019 this year . Therefore, the cheapest option is above €1,000.

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We will have to get used to it, especially since the improvements made to the iPhone 14 are particularly minimal compared to what its elder offers.

iPhone 13 Pro price drop, more interesting than iPhone 14?

We believe it’s not just a matter of Apple’s desire to raise prices to that level, but that the brand is adept at setting perfectly balanced prices to target specific customers or encourage consumers to go for the most expensive option.

However, the iPhone 13 Pro case is special in 2022.

And why not choose the iPhone 13 Pro?

Your iPhone starts to accumulate wrinkles and it doesn’t satisfy you like before. Or do you have an Android and are you tired of looking like nothing in your Instagram stories? Whatever the reason, you are looking for a new iPhone.

After seeing the prices of the new models that have just been announced, you are a bit frozen, you who had around €1000 to put on your next toy. This is where the JVTech editorial team comes in to warn you. What if the iPhone 14 sold for €1019 was not the right choice for you and all you have to do is look into the past a bit to find your happiness?

iPhone 13 Pro price drop, more interesting than iPhone 14?

The iPhone 13 Pro was released last year and, as with most smartphones and more so with the iPhone, the previous version is perfectly maintained. Here is a small summary of the differences between the iPhone 14 (€1,019) and the iPhone 13 Pro, which can be found around €1,100 or even less:

  • Processor: this is the only point where the iPhone 14 rises above the iPhone 13 Pro. Both have a mastered A15 Bionic chip, but the latest model features an upgraded version, both in the CPU and GPU. The difference could perhaps be felt in several years, that’s all.
  • The screen: 6.1-inches for both models, but the 13 Pro has a 120Hz screen, which is smoother but also brighter.
  • Cameras: with the improvements offered in the iPhone 14, the latter rises to roughly the level of the 13 Pro. But it still lacks the telephoto sensor to be able to zoom up to 3.5x on the image without losing quality.
  • Battery : the iPhone 14 retains the excellent autonomy of the iPhone 13, but the 13 Pro surpasses it thanks to its greater capacity and its screen that can go down to 10 Hz.
  • Material : If this is important to you, you should know that the iPhone Pro has a “plain” stainless steel vs. aluminum frame for the iPhone 14.

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In conclusion, the iPhone 13 Pro is clearly superior to the iPhone 14 in relation to the price difference, and the price increase of the entire iPhone 14 range seems to make it an almost obvious option for those looking for a recent and powerful iPhone, and that can add a few tens of euros compared to the standard iPhone 14 to take advantage of a Pro version.

Especially since with the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro, the 13 Pro could continue its price drop in the coming months.

iPhone 14 FAQ

How many iPhone 14 models are there?

As in previous years, Apple offers 4 smartphone models, each with very different features. We start with the normal iPhone 14, with a 6.1-inch screen and two cameras on the back. This is the model that suits most users because it includes all the necessary elements, without frills. What’s new are car accident detection, an updated A15 chip, action mode for ultra-steady video, and satellite connection for emergency contacts, only available in North America.

So the iPhone 14 Plus is the brand’s new kid, or rather, the big model. The mini version of last year’s iPhone 13 is over, giving way to a 6.7-inch screen for fans of the large format. Specifically, it is exactly the same as the iPhone 14, the only differences are the size of the panel and the size of the battery. According to Apple, the iPhone 14 Plus reaches the same level of resistance as the 14 Pro versions.

Now let’s move on to the iPhone 14 Pro, which becomes more luxurious and is aimed at those who want the most from their smartphone. We find a 6.1-inch screen with adaptive refreshment, that is, it can go up to 120 Hz for great fluidity, and go down to 1 Hz, which allows the arrival of an Always-On screen. This technology dims the screen instead of turning it off completely when you lock your smartphone so you can still see important information like the time or notifications. The notch disappears in favor of a tablet that can adapt its size and shape depending on the activities in progress. very nifty. We also have a new, more powerful A16 processor and cameras that work better in low light.

Finally, for those with big needs, big hands, and a big wallet, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best option. It has all the features of the iPhone 14 Pro, but with a 6.7-inch screen and a supercharged battery.

How much does the iPhone 14 cost?

We are not going to lie to ourselves, it is the subject that bothers us. This year, the prices are not what will attract many people. Although the prices in dollars remain the same throughout the range, it is the rate of the euro and the taxes that are applied in France to technological products that are missing in the iPhone 14.

These are the prices of the four iPhone 14s, which vary depending on the storage space you need: iPhone 14: from €1,019 iPhone 14 Plus: from €1,169 iPhone 14 Pro: from €1,329 iPhone 14 Pro Max: from €1,479

When does the iPhone 14 come out?

Apple’s keynote address took place on September 7, and as usual, pre-orders are available soon after. Therefore, we can already reserve the iPhone 14 from September 9 at 2:00 p.m.

Due to availability, all iPhone 14s arrive in Apple stores from September 16 in France, except for the iPhone 14 Plus, for which we will have to wait until October 7. This is probably due to the fact that it is a new format and therefore requires an adaptation of the production chain.

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