Horner: Why couldn’t the Red Bull-Porsche F1 deal happen?

Horner: Why couldn't the Red Bull-Porsche F1 deal happen?

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says Porsche was getting ahead of himself thinking it had almost reached a deal and claims the negotiations failed to protect his team’s independence from the German manufacturer’s bureaucracy.

Porsche and Red Bull had been in negotiations for some time regarding a partnership from 2026, but on Friday, the sports car maker released a statement explaining that the deal would not go through.

Horner reacted to Monza and according to him, “the publication was not a surprise”.

“Porsche’s revelations to some authorities about its plans have given a false picture of the state of the talks. I think that large organizations need a lot of planning, they are getting a little ahead of reality, but there was never a binding commitment signed between the parties. It must have been subjective on his part.”

“The talks were just that: there were just talks, there was never anything signed or agreed upon. So I’m not going to go into the details of what those details were or entailed, but one of the strengths of this team has been their independence. Sometimes that. instills all the virtues and values ​​of Red Bull, as a challenger, as a maverick, and that’s one of the main attributes that has allowed us to be so successful in this sport to date, we want to diminish or dilute them in some way and these are fundamental principles on how we will also meet the challenge of the power unit.

“One of our main strengths has been our independence, quick decision-making and lack of bureaucracy. We are fundamentally a racing team and that allows us to make quick decisions, efficient decisions and react very quickly. As a racing team, I think we can.” I’ve seen many times that manufacturers have been less autonomous in their decision-making and that was a key aspect of protecting what we have and how we operate, which has proven to be reasonably effective.

Red Bull Powertrains ‘not dependent on one investor’

When asked if there was ever a time when the sale of 50% of Red Bull Technology was considered as part of this deal, Horner replied: “Well, there was obviously an expression of interest. The shareholders obviously thought about it but decided it was not good for Red Bull Racing, Red Bull Technology or Red Bull Powertrains.

Porsche’s statement underscores how much the manufacturer wanted equality in the partnership between itself and the team, but Horner suggests that Porsche did not bring enough experience to give up so many shares.

“What we were interested in, when you’re building a largely electrified power unit from scratch, with a builder, is what can they potentially bring to the part that we didn’t have access to? After doing our own audit, we reasonably felt that We were in a good position for this and with the recruiting we did, we technically didn’t feel disadvantaged compared to our competitors.”

“Porsche is a great brand, a great company and we wish them well in their future, whatever happens. Clearly, Red Bull’s direction is clear – we embarked on this after Honda pulled out of Formula 1. Key to that was the engine freeze to allow us to finish that period, have time to set up a facility in Milton Keynes and bring in some of the best talent.”

“We now have over 300 people employed in a state-of-the-art 55-week factory, have run the first prototype of a full V6 engine by 2026 before the summer break, and our strategy of having engine and chassis under one roof, in In effect, on a campus, with engine engineers and designers sitting next to chassis engineers and designers, it remains absolutely unchanged.”

“So at no point was it dependent on the involvement of any investor, constructor or OEM, and there was no input from Porsche for this prototype or our position. We are so far away, so we are very focused on 2026, on the future.” , and we look forward to this next chapter, this exciting new chapter, for Red Bull Racing.”

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