LIVE – PSG-Brest: Paris wins at home thanks to Neymar!

LIVE - PSG-Brest: Paris wins at home thanks to Neymar!

It’s over: PSG 1-0 Brest!

Paris Saint-Germain remains impeccable in the French elite at the start of the season and offers Stade Brestois at the Parc des Princes (1-0) as part of matchday seven of Ligue 1.

Kimpembe out due to injury

PSG will finish at ten. Presnel Kimpembe is out with injury.

Kimpembe who is injured in a grand tackle during PSG-Brest, September 10, 2022
Kimpembe was injured in a grand tackle during PSG-Brest, September 10, 2022 © Amazon screenshot

5 more minutes

We will play 5 minutes of additional time!

Hard tackle from Kimpembe!

Serious foul by Kimpembe after this tackle on Cardona. At the moment, the referee does not indicate anything. The defender seems to complain about the back of the thigh.

Kimpembe rejecting the PSG-Brest referee, September 10, 2022
Kimpembe pushes back the PSG-Brest referee, September 10, 2022 © Amazon screenshot

Strike Vitinha!

The Portuguese wildfire could not find the goal in this goal and was still looking for his first goal with the colors of the capital club.

Yellow card for Michel Der Zakarian

The Stade Brestois coach receives a yellow card for protest.


Slimani deflects the ball from the chest and forces Donnarumma to intervene! New parade of the Italian on fire this Saturday afternoon!

Yellow for Danilo

The Portuguese arrives late for his speech and gets a small cookie.


Donnarumma pulls out this penalty and prevents the Brestois from re-raising their opponent of the day! Great parade of the Italian goalkeeper!


Kimpembe knocks Slimani down in the area and the referee points to the penalty spot! The Parisian captain receives a yellow card!

Bizot parade over Messi!

The Brest goalkeeper is still attentive and comes to intervene in this Messi goal!

Mbappé misses his face to face

Sublime combination between the three friends of the Parisian attack. Mbappé, however, completely misses his shot at the end of this collective action.

Beautiful defense of Brest

The Stade Brestois players manage to close the gap better and leave less space for the Parisians than in the first half.

Brest tries to react!

Lees-Melou tries his luck from the edge of the area but his shot doesn’t find a door. Still 1-0 for PSG!


Messi sees his helmet hit the post of the Brest cages after a great collective movement!

Yellow for Brest

Brendan Chardonnet receives a yellow card after a late intervention on Neymar.

Here we go again in the Parc des Princes! (1-0)

No changes to highlight at the break, we leave with the same on both sides.

It’s rest in the Parc des Princes! (1-0)

The Parisians return to the locker room with a goal in advance but the bill could have been much higher. Scorer Neymar’s teammates lacked clarity and Bizot was impressive at the end of the first half!

2 more minutes

We will play 2 minutes of extra time!

Bizot saves Brest from the break!

Good parade from the Stade Brestois goalkeeper against Messi in this counterattack!

Yellow for Neymar

PSG’s first blow and it’s for Neymar after this foul on Lees-Melou.

there is no danger

The stopped ball does nothing and PSG will be able to recover calmly.

parisian foul

Ramos knocks Slimani down and is admonished by the referee on duty. Free kick for Brest!

Brest in great danger!

PSG pushes and tries to break before returning to the locker room. The Brestois no longer see the light and they are doing very well in this center that flees from Bernat. Phew. Still 1-0!

PSG GOAL! (1-0)

It’s the same from the beginning and this time it hits the mark! 1-0 for PSG!

Messi serves Neymar in the back of the defense, the Brazilian controls and hits second intention! Bizot can’t do anything.


Offside at the start of the action! Therefore, the red card is logically canceled and the match can be resumed. Neymar got up. Lees-Melou gets his yellow card for protesting!

VAR underway…

Offside at the start of the action? Missing on Neymar? The action is being evaluated!


Messi serves perfectly in depth to Neymar who appears facing the goal. Herelle arrives too late and knocks down the Parisian striker. The referee does not hesitate and shows the red card! Brest will finish at ten!

gala atmosphere

The famous “Paris is magical” Resonate in the stands of the Parc des Princes! what an atmosphere!

PSG very close to opening the scoring!

At the end of a good collective movement, Bernat serves Messi in the area with a good touch. The Argentine tries his luck after a great chest control but sees that his attempt is countered by Mbappé! It was very, very hot!

Brest opportunity!

Franck Honorat takes his time to try his luck at the entrance to the surface. His beautiful floating punch is deflected by Donnarumma. First shot on goal for Brest!

Mbappé tries his luck!

All similar! Messi serves Bernat at the back of the defence. The Spanish team finds Mbappé in the area trying his luck. The Parisian striker does not find the frame.

First fuse lit for PSG!

Messi perfectly serves Neymar at the back of the defence. The latter fails to adjust his shot which ends up in the small net! But here it is, the first Parisian opportunity in this part.

Brest is pressing!

Pierre Lees-Melou tries to serve Slimani in the penalty area after a good comeback in midfield. A quick transition that was close to hitting the target. Unfortunately, the Algerian striker is too short!

The Stade Brestois does not hide

Michel Der Zakarian’s soldiers set the pace and win back the vast majority of second balls. Impeccable character. And inevitably, it upsets Parisians at the moment.

the corner gives nothing

The Bretons avoid danger!

First corner for PSG!

Super cross by Sergio Ramos from the right to the left cleared by the Breton defense. First corner in favor of PSG!

observation phase

Quiet start to the match. The two teams observe each other and take the time to build their actions.

Kick off !

Let’s go to the Parc des Princes! (0-0)

It was the Parisians, in white, who kicked off this game from matchday seven of Ligue 1. Magnificent atmosphere!

Before the game’

Kick-off is imminent!

The players are on the pitch of the Parc des Princes, accompanied by the match referee Jérémie Pignard.

Before the game’

The Stade Brestois starting lineup!

Bizot – Fadiga, Chardonnet, Hérelle, Brassier, Duverne – Lees-Melou, Belkebla, Camara – Honorat, Slimani.

Before the game’

The Parisian composition has fallen, not the turnover expected for PSG!

Donnarumma – Ramos, Danilo Pereira, Kimpembe (cap.) – Hakimi, Verratti, Vitinha, Bernat – Messi – Neymar, Mbappé.

Before the game’

Good morning to all !

And welcome to our site to follow the live commentary on the match between PSG and Brest, counting down to day 7 of Ligue 1.

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