LIVE – Eurobasket 2022: miraculous against Turkey, the Blues are in the quarterfinals!

LIVE – Eurobasket 2022: miraculous against Turkey, the Blues are in the quarterfinals!

“We are survivors”

“We are survivors. We have the game in hand and we revive them, without finding solutions. The bench had a great game. We always believed in him. The loss of balls hurt us, ”says Evan Fournier

“Serbia is a very big team. But the goal is not the quarter-finals. We will recover well,” added the New York player.

We don’t work that hard to lose in the eighth

“I told myself that I would have the rebound, I prepared myself to finish off. I knew that the foul was not called. We are washed, it was a difficult game, early like that. They gave us a chance, we fought until the end. If I don’t believe in myself, who will? We didn’t work so hard to lose in the round of 16,” Rudy Gobert reacted.

Tarpey interception!!!

Exceptional interception by Tarpey! 87-86 for the Blues. The French team qualifies for the quarterfinals, against Serbia or Italy. The Blues, with their backs to the wall, did not let go. But you will have to raise your level.

Three point difference one minute from the end

87-84, possession to follow for Turkey.

Turkey unsportsmanlike foul!

Two free throws and one possession to follow for the French team.

Fournier to three points!!!

Second three-point basket of the game for the Frenchman. +3 for the blues.

Turkey on three-point success

Two consecutive triples.

83-83. 2min20 to play

Five minutes to make a difference

Let’s go for this extension.

Finished! There will be an extension

France has come a long way and is offering itself an extension.

Rudy Gobert calls!!!!

77-77, Rudy Gobert equalizes with a mate with two seconds left. Unbearable end of the game.

Two missed free throws. Possession to watch for Turkey

France is still hopeful, we have to intercept the ball.

Luwawu-Cabarrot unsportsmanlike foul

Implausible decision of the referee. It’s almost finished.

Even Doncic in the stands can’t believe his eyes.

2/2, four points ahead.

Two possessions behind for the Blues.

Evan Fournier walking the line!!!

Terrible by Fournier who walks on the line. Turkey Balloon. Sent to free throws.

Timeout 25 seconds from the end

The Blues will establish the tactics to adopt for this last possession. 25 seconds left to play, 14 to shoot.

30 seconds to play

It’s unbearable, the Blues have the ball

3/3, France against the wall

75-73 for Turkey, possession of France.

Three free throws for Turkey

Foul by Evan Fournier who offers three free throws to the Turks.

The Blues can come back to the front!

With 1 minute 15 remaining, after Vincent Collet’s timeout, the French team will have one of the most important possessions of their tournament.

72-71, a possession to return to the front

Entry into “money time”

Turkey is less effective, France defends better. But offensively, he’s still slow, with 19 turnovers in particular.

69-68 for Turkey

We attack the last five minutes

France got back on the scoreboard, and reacted well in this 4th quarter.


7-0 to start!

Good reaction from the French team that has been making a good comeback in this 4th quarter.

57-56, -1. 8 minutes to play

Here we go again !

We will have to do much better in this fourth quarter. A good counterattack to start


End of the 3rd quarter, nightmare for the Blues

Tuncer’s new triple, 6/6. Only six points scored by France in this time of the third quarter. The Blues conceded 19-0.

57-49 for Turkey.

It’s a recital!

17 points, 5/5 to three points for Tuncer who dislikes the Blues.

+5 for Turkey.

Tunisiar is monstrous

4/4 to three points for the Turk, who is turning the game around.

49-49. France is no more.

Fourth collective foul of the French team

From now on, every French foul will send Turkey to a free kick.

49-44, three minutes to go.

It’s messy on the French side

The French have been very tough for a few minutes, and Turkey is not far from it.

49-42, six minutes from the end of the 3rd quarter.

Andrew Albici opens his counter!

Andrew Albici’s first basket. +10.

Let’s go for the second half

First French possession

Small point in individual stats.

Rudy Gobert and Guerschon Yabusélé have nine points on the clock.

Catastrophic end of the break for the French

Halftime. Having led by 16 points, Vincent Collet’s men found themselves outmatched in the closing minutes.

43-35 for France.

Three triples in a row for Turkey

Turkey is back! They just chained three baskets and 3 points in a row. +7 for France now.

40-33. 1 minute left in this 2nd quarter

Yabusélé does well

The return of the strong tricolor side is excellent news. He shines, already nine points and a lot of activity.

still clumsy turkey

The Turks are 2/12 from three points. It is very bad.


french timeout

Five points in a row for Turkey. Time out requested by Vincent Collet.


Biggest gap of the match

Turkey is on the ropes! +16 for the Blues that are deployed. 31-15. Six minutes to go in this 2nd quarter.

Thomas Heurtel gets angry

Victim of an uncalled foul, Thomas Heurtel gets angry. Vincent Collet calls for calm. You have to stay in the game.


Here we go again !

France starts this second quarter well, 22-13

End of the 1st quarter, France in front.

18-11 for France, +7, at the end of the first quarter.

+10 for France

Impressive direction of the blues in this first quarter. Conversely, the Turks are 0/6 on 3-point shooting.

turkey wake up

Five balls lost by the blues in this first quarter. It’s too much. The Turks are back at -5.

Time out for Turkey

The excellent start of the French match, correlated with the catastrophic one of the Turks pushes Turkey to take a time-out with 3:30 left in the first quarter.

13-4 for France

First gap for France

After a basket and two free throws by Rudy Gobert, France stands out. 7-0.

The Turks are surprisingly clumsy. 0/6

Yabusélé inaugurates the brand

Three-point basket for the French. 3-0

Start of this match between Turkey and France

First possession of France

Favorite France?

Facing Turkey in the round of 16 of the EuroBasket, on Saturday at 12:00, the Blues are favorites above all because the Turks will probably be without their starting leader, the naturalized Shane Larkin, star of the European continent.

Good morning to all

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow the live commentary of the Eurobasket round of 16 between France and Turkey. Classified after three games won in Cologne, the Blues now have an appointment in Berlin, before an audience that promises to be hostile.

The moment of truth will come early, way too early for a basketball game. Late too, so much so to see what the private Olympic vice-champions of bosses Nicolás Batum and Nando De Colo are worth, resting this summer.

The group stage delivered a blurry picture. They were on the move, starting with the starting five. “We start the European Championship still under construction, describes coach Vincent Collet. We take advantage of this first round to move forward. Now we have to validate”.

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