WhatsApp Plus: why is it dangerous to install this application on your phone?

WhatsApp Plus: why is it dangerous to install this application on your phone?

Some apps promise mountains and wonders to all smartphone users and owners. Supposedly to make our phones more functional and efficient, they ultimately only lead to disappointment and frustration. Hence the need to be wary of certain applications that can be more dangerous than you think.

Over the years, hundreds or even thousands of mobile apps have emerged. Some have been recognized for their effectiveness, while others have been singled out for their dangerousness.

What is this dangerous app that should not be installed on your phone?

Every day, you are offered one or even several applications to download, whether it is to help you with your daily tasks, to make you more productive, to entertain you, or simply to keep you informed about new developments. But downloading such apps comes at a cost. In fact, most of these apps are very power hungry by consuming a large part of your phone battery. But that is not the only risk. In fact, some be more dangerous than others.

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WhatsApp Plus, the application to avoid

If there should be one app to avoid, it’s WhatsApp Plus. In fact, the latter is anything but legal. For good reason, she was reverse engineered on the famous instant messaging WhatsApp message, thereby violating their terms of use. Although its use is not illegal per se, you should avoid installing it on your phone as it can carry many risks.

Created from an application without the authorization of its designers and owners, WhatsApp Plus is just a pale copy of the original application. Although it is supposed to offer new functions to all its users, this application violates the conditions of use imposed by the company Meta, owner of WhatsApp Messenger. Highlighting several features that the original application does not offer, particularly in terms of customization, WhatsApp Plus has won over many users, without them suspecting it. the dangers of installing this app on their smartphones.

Although it is not present in the Google Play Store or App Store, this application can be downloaded from the Internet in the form of a simple APK file. For those who don’t know, the APK or “Android Package Kit” is a set of files that allows you to install an application without going through the Google Play Store. And as always, most APKs turn out to be a great way infiltrate your smartphone by installing malware. In other words, malware that could end up on your device without your consent.

The dangers of the WhatsApp Plus application

Virus detection on smartphone

Virus detection on smartphone – Source: spm

Being by no means a certified and secure application, WhatsApp plus can be a real danger for all smartphone owners. In fact, after downloading it, as soon as it launches, you will be invited to update WhatsApp to take advantage of new features that the official application does not offer. By agreeing to update, not only will you not get these new features, but you will also encourage the installation of viruses on your smartphone. And the danger of this application is not limited to that. WhatsApp Plus also puts your intimacy and privacy at risk steal your personal data, be it images, videos or contacts listed on your mobile phone. Recovered and transferred to a server, this data is at the mercy of malicious people who do not hesitate to resell it on the dark web in particular. Furthermore, the messages exchanged during the Chats on WhatsApp Plus are not encrypted in any waysomething guaranteed by the official WhatsApp Messenger application.

Nowadays, there is only one WhatsApp Messenger app recognized by Google Play Store and App Store. To remove any doubts, feel free to check the app name, developer, number of downloads, reviews and permissions before installing it.

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