Tops/Flops PSG-Brest: The extravagant Messi-Neymar duo, worrying Kimpembe

Tops/Flops PSG-Brest: The extravagant Messi-Neymar duo, worrying Kimpembe

The offensive combinations of Paris, Kimpembe scares PANORAMIC

Paris Saint-Germain beat Stade Brestois (1-0) on Saturday during matchday 7 of Ligue 1. Here are our Tops and Flops of the match


The Parisian Air Game

In the first half, the Parisians repeated the same pattern, the same combination with long starts from Lionel Messi behind the Brest defence. If the first two sequences served as rehearsals with mistakes by Neymar and then by Mbappé (11 and 13), the third was the right one: the Brazilian crossed his powerful shot to open the scoring after magnificent control (30) and thus score the only goal of the match (1-0). Between long openings in the spaces and small deep passes, Messi and Neymar dictated the Parisian game by imposing the rhythm. The South American duo recorded 81% of successful passes at the end of the game. More discreet in this compartment, Mbappé broke the curtain on Brest with quick calls but still recorded 89% passing.

Honorat guides the Brest counterattacks

If Stade Brestois had a hard time being present in attack during the first 45 minutes, Franck Honorat, however, tried several advances on his right side. He is the player who guided most of Brest’s counterattacks throughout the match. His centers were well measured but Islam Slimani never knew how to follow the offerings of his companion. He posted 78% of the successful passes at the end of the match and was the author of some high-pressure sequences, particularly in Messi’s post-post action where Honorat quickly ran up Fadiga and then Camara (54th).

Donnarumma saves PSG

Although he was rarely called up in the first hour of play, Gigio Donnarumma saved PSG on several occasions, allowing his team to secure victory and three points. The Italian perfectly repelled Slimani’s penalty (72nd) after Presnel Kimpembe’s foul on Bandiougou Fadiga. With ten minutes to go, the former Milanese quickly spread out on the ground to avoid CSC Kimpembe after his failed header (80th). Two great saves by Donnarumma that relieved a too presumptuous Parisian team. The meeting ends with three stops and an air exit.

The Donnarumma stop in Slimani. CHRISTIAN HARTMANN / REUTERS


worrisome kimpembe

Marked during the final weeks of the transfer window with the rumors of Disasi and Skriniar in the figurehead, PSG’s defensive sector is far from bringing insurance to this meeting. Paradoxically, Danilo Perreira, based on the defense of three, was the most solid and regular. The captain of the day, Presnel Kimpembe, was about to cost PSG precious points: first by causing the penalty (missed by Slimani) on Fadiga. If the failure seems minor, “Presko” has not yet caught up. Close to a CSC on his failed header, the French international can thank Gigio Donnarumma who repelled his error for a corner (80th). In the last few seconds, he was injured in an avoidable tackle in midfield (90th)…

The lack of realism in Brest

What a pity for the Stade Brestois! The Britons must harbor regrets in the second half because Paris Saint-Germain began to doubt, chaining a few errors in defense. But Der Zakarian’s players didn’t want to take any chances by setting up their low block. It is true that it is never easy to arrive at the Parc des Princes, but with four corner kicks and two shots on goal (from two attempts), Brest could have scored a point this Saturday afternoon with more freedom in their attacking game. .

Slimani puts on a magnifying glass

The Brest striker did not have the game of his career… With 17 possessions lost, three fouls committed and a missed penalty, Islam Slimani should have been more decisive. On several occasions he was late in his team’s counter-attacking sequences, in particular with very good crosses from Franck Honorat (10th). At the end of the game, he scored two shots for one on goal. Insufficient impact.

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