Video of a Mcdo employee pouring a can of drinks on the street: the city of Marseille exasperated

Video of a Mcdo employee pouring a can of drinks on the street: the city of Marseille exasperated

“It made me jump. The Metropolis is already way behind in its waste treatment!” : Marseille city council reacts to a viral video of “Clean my creeks” showing an employee of the old port’s McDo emptying liquid into the city’s pipes.

The video was first posted on the Instagram story of the Clean my calanques association. An employee of the Old Port McDonald’s dumps a can of leftover beverages into a storm drain in the middle of the street. The caption reads: “okay old port mcdo, don’t we bother you too much to throw your old frying oil down the pipes?

It was then shared by Rebecca Bernardi, a commercial assistant at the Marseille city hall. would actually be”liquid contained in a tray that collects leftover drinks“, he explains. And to summarize: “yes, it is less serious than if it had been oil, but it still makes no sense!

Frying oil or beverage residues: nothing should be thrown into the street. This is valid for small or large merchants and when you are a multinational, you have to be even more exemplary.“, remembers Rebeca Bernardi on his Twitter account.

It happens to me all the time to see retailers pouring liquid household products down the drain. For a multinational like McDonald’s, even if they are just drinks in quotes, it is inadmissible“explains Céline Albinet, director of Clean my creeks, the association behind the publication of this video.

We realize that people do not know that the sewers do not lead to a water treatment plant, but directly to the sea! It’s for rainwater and voila, nothing more!

Céline Albinet, Director of Clean My Streams

Céline Albinet and Rebecca Bernardi want to remind you that any liquid ends up in a sink, for example, but never in the sewers.

Quickly, the Marseille deputy in charge of the environment took charge of the “file”.

Christine Juste goes to the store with the hygiene inspectors. “everything was in order“she reports”.They even have a private service provider that takes care of your oil.“.

Except the managers aren’t trained enough“, he adds. The latter explain to him that what has been poured corresponds to the drinks that customers empty when classifying their waste when they throw away their trays. Nobody seems to understand that it would be better to use a sink, because the water then goes to a plant of treatment.

Whether it’s coffee, dishwasher or any other liquid: it is forbidden to throw waste into the drains. A drain is not a trash can. Also, the sea is very close! They must be sensitized.

Christine Juste, deputy of Marseille in charge of the environment

This ban does not currently create a risk of a fine, explains the elected official. “But it is being discussed with the health regulations, flagrante delicto and/or a video surveillance system will be needed for it.

Obligation to collect waste

Christine Juste takes the opportunity to inform the employees of this McDonald’s of their obligation to collect waste within a radius of 300 meters around their restaurant after each service.

It’s in your statute“, he explains. And to summarize: “especially because they are very close to the port and therefore to the sea. In a gust of wind, the waste ends up in the water“.

She concludes:communication about ecology is very good, but I would prefer that McDonald’s provide internal communication!

A Marseille, waste management is a particularly central issue. Little by little, the merchants are learning about and managing their waste, but the city always falls behind.

The city already has cleaning problems” emphasizes Rebecca Bernardi, assistant in charge of trade at the Marseille city hall. “We are in a tense period in terms of commercial waste, we support you in zero waste” she clarifies.

Therefore, the municipality takes the matter very seriously and should meet with McDonald’s France the week of September 12, 2022.

Netizens seem concerned about this question. Proof of this is that the video, uploaded by Limpia mis arroyos, which had received it from a volunteer, reached 30,000 views in less than an hour, according to the director of this association.

Among the comments, some were not surprised and said that they see this every day.says Céline Albinet, who did not expect to receive so many reactions.

It’s shocking content, but we don’t mean to point fingers at a big bad wolf. We just want to say that it is a great sign and that is why you should lead by example.

Céline Albinet, Director of Clean My Streams

For her it is unthinkable to continue doing”things so easy to avoid“.

For its part, the McDo of the old port responds, in writing: “nWe are sorry for an individual error made by an employee of our restaurant with leftover drinks. After identifying this error, we remind all our employees of the process to follow when discharging the remaining beverages, which must be poured into the sink to reach the dirty water circuit. We would like to clarify that it was not oil, because all our frying oils are collected and transformed into biofuel. McDonald’s France has been committed for almost 20 years to reducing its carbon footprint in all its areas of responsibility: from raw materials to end-of-life waste, including the daily activity of its restaurants..”

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