LIVE – Monaco-OL: Lyon disappoints again, ASM continues

LIVE - Monaco-OL: Lyon disappoints again, ASM continues

Lacazette “sorry for the followers”

Alexandre Lacazette on Prime Video: “We had one more day to prepare. I think we could have done better, but that’s part of football. We’re going to work well this week for next weekend.”

“It’s really not what we wanted. I feel sorry for the fans, for everyone. But we’ll try to work our way back.”

Finished ! Monaco will have stood firm!

The ASM win this clash at the end of the cliffhanger and go on for a third win in a row! OL seems to have woken up too late to hope for anything better, after giving up on two set pieces. Monaco can thank their central defenders, Badiashile and Maripan, who are goalscorers. Toko Ekambi closed the gap for Lyon.

Big pressure for ASM

There are still a few seconds to play and maybe another tie or two in the Monaco box…

Dembele again!

What an opportunity again for visitors! After a very dangerous center on the ground, Dembélé sees his head pass a few centimeters from the crossbar.

6 minutes of extra time

OL pushes very hard in these last minutes of the game!

Nubel Parade!

Dembélé is still dangerous but loses his duel with the Monegasque goalkeeper, who saves him in the face!

Dembélé approaches the equalizing goal

A corner from the right, Dembélé wins his duel with a header to the far post. He just passes the frame.

Triple change in Monaco

Ben Yedder, Jacobs and Martins replace Embolo, Golovin and Diatta.

Faivre comes into play

He replaces Tolisso for the last minutes of the game.


Lyon keeps the suspense! From the right, Cherki sends a cross to the far post to Toko Ekambi, who slips a shot into ASM’s small left net.

look at the statistics

60% possession and 15 shots (5 on goal) to 10 (4 on goal) for OL.

Cardboard for Lacazette

He is punished for using his hands in a duel.

Lyon can’t do it

Despite the decidedly aggressive changes, OL failed to worry Nübel again. ASM is headed for a third straight victory.

Boss changes everything

Mendes and Lepenant are replaced by Cherli and Reine-Adelaïde. Expect system change, therefore.

Vanderson relents

Injured, he was replaced position by position by Aguilar.

vanderson injured

The Monegasque piston goes out of bounds and should not be able to hold its place.

The game is (almost) over.

With a two-goal lead, ASM has a lot to do as of now, even if OL can score at any time, especially on quick transitions.

Golovin close to 3-0

Golovin attempts a wicked forehand spin with the little bounce just before the line. He goes to the right of the goal.

The second scorer comes out

Maripan is substituted for Sarr during the last twenty minutes of the game.

lukeba warned

The Lyon defender picked up the first card of the match for having cut off Embolo’s run, which started deep.


Monaco doubles the bet, again from set pieces! Henrique finds Maripan’s header, free of any marking, in a free kick stopped far from the goal. The Chilean shakes the nets for his 100.

Caqueret replaced

Give way to Dembélé, who will provide extra weight in attack.

Les Gones accuse the hit

The visitors no longer manage to get close to the opposing goal. Bosz will make changes to try to reverse the situation.

ol punished

Despite a better start to the second half, Lyon failed to find the foul and were penalized on one of the few rivalry occasions since the restart.


1-0 for ASM! From the right, Henrique takes a corner towards Badiashile, who cuts the trajectory of the ball with an unstoppable cross header into the heart of the surface.

Rescue Lukeba!

Very nice intervention of the Lyon defender in front of his goal and Embolo, ideally placed. Corner to follow

Double chance for OL!

Launched from the right of the surface, Lacazette got ahead of Nübel, who makes a magnificent save with his foot. In the process, Tetê tries his luck from afar, going right up.

Golovin looks for the skylight

The Russian roll does not find the opposite skylight when Lopes had not moved. He was out of the game anyway.

Great pressure from Lyon

The ball no longer leaves the Monegasque field, even if Golovin has a chance to counter, wasted by a failed pass.

Lacazette answered

After a slight fight in the opposite area, Lacazette took advantage of the opportunity with his back to the goal. His shot is repelled by the Monegasque defense.

LO Configuration

Lyon resumed the game by taking over the opposite half, earning a first corner.

He’s back in Monaco!

The second period begins in Louis-II.


0-0 at halftime in this pleasant first half. If ASM got the best chance by hitting the post, both teams in turn got several hot chances. Everything remains to be done in this rhythmic clash that keeps all its promises.

2 minute added time

We are already coming to the end of this exciting first term.

Golovin worries Lopes

After a clearance from Nübel, Golovin seizes his chance from long range with a half volley. He is rejected by Lopes. Note that the Russian was hurt instantly, after a Gusto sole when he struck.

Tetê finds the little net

Superbly served by Lacazette at the back of the defence, Tetê seizes his opportunity straight from a tight angle. It’s on the Nübel network.

tea is wrong

Despite a good ball from the right after a superb cross from Tolisso, the Brazilian striker fails in his cross, which finds no one at the far post.


No time-outs from kick-off. OL is often on the attack, but ASM quickly goes to the counter to recover.

does not stop

The ball has been sailing from one area to another for many minutes without stopping. Tagliafico seizes his chance but only finds Nübel’s gloves, still vigilant.

Fear in the Lyon area

In a dangerous cross from the right, Mendes is very close to scoring an own goal but Lopes is attentive.

Head shots up

On a counterattack, Lacazette serves Tetê from the left, whose hard shot sails just over the Monegasque goal.

Diatta crosses too much

The right back rises higher than everyone else in the box to cut a cross from the right. His powerful kick to the head is off target.

plunger still on the ground

After a duel in the Lyon area, Embolo is on the ground again after being hit by Gusto. No penalty.

already 7 shots

5 tries for OL and 2 for ASM, which found the post. A shot on goal from each side.

Lacazette turns to Nübel

New opportunity in this beautiful first period. In two times, Lacazette opens the way to the goal and frames his shot, captured by the German goalkeeper.

Embolo claims the penalty

The Swiss striker collapses to the right of the surface, causing the anger of the public. However, he is not listened to, OL can return to the attack.

ol react

The visitors respond with a new ball in the opposite area. Nübel finally recovers and the rojiblancos can breathe.

Plunger is shown in turn

New opportunity for ASM. Before Lopes, Embolo places a header after a cross from the right. The ball is in the Lyon goalkeeper, who captures it.

Monaco finds the post!

On the left, Golovin crosses in front of the goal. Lukeba deflects, the ball reaches Diatta, who sees his shot hit the left post! Lively start to the match in Louis-II.

Maripan also crosses a course

The Chilean central defender is currently playing his 100th game with the ASM.

Les Gones insist

Great highlight for OL, who took a corner to the right. Nübel captures the ball and relieves his defense.

Lacazette close to resume in front of goal

Gusto sends a dangerous cross from the right. The ball passes just in front of Lacazette, ideally placed on the axis.

Free kick for ASM

40 meters from the goal, Golovin sends a ball into the box. Toko Ekambi hinders Badiashile, OL recovers a goal kick.

ol shows up

First offensive of the Bosz men, from left to right. This ends with a cross from Gusto that goes outside the goal.

plunger on ground

The Monegasque striker is on the ground after a tackle from behind Tolisso. He gets up and the referee gives the signal to play.

balance of lopes

The Lyon goalkeeper looks for his attackers in a long ball in depth. He only finds Badiashile.

He went !

The kick-off of the match is given by OL, good afternoon everyone!

imminent start

The two teams enter the pitch of the Stade Louis-II. The match will start soon.

Towards a premiere this season?

If OL has never won away from home this season in two trips, ASM has also never won at home in three receptions. Therefore, the two teams could really launch their season by signing a landmark victory.

Finish the warm-up

Start this shock in about ten minutes!

Fofana celebrated for its hundredth

The midfielder recently played his 100th game for Monaco, which he has been defending since January 2020.

a balanced story

Monaco and Lyon will meet for the 112th time in Ligue 1. The rojiblancos have a total of 46 wins against 41 successes for Lyon, for 24 draws. It should be noted that this is the most disputed poster between two current teams in the championship.

Two teams looking for redemption

Defeated in Lorient this week (1-3), OL must restart a series to keep in touch with the podium. Les Gones could once again be within a point of Lens, third. For its part, Monaco remains with two narrow wins in Nice and Belgrade (1-0 each time) but is only 11th in the championship with 2 small wins in 6 games.

The eleven of Monaco, replacing Ben Yedder

Ben Yedder is back on the bench

Nubel-Disasi, Maripan, Badiashile, Vanderson-Fofana, Camara, Henrique-Golovin, Diatta, Embolo

The composition of OL

Holder of Tolisso

Lopes – Tagliafico, Lukeba, Mendes – Gusto, Lepenant, Caqueret, Tolisso – Toko Ekambi, Tete, Lacazette.

Good afternoon everyone

Welcome to our site to follow the Ligue 1 Matchday 7 clash between AS Monaco and Lyon, which had started long before stalling in Lorient in a late game. The foundations laid by Peter Bosz since his arrival remain fragile. Like his evening opponent, ASM is looking for certainties.

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