LIVE – OM-Lille: Payet will start against Frankfurt announces Tudor

Payet will start against Frankfurt announces Tudor

Once again replacing against Lille, the OM playmaker did not come into play but will start against Frankfurt on Tuesday night in the Champions League, his coach Igor Tudor announced after the meeting. “I spoke with him yesterday (Friday), explained my plan and he accepted it. I told him that he would play one and not two (matches), then he would start in the Champions League. He will be fine, he is a great player. I see it positive in training. He also had a calf problem that prevented him from training before London (to Tottenham, 2-0).”

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Tudor justifies Balerdi’s departure and apologizes

Tudor’s explanation on Canal+ about Balerdi’s departure: “I’m very sorry. Leo is a fantastic player, really. I don’t like what happened. He’s a fantastic person but I felt we had to get him out. There was a risk of getting the second yellow and I told my assistant that even if we got to the break early, we had to take him out, it’s not that he was playing badly, I also told him, we were afraid of the second yellow.

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Marseille recovers at the Vélodrome and keeps pace with PSG

Following their Champions League defeat, Marseille reacted well in the league with a 2-1 victory against LOSC. Thanks to this 4th consecutive success at the Vélodrome, OM puts PSG back at the top of the table! Sánchez and Gigot are Marseille’s scorers, Dimitri Payet did not come into play.

Bayo does not cheat on López

Corner for Lille who plays one of his last actions! André Gomes throws it to the far post and comes back in line for a header from Bayo! López intervenes in a low voice.

5 more minutes to play

Benoit Millot has decided to give five minutes of additional time! All the changes have been made, that’s the reason.

Lille tries to come back

We don’t see how LOSC could return to this game as they are quite sterile in the game. Bayo, who came in 10 minutes ago, didn’t touch many balls…

Without Payet tonight…

Igor Tudor is still without Payet who warmed up for almost 45 minutes. The Croatian coach will take advantage of his last change to bring in Gerson instead of Sánchez!


At the entrance to the surface, Jordan Veretout launches a magnificent shot that flirts with the Chevalier post!

Gueye take the frame

Found at the entrance to the surface by Under, Gueye tries to strike, but does not endanger Chevalier!

Bayo and Virgilus come into play

Paulo Fonseca makes two new changes with the return of Bayo and Virgilus. David and Ounas leave their place.

Djalo gets a yellow card in protest after a foul on Under!

Under is very prominent tonight

Cengiz Under scored points tonight with many runs, successful dribbles and many differences!

Nuno Tavares also takes a yellow

The yellow cards accumulated in this game and this time it was Nuno Tavares who took it after a foul on Ounas.

Offside or not offside?

Samuel Gigot’s goal is likely to get people talking for a while. It was accepted despite a possible offside. Difficult to decide with the developer…

Gigot's possible offside at OM-Lille, September 10, 2022
Possible offside for Gigot at OM-Lille, September 10, 2022 © Canal+ screenshot
The revealer of Gigot's offside potential during OM-Lille, September 10, 2022
The revealer of Gigot’s possible offside during OM-Lille, September 10, 2022 © Canal+ screenshot

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Yellow card for Touré

Just entering the game, Isaak Touré takes a yellow card after throwing a shirt at Ounas.

Gomes replaces Gomes, Gigot is injured

André Gomes substitutes Angel Gomes for the end of the match.

On the OM side, striker Samuel Gigot must make way for Isaak Touré and Harit replaces Gueye.


Benoit Millot shows Paulo Fonseca’s assistant a red card for contesting Gigot’s goal.


Marseille takes the lead with a free kick well taken advantage of by Under! He finds Kolasinac’s header, which he deflects for Gigot and the French defender finishes off the job… Valid on video, 2 to 1 for OM!

Bass falls in the box

Ball badly cleared by the defense and Under enters the area! He controls and tries a hook but falls after a little contact with Fonte… and a stroller from André! No penalty!


Lille goalkeeper Chevalier really got down to business! First with a left foot from Under that he pushes with one hand and then with a powerful shot from Harit! This time it’s the opposite hand!

Yellow card for Gueye

It’s Pape Gueye’s turn to be warned by a yellow card after a late sole on Benjamin André!


Another superb play by Harit who goes to the back of the field and gives in to Sanchez who, with his back to the goal, gives in Under! With the ball from him, the Turk eliminates the defender and strikes with his right foot from a tight angle! Chevalier makes the save!

Bailly replaces Mbemba

Eric Bailly came into play at half-time in place of Mbemba! However, we don’t know the cause, injury or tactical choice?


Marseille and Lille go 1-1 into the break! Quickly led by a goal from Ismaily, OM reacted tit-for-tat with another feat from their Chilean star Alexis Sánchez. Follower of strong choices, Igor Tudor released Balerdi after 30 minutes of play.

Tudor takes a yellow

Igor Tudor receives a yellow card for a big challenge after a questionable foul on Bamba.

Clauss seizes his opportunity

At the entrance to the area, Jonathan Clauss serves with his left foot, but he goes over the top!

It’s better for OM

The matching and change made by Tudor allowed OM to get its colors back! Lille begins to suffer and make mistakes!


He’s boiling over Chevalier’s goals with Sánchez at the penalty spot! He does not manage to shoot on goal but returns to Under who turns on but is out on the line! Behind, Sánchez can put his head in but André seems to push him from behind!

Already a change for Tudor

Incredible, Leonardo Balerdi leaves his place to Nuno Tavares and Kolasinac takes the place of the Argentine. Strong choice of the Croatian who, therefore, “sacrifices” his defense after his yellow card and the mediocre performance of Kolasinac.


He didn’t touch many balls but that was enough to score another goal with OM! Harit’s long run that goes up the entire field before serving Under in the area! The Turk puts a touch on the axis for Sánchez who finishes off the work with his right foot! 1 to 1!

solitary sanchez

Poor Alexis Sánchez hasn’t touched many balls since the start of the game. Nuno Tavares warming up on the edge of the field, to put pressure on Kolasinac?

Marseille is angry

The scoreboard and certain decisions by Benoit Millot seem to warm up Igor Tudor who is seething at the front of the pitch.

Yellow card for Balerdi

The first notified of the meeting is Leonardo Balerdi! He brutally intervenes Ounas and gets a direct yellow card.


Diakité takes the side and crosses towards Ounas who, with his back to the goal, turns around and hits the goal! Post but go back to Ismaily finishing the job flat footed! 1 to 0 for LOSC!

Ounas gives cold sweats

Suspected penalty for Lille after a very controversial intervention on Ounas! The Lille player pushes the ball and the Marseille defender unbalances him… The video is requested and there will be nothing!

Ounas makes differences

Good catch by Ounas that hits and overwhelms Mbemba! He crosses hard but the entire defense escapes and Pau López!

Good intervention from Mbemba

Excluded in the Champions League, Mbemba must catch up and show that he is very focused after his perfect save on Bamba!

already a lot of intensity

He’s going all over the place in these first few minutes and both teams are trying to impose a big physical challenge!

OM has good stats at L1!

Marseille are the only team yet to lose a single minute in Ligue 1 this season. OM have not conceded a single goal before game time in the top flight in 2022/23.


Following their loss to Tottenham in the Champions League, Marseille returned to Ligue 1 and faced Lille at the Vélodrome. A chance for OM to regain confidence and remain invincible in the league!

Fonseca more efficient in France than in Italy

Lille have won their last two trips to Ligue 1 (3-1 in Ajaccio and Montpellier), that’s as many away wins for Paulo Fonseca as in his last thirteen away games in charge of AS Roma in Serie A (3 draws, 8 losses).

Lille is, along with Reims, one of only 2 teams to have scored and conceded at least one goal in each of their 6 Ligue 1 2022/23 games.

Marseille is fighting the mastiffs

Marseille have lost 2 of their last 3 Ligue 1 games against Lille (1 draw), as many as in their previous 14 (8 wins, 4 draws). OM have not won any of their last 4 games against LOSC (2 draws, 2 losses), but have not won 5 against this rival since October 2000-October 2002 (5).

The composition of Lille

Chevalier’s first stay in goal

Chevalier – Diakité, Fonte, Djalo – Zedadka, André, Gomes, Ismaily – Ounas, David, Bamba.

The composition of OM

Payet is still on the bench, Nuno Tavares and Eric Bailly too

Lopez – Mbemba, Balerdi, Gigot – Clauss, Guendouzi, Gueye Kolasinac – Harit, Under – Sanchez

Paulo Fonseca was robbed of 200,000 euros in jewelry

According to La Voix du Nord, Paulo Fonseca, coach of LOSC, was the victim of a robbery in his hotel room in Lille on August 8. The thief, who stole jewels worth almost 200,000 euros, was sentenced to thirty months in prison, six of which were suspended on probation, with confinement in a cell.

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Good morning to all

After the loss to Tottenham in the Champions League, OM hosts Lille this Saturday night to continue their invincibility in Ligue 1. But Lille can return to the gates of the podium if they are successful. The kick-off will be at 9:00 p.m.

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