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Retraite progressive

If you didn’t know, know that in France there is a device called progressive retirement. This is a device made for an insured person with the statutory retirement age (or almost). With this, she can receive a fraction of her retirement pension. Upon receipt, the insured continues to carry out one or more part-time activities. This is what he needs to know.

Conditions for obtaining staggered retirement

you should know that for request this device staggered retirement, you must be at least 60 years old. In addition, you also need:

  • Have 150 insurance rooms. Namely, barracks with contribution, assimilated (military service, illness, unemployment, etc.) and increases in barracks such as that of children, for example.
  • To work part time. That is to say, in 40 and 80% of the working time in your company. In a company that practices 35 hours a week, this equates to working time between 14 and 28 hours.

Please note that this device can be accessed even accumulating part time with different employers. Except that the working time must be between 40 and 80% full time.

Employees we don’t count on working time in hours will be able to access this device. In particular, executives on a day pass who were previously excluded from the system. This is Decision No. 2020-885 QPC of the Constitutional Council of February 26, 2021.

It will take effect from January 1, 2022. Progressive retirement is also a concern artisans or merchants, operators and employees. This is not the case for civil servants and liberal professions such as lawyers.

The method of calculating staggered retirement.

The progressive retirement pension is calculated on the basis of part-time work. That said, if you work 25 hours a week, that equates to 71% part time. That’s 25/35 = 71.428 5%. This should be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Therefore, we will be entitled to 29% (100% – 71%) of your pensions. This percentage is applied to your basic pension, which is calculated as if you retired. And this, taking into account the number of quarters acquired at the time of transition to progressive retirement.

Thus, by having all its quarters, that is, 167 or 168, progressive retirement will be calculated at full rate. In the event that rooms are missing, you will suffer a reduction. This means that one recalculates his final retirement.

And this, counting the quarters acquired during a progressive retirement period once the activity ceases. On the other hand, you can increase your pension with the premium if you continue with your activity older than 62 years. And this, thanks to progressive retirement.

In this case, the basic pension will increase by 1.25% (5% for a full year). This, with each quarter contributed in addition. However, staggered retirement is not recalculated according to the number of quarters validated. Not even according to the premium between the input to the device and the output.

The procedure to follow to obtain staggered retirement

Here is the procedure for apply for staggered retirement. First of all, you must obtain permission from your employer to reduce your activity if you are not working part-time. Please note that the employer is not required to grant this authorization.

We will also have to negotiate to contribute how to work full time. Why ? For more supplementary pension points. Then, you must submit a progressive withdrawal request with your Carsat.

After obtaining the agreement of the employer, of course; or if one is already part-time. And this, at least six months before the desired date of collection of this retreat. To make the request, you must use the Cerfa form 50298*07.

You will attach to this a certificate from your employer specifying the duration of your part-time job. Cerfa print is available for download on the AssuranceRetraite website. The Pension and Occupational Health Insurance Fund (Carsat) verifies the duration of part-time work every 12 months.

To do this, send a questionnaire. If the length of this time changes, it would recalculate retirement in stages. And this, even if it remains between 40 and 80% of the full day. You lose the gradual retirement benefit if you return to work full time or if you lose your job. In addition, you will have to repay any overpayment.

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