Big guns and clever card games, the Switch releases of the week!

Big guns and clever card games, the Switch releases of the week!

game news Big guns and clever card games, the Switch releases of the week!

You are used to it! Every week the Switch welcomes a lot of new games and it’s not always easy to find your way around. Don’t worry, the JV editorial team is there. In this article, we bring you all the interesting projects on the Nintendo console for the week of September 12 to 18, 2022. Between action, storytelling and card games, there really is something to do.

Little Orpheus

After a first release on iOS, via Apple Arcade, Little Orpheus is coming to PC and consoles, including Nintendo Switch! Did you think that the new studio title The Chinese Room (Dear Esther, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture) had already reached its destination? No. The title, originally planned for last March, had to be reworked at the last moment due to the Ukraine War. The platform adventure game, seen from the side, features a soviet cosmonaut. Well, this explains it. Now the rocket is finally ready to take off. Inspired by classics like “Flash Gordon” or “Sinbad and the Sixth Continent”, Little Orpheus will take you on a journey through colorful settings, whether underwater, in prehistory or in the imagination. He makes you want!

  • Release date : September 13, 2022

Voice of the cards The beasts of burden

It’s about time for the third episode of the Voice of Cards series, a mix of RPG and card games imagined by Yoko Taro, the man behind the extraordinary Nier Automata. After The Isle Dragon Roars last October and The Forsaken Maiden four months later, it’s the turn of The beasts of burden get in. Of course we find the original license concept, that is, a scenario, fights and exploration phases completely represented by cards, with even a game master to manage all this beautiful world. Big news this time: you can catch defeated monsters and turn them into abilities. Please note that as in the past, The Beasts of Burden is a stand-alone chapter, you don’t need to have made the others!

  • Release date : September 13, 2022

13th Remake

If you know the XIII saga of comics, you know that its hero has amnesia. Well, for the remake of its video game adaptation, XIII Remake, we will do the same! Because yes, remember. In November 2020, the first version of this redesign was released, plagued with all kinds of problems. Scripts not firing, misplaced checkpoints, and bugs everywhere, there was something for everyone! To tell the truth, we have opted for the score of 6/20 in our columns. But the past is the past. In a few days, XIII Remake returns with an important update on PC | consoles and a Change version taking advantage of all the fixes. That, with your fingers crossed, you easily play this cult FPS, at the time developed by Ubisoft.

  • Release date : September 13, 2022

Blind Fate Edo no Yami

In a completely different genre, here comes Blind Fate Edo no Yami, a side-view hack’n’slash action game set in a futuristic (dare we say cyberpunk) universe. “It is a new Edo era, dark and controlled by machines, the shogunate rules over Japan with an iron fist. His law is just but ruthless, and to enforce it he can count on a ruthless weapon: you,” the cover tells us. Everything seems to be a solid action cocktail, with data to retrieve to learn more about your past; sensors to see enemy weaknesses; a bestiary that promises to be more than complete. All in all, we could have a great stress relief. The icing on the cake, even the realization seems to hold.

  • Release date : September 15, 2022

rebel beach

Revealed over a year ago on the PlayStation side, Wayward Strand seems to touch the heart, with its smooth art direction and setting like no other. Here, you play as Casey, a little girl sent by her mother to a flying hospital (also in an old airship) for a weekend. The girl is thinking of writing an article for the school newspaper, but she finds herself discuss with caregivers and patients tina, looking for solutions to help them. But the clock is ticking. Wayward Strand is based on a constantly scrolling time system. When you do something: everyone makes their own life. It is up to you to choose which story you want to participate in. makes you want

  • Release date : September 15, 2022


To complete this selection of Switch games of the week, we present you Foretales, an adventure and card game that -at least in concept- is reminiscent of Voice of Cards. Here, everything takes the form of small colored rectangles in an adventure that takes place shortly before the end of the world. “A terrible curse is ravaging the kingdom and the only person capable of stopping it is a petty thief named Volepain” You can read the time you have left on the game page. All of this shows a special care, either in terms of universe or characters, even dialogue. We have a good feeling for this cute project!

  • Release date : September 15, 2022

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